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What The Hell Is Going On?

Chapter 1: Damien Sirius Black

The tall black haired boy of fifteen years was rudely woken up by someone dropping their body right down onto his legs and bouncing on them. Opening his eyes, he saw a redheaded girl. When she saw him looking at her, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him very tightly. Too tight.

"Get the hell off me, you stupid girl." Damien growled. "You almost broke my legs!"

"But Harry, it's me Ginny." The girl said bouncing on his legs again.

Damien had enough and pushed the girl off his legs and the bed he was in.

"I don't give a Knut who you are and my name is not Harry. It's Damien!" Damien yelled at the girl.

That was when Madam Pomfrey walked into the large room. "Mr. Potter that is enough. You will stop yelling in my Hospital Wing now or else Miss Weasley will have to leave."

"I want her to leave. I never wanted her here to begin with. I don't like her and will never like her. And my name is not POTTER! I am Damien Black. Where are my Dad's? I want to talk to them now." Damien said.

"Now now, Mr. Potter, you had an accident in Potions class and you should be relaxing. Your lovely girlfriend, Miss Weasley is here to help you." Madam Pomfrey said. "You remember that your Mother and Father died."

"I would never have this gold digger as a girlfriend, plus I am not allowed to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. That just isn't done in my family. My Dad's are both alive. I saw one just this morning." Damien said.

That was when the Hospital Wing doors opened with a bang and Severus Snape came in with his cloak billowing like usual.

"What is all this yelling for?" Severus asked and then sneered down at the redhead still sitting on the floor.

"Dad!" Damien said. "These two weren't letting me see you."

Severus' eyebrow went up. "And just who are you, young man?"

"Dad, it's me, Damien. Your son."

Severus' eyes widened and then he moved so that he was sitting on the bed next to Damien.

"I never thought I would get to see you again, Damien." Severus said softly.

"I just saw you this morning in the Great Hall. Why wasn't Papa up there with you? And why wasn't I sitting with Draco? I don't understand why I would be sitting with the loud Gryffindors."

"What are you talking about? Harry you are a Gryffindor." Ginny said standing up. "I love you and we are promised to marry when I turn seventeen. We will have a great wedding. You will be an Auor like your Dad was and I will just be your Housewife. We will have lots of babies together. I will by Lady Potter and I will be famous."

Damien looked at the redhead looking green. "I am not a Potter and I will never go into Gryffindor. My Dad's would never go something as stupid as promising me to anyone especially when they don't know if we would be compatible. If you wanted to be Lady Potter, you are going after the wrong person. You would have to go after my cousin, Draco. He is after all the Potter heir. I would never be an Auror. I want to be a Potions Master just like my Dad's, they are the best in all of Europe."

"No, you are wrong! Draco is a Malfoy! He is Lucius Malfoy's son! You are the son of Lily and James Potter, Harry Potter." Ginny yelled.

"If I was, why would Lily Potter marry her own twin brother? Plus, she is my Aunt. She is married to my Uncle Regulus. She would be pregnant with their fifth child now." Damien said. " And Lucius hasn't found his mate yet."

"Damien, to everyone things are different. Your Father doesn't remember that I am his husband and that you are our son." Severus said.

"What? Why not?"

"I didn't remember you or your Father until you said your name. We thought our lives were very different. You also had spells on you to make you look different. They are gone know and I can finally see my handsome son."

That was when Ginny and Madam Pomfrey gasped.

"You-you're not my Harry! You're that horrible Slytherin, Damien Black. The nasty Potion Masters son." Ginny said.

"50 points from Gryffindor for insulting a Professor, Miss Weasley and two weeks detention with Filch." Severus said.

Ginny burst into tears and ran out of the Hospital Wing.

"I am so sorry, Mr. Black. I didn't know that you are who you really were." Madam Pomfrey said. "Severus, your son is in perfect health so you can take him down to your rooms at any time."

"Dad? What is going on? Where is Orion?" Damien asked.

Severus sighed. "Let's go down to our quarters and we will talk."