Chapter 17: Eleven Years Later

Damien and Lucius' four eldest children, Ainsley, Ayden, Jack and Johnny were going off to start Hogwarts with their Aunt and Uncle with their Great Aunt and their cousin. Lucius and Damien had four more kids. Two were nine, one boy, Mika and a girl, Mara. A seven year old boy, Evan and a six year old girl, Wynn. Right now they were both pregnant, this time with triples.

Their Great Grandparents had four more children after their Great Aunt's Nelly and Danni. An eight year old boy named Sammy, a six year old girl named Laurel, a two year old girl named Aria and a one year old girl named Teagan.

Draco and Sonya had six kids, Rory and George had four with twins on the way. Rowan and Fred had five. Orion and Remus had four more children after Venus, two girls and two boys. Life was good for all the Kinta's and their mates. They all hoped that their kids would all be Kinta's when they reach sixteen years old.

Ainsley, Ayden, Jack and Johnny were unsurprisingly all sorted into Slytherin like their parents were. Selene was sorted into Ravenclaw and Darius was in Slytherin with his nephews and nieces. Venus was sorted into Ravenclaw like her aunt. Danni was also a Slytherin like her elder brother and Dad.