Chapter 2: The Cursed

Severus and Damien had Floo'd to their quarters so that they wouldn't have to deal with the halls filled with students. Once Severus stepped out of the Floo and into his living room, he saw that it had changed to look like Damien had always been there. Severus sat down on the couch and when Damien stepped out of the Floo, he smiled at seeing the rooms the way he remembered them to be and sat down beside his Dad.

"The only thing that I can think of why we all remembered things a different way is that there was a curse upon us all." Severus said. "I couldn't really say which one."

"Why don't you call Grandpa? He is the expert in all curses and jinxes." Damien said.

"Grandpa? Who is that?"

"Tom Riddle, Dad. He adopted you when you were fourteen. He had saved you and Grandma from Tobias. Before you married Papa, your name was changed to Severus Tom Riddle, but after you took Papa's last name. When you were fifteen, Grandma had your sister. Sonya would be twenty now and your twin brothers are fifteen and in Ravenclaw, Rowan and Rory Riddle. It's weird being older than my uncles." Damien said.

"Why don't you call your Grandfather then, Damien." Severus said.

"Great, thanks." Damien said and stood.

Just as he was moving closer to the fireplace, someone Floo'd in. The tall black haired man stepped out of the Floo and looked at Damien and Severus with grey eyes. Damien smiled.

"Papa!" Damien said and ran up to Sirius and hugged him tightly.

"Damien?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, it's me, Papa. Where is Orion?"

Sirius looked over at the other man, seeming not to hear Damien's question. "Sev, I'm sorry."

"Sirius, if what I think is true, it was a curse that Damien had somehow managed to break this morning in Potions class. Damien was just going to call my Dad so that we could ask him about it." Severus said.

"Remembering the old memories and the new ones, I still find it funny that Tom Riddle is your Dad." Sirius said.

Severus snorted. "I know. I didn't even remember it until Damien started to talk about it. I didn't even remember my brothers and sisters."

"Can I call Grandpa now?" Damien asked pulling away from Sirius.

"Go ahead, Damien. We really need to talk to him. Sev, I think that you should also call Luc. If what you think is true, Luc will have to inform the public."

"Good idea." Severus said. "I will call him after Damien is finished."

Five minutes later, a tall older man with dark brown almost black hair that was streaked with silver and green eyes stepped out of the Floo and hugged Damien.

"I am so glad that the stupid curse in broken." Tom said. "Sev, Sirius, it is good to see you."

"Dad, it was a curse that had been on us, wasn't it?" Severus asked.

"Yes. I had been working on it since I was freed from it. Your Mother was the one that found out just who had made the curse and after that, we found out just who released it. This curse has been upon us for fifty years. It is called the Pandora Curse." Tom said.

"Just a minute, Dad. I want to call Lucius."

"Good idea." Tom said as he sat down in one of the chairs.

In the time it took to call a house-elf for tea and have it ready and waiting, Lucius stepped out of the Floo.

"I was wondering when one of you would call me." Lucius said as he sat down in the other chair as Severus sat back down with his husband and son.

"As I was saying before you joined us, Lucius, Eileen and I found out what the curse was. It is called the Pandora Curse and it has been on us for fifty years." Tom said.

"Fifty years? Tom, do you mean what I think you mean?" Lucius asked.

"That Grindelwald used this curse, I would say so. In mine and Eileen's opinion, the curse was activated when Dumbledore killed Grindelwald." Tom said. "I think that when the Potion Damien exploded and he remembered who he really was had started to break the curse. When the illusion on him finally was removed, it broke completely."

"That makes a lot of sense." Lucius said.

"We should talk to Dumbledore." Tom said. "He will know just what I am talking about."

Author's Note:

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