Olivia's POV

I sigh looking up from my paperwork seeing officers and detectives working and talking at the coffee machine. I look down. I hated that Elliot was gone I don't like my job as much as I did before. I don't have his face to cheer her up on early mornings or to help me through the tough cases. I have to do all of that on my own now, and I am truly alone now. I look down to my work seeing Amaro come back from the bathroom. Amaro is a great detective and a good partner, but he is no Elliot. Rollins is a good detective also, but Elliot knew me outside of the job and thats what made it so special. I look at his empty desk. Cragen wants me to let someone sit there, but not just yet I can't help but hope he will come back.

"I grabbed you a coffee." Amaro says handing me a coffee. I smile at him. I know he knows I have nothing against him. It is just something I have to get over.
"Thank you." I say putting it down and looking back to my work. I shake my head of any thoughts of him and focus myself.

Narrator's POV

She walks into the elevator never lifting her eyes of the ground scared he would be there staring straight at her. She went to the third floor of the building knowing that she had to be saved, be helped. She bit her lips as people got in and out of the elevator some staring at her because of the way she looked. She had on ripped sweat pants and a ripped and dirty T-shirt. She had dirt all over her and in her hair. He hair was curly and brown pulled up into a messy bun. Her eyes were hidden by the dirt that surrounded them. She looked so sick. She was 5'7 and 120 Ibs. She had an athletic built, but was still very weak.

The elevator doors opened and she stepped slowly out as people rushed past her like she was invisible. A few feet ahead she saw a huge office full of officers and detectives. She walked slowly wrapping her arms around her self as she walked. She walked in seeing a woman sitting at her desk looking down. She was the only person that she saw that she really wanted to speak to at that moment. Olivia looked up from her paperwork to see a girl staring at her in raggedy clothing and her arms wrapped across her body she could tell she was a victim. She was about to step forward when Amaro stood and went over to her.

"Hi! My name is Detective Nick Amaro. Can I help you?" He said placing his hand on her shoulder. The girl quickly stepped away from him with fear on her face. Olivia stood seeing this and went over looking to Amaro and he left.

"Hi sweetie my name is detective Olivia Benson. Can I help you?" she said not touching her scared that she may get scared again. The girl merely nodded and Olivia directed her to the interrogation room where it would be quiet.

Olivia grabbed a pad and pen and sat in front of the girl. "So can you tell me your name?" Olivia said hoping that the girl would open up.

The girl looked up. "Lilly." She said barely above a whisper like if she said it louder she would have gotten in trouble.

"Can you tell me your last name?"

The girl thought for a moment then looked up. "White.." she said looking down filled Olivia. Remembering when Richard Whit had stalked her almost thirteen years ago and never got sentenced to jail for the crimes he committed. Olivia sighed knowing that White couldn't have a daughter because the girl looked around sixteen.

"Can you tell me your age sweetie?" Olivia started again.

"I'm fifteen." she said shyly not even lifting her head to look at Olivia that time. Olivia took a deep breath.

"Now where are your parents sweetie?" Olivia said hoping that maybe they were at work and she had someone to go home to at night to make her feel batter about whatever happened.

Lilly shrugged her shoulders not wanting to speak of her family they were the ones that hurt her. she didn't have a family with live only a family filled with hatred.

"What do you mean sweetie you have to know?" Olivia said confused thinking maybe she was homeless of in foster care.

"Richard says he is my daddy but he doesn't treat me like he is." Lilly finally said looking up to Olivia then back down again. Olivia's throat had a lump in it knowing she meant Richard White. She felt panic overcome her remembering how he stalked her and how when he went free she was in total fear for months.

"Why are you here Lilly?" Olivia asked hoping that maybe she was only lost and she was talking about another Richard.

"I got away from him.." She said with tears stinging her brown eyes with a hint of green. "He was gone and I found a way out." She continued looking up at Olivia.

"Where were you sweetie?" Olivia asked hoping not to get a terrible answer.

"In the bomb shelter in his back yard." Lilly said tears falling from her eyes. The lump in Olivia's throat got larger as she thought of this innocent girl locked in a bomb shelter by that terrible man.

"How long?" Olivia could only manage to get out of her mouth.

"He adopted me twelve years ago and locked me up in the bomb shelter when I was thirteen." She said wiping her tears.

"What about your mother?" Olivia said not knowing what else she could possibly ask.

Lilly sighed and looked up at Olivia. "I'm looking at her."

Heyyyy guysss so I wanted to write a new story and stuff soo here it is and Richard white is from the episode "stalked" from season one and there are a lot of twists and turns so stay tuned in! And follow me on twitter MarieSVU