Lilly's POV

I ran as hard as I could. My heart practically exploded in my chest as I heard the steps come closer behind me. I took a sharp turn left but he quickly imitated it I know he was going to catch me soon. I felt my ankle roll as I stepped on one of the huge rocks in the grass. I screamed in pain and fell to the ground. This was it. I prepared myself for heart break once again.

Olivia's POV

Lilly took a sharp turn and Elliot quickly imitated with me right behind. I saw her begin to slow I was finally going to get answers. I then heard her scream of pain and my heart stopped. That was the worst thing I could ever hear. It practically broke my heart in two.

I ran up behind Elliot and saw Lilly holding her ankle trying to hide her tears from me.

"Here sweetie let me help you." Elliot said helping the girl up standing on her bad side helping her hop over the the bench nearby. As soon as he sat her down he came over to me with a confused look.

"Liv what the hell! Who is she?" He said and it made anger fill me.

"Elliot if you were there for me you would know now wouldn't you!" I see the hurt on his face and immediately regret it.

"She came in about six months ago and said she was my.. Daughter." Elliot's eyes widened and I knew he would ask me about what exactly happened later on.

"Why is she here? Homeless?" Elliot questioned. I felt guilt overwhelm me.

"She told me she was my daughter and I couldn't speak and she ran put saying that I didn't love her..." I began to sob remembering the girl when she needed her and she just let her leave.

"Cragen said it was probably just a sick joke." Elliot sighed and pulled me close to him.

"Talk to her I will pull my car over by the entrance. Take your time." He said smiling at me and walking away. I look over to Lilly who is looking down at her hands and wiping her tears. I fell pain and remorse for the young girl. I take a deep breath knowing that it could still be a cruel joke that she is trying to cover up. I walk over to the bench knowing I have to know her true intentions.

Narrator's POV

Olivia sat beside Lilly on the bench but Lilly didn't dare lift her head. She knew to well that it would only make her more upset to see Olivia's face. "Lilly?" Olivia questioned her trying to get her to look at her so she could see her face, so she could see if she was lying or not.

"What?" She said coldly immediately regretting it feeling guilt fill her and she looked up at Olivia and tears fell faster. Seeing her mother looking at her made her want to cry forever knowing that she would probably never love her.

"I'm going to leave." She said trying to stand but cringing in pain even putting a little weight on her ankle.

"You should probably rest!" Olivia said quickly grabbing Lilly's arms not wanting her to leave. Lilly felt warmth fill her body feeling her mother's touch.

"No I can't do this again. I got hurt last time I just can't." Lilly said trying to pull away. Olivia kept a strong hold on Lilly's arms.

"When you came in last time were you telling me the truth!" Olivia said without thinking. Lilly tensed up and looked into Olivia's caring eyes. She saw that Olivia did love her but she was scared of getting hurt just like she was.

"I was born October 9th 1996. My mother was Olivia Serena Benson." She said looking into Olivia's eyes with tears falling.

"I promise I'm not lying! Please I just need help!" Lilly said with tears falling faster now. Olivia's eyes filled with her own tears. She could fell her maternal instincts setting in. She knew Lilly was her child she could feel it. Olivia slowly cupped Lilly's face and cleaned the tears from Lilly's face with her thumb.

"Ohh sweetie I am so sorry!" Olivia said feeling the guilt overcome her quickly remembering how coldly she acted towards Lilly six months ago. Then she remembered the things she said Richard did to her. The made her fill with anger.

"Lilly?" Olivia said seeing Lilly was looking away from her now. Olivia was caught off guard when Lilly wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck.

"I missed you!" Lilly said sobbing into Olivia's shirt. Olivia smiled and rubbed Lilly's back.

"I missed you too baby girl. More than you will ever know." Olivia sobbed feeling the warmth that she had always wanted. The warmth of her daughter.