Percy was sitting alone on the Long Island Sound watching the waves slowly roll in and out. Usually the water calmed him but this time it did little to dampen the dread he still felt in his mind.
The memory crept back to his eyes as he shut his eyelids tightly trying to keep it from resurging. There wasn't anything that could stop it.

Percy and Annabeth were on yet another mission together. College vacation was not what they thought it would be but still, they were together and when it came down to it, that's what really mattered to them.

They had found themselves in the sleepy and plush domain of Hypnos, the god of sleep. Neither of them had gotten much sleep recently so to Percy, this wasn't such a bad god to be stuck with.

Hypnos was sleeping in a large cushy couch with a book open and resting on his stomach, his chest slowly raising and lowering the book. To be honest, Percy felt a little bad having to wake the guy but he knew that Hypnos was probably asleep most of the time anyway. Hypnos slept so much that he probably had perminate bed head. Annabeth slowly walked towards the snoring Hypnos, gently pushing his shoulder to wake him.

"Hypnos? Sir?" Annabeth asked.

Adventuring with Annabeth was always interesting. If Percy was going to trust anyone in the world to be stuck on an adventure with, it'd always be Annabeth. Recently it only got a little more and more difficult. Not because they fought all the time (they've always done that) but because Percy had a hard time staying focused. He knew it was normal to think the things he thought about his girlfriend but when it followed seeing her sweaty and after a battle, he knew that couldn't be normal. They hadn't taken things much farther than their usual kissing sessions but...

Still, even now. Seeing her slightly bent over and leaning in slightly towards Hypnos, delicate hand out, the curve of her back in her half blood shirt, her hair falling over her far shoulder, the way her pants sat on her behind...

Hypnos awoke with a start causing Percy to snap out of it and Annabeth to jump a little. She straightened herself out while Percy readjusted himself, trying to shake his thoughts about Annabeth out of his mind.

"Eh? Who are you? Why am I awake? Couldn't you see I was sleeping?" Hypnos asked begrudgingly. Clearly Hypnos was not a morning person. Morning being 3 in the afternoon this time around.

"Sir. We're looking for some demi-gods. Other than us, has there been any around?" Percy asked. Hypnos turned to look at Percy for an uncomfortable second then turned back to Annabeth.

"Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena. Extremely wise, smart, talented. Percy Jackson. Son of Poseidon. Can control water and a fairly decent fighter. Part of the team that defeated Kronos." Hypnos said this while getting himself more comfortable in his chair like he was going to go back to sleep. Suddenly he addressed Percy.

"Percy Jackson." I stiffened. Annabeth and I made contact. We knew some trial was coming. "It seems that you do not know your greatest dream yet." It was true. Percy knew vaguely where he wanted to be and it usually involved Annabeth.

"Perhaps I can show you what you greatest dream is," Hypnos said, his eyes slowly lowering in a knowing glare, "by showing you your worst nightmare." Percy shot another look at Annabeth, her expression unreadable.

Suddenly Percy was standing in a crowd with sword in hand. He knew where he was. New York. Battle for Mount Olympus. Everything was moving very slowly. He saw arrows fly slwoly through the air, smoke in the sky behind it. Dust and rubble flying through the air. Everything was clear. The dread was crawling back in from that day. So many lost.

A scream penetrated the air and Percy knew. Annabeth had just been stabbed trying to protect Percy's only weakness.

"Only weakness?" A voice rang out. It was ominous and filled the air. It sank into his bones and made Percy feel like he was melting from the inside. It was Hypnos talking from just outside the memory. It wasn't just a memory though. Percy was reliving everything. He was there again.
Percy turned but it felt like turning in sludge. She was on the ground. She was holding her arm and blood pushed itself from between her fingers. She couldn't hold in the blood.

Percy called for Blackjack. The moment was the same as before and yet the sense of dread was the same as it was then. The bridge collapses. The phone rings. Percy grabs a bike and races on. He grabs an Apollo kid. They get to Annabeth. She's laying, shaking, sweating.

Percy starts to shake. He knows what it looks like. He never wanted to see her like this again. He races to her side.

"Poison on the blade. Stupid of me huh?" Annabeth says in her shaking voice.

"Annabeth..." he manages to strangle out. The kid from Apollo cabin looks at her wound.

"Percy..." Percy hears him say. Percy looks up. This wasn't what happened then... what was happening? Will pulls him away from Annabeth

"The poison is already too close to her heart... Percy.. Percy I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do." Percy's heart drops. What? "She's... she only got a few minutes..."

"Will... there has to be something..."

"No.. Percy, I'm sorry." Will leaves, trying to hide his shame. Percy mumbles something. Everything. Anything. He walks back to Annabeth.

"Percy?" He hears Annabeth say. This makes it so much worse. Her voice. He'd never hear it again after this.

Percy feels a sob escape his chest. He can't. Not without Annabeth. He feels his face contort from shock and horror to pure fear and sorrow. He breaks down and cries in his hands. Suddenly he feels a hand pulling his own from his face.

Annabeth looks at him. Shes giving him a weak smile but her face is green with the poison. "I'm not sorry Percy."

"What do you mean you're not sorry?! Annabeth, you're going to die!" Percy screams. He was angry. Sad. Confused. Frustrated. He didn't want to lose her.

"But you're not and that's why I'm not sorry." Annabeth feebly squeezes his hand with whatever strength she has left. "Percy." Her smiles fades. "You can't let Kronos win. You... you need to defeat him. Luke... Luke will help. I know it." Percy looks down. He's still angry at everything.

"Percy..." Her voice is fading. Percys eyes shoot back to her face. Her life is leaving.

"NO! Annabeth, please!" He grabs her shoulders and shakes her, trying to bring her back. "Please... don't leave me. I need you..."

Suddenly Hypno's voice pierces the dream. "She didn't even know you loved her there. You never got the chance to tell her. Does she know now?"

Percy knew that for as long as he lived, he'd always be reminded of the death he saw happen there. He shook his head, trying to make the memory go away. The waves weren't helping him for once. He knew the only thing that would help. Standing up, he brushed the sand off his shorts and headed back to the cabin.

He and Annabeth had only just gotten back from that terrible mission early today and they decided to rest for the night in a rental cabin that was located on the beach. The cabin was the perfect size. it was white with its paint chipping off from years of getting hit with the salty breeze. Only one master bedroom, a bathroom, a living room that was connected to the kitchen which overlooked the sound.
He climbed the stairs leading from the beach to the porch and opened the patio door. He could hear Annabeth taking a shower. As usual, they hadn't had many opportunities to take showers with they were on their mission. Annabeth was probably loving that she could get the crusted mud and demon blood off her skin.

Percy stared at the bathroom door. He started to imagine what she was doing and wondered what she looked like naked. I mean, he'd seen her in a bathing suit but it wasn't the same.

Annabeth's dead body flashed in Percy's mind causing him to shut his eyes shut quickly. He breathed in deeply and wandered to the bedroom. He told Annabeth that he'd take the living room couch but he really needed to hold her, make sure she was real.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened. Percy hadn't noticed that the water shut off. "PERCY!" Annabeth shrieked causing Percy to turn to her quickly. She was holding a towel tight against her otherwise naked body. "What are you doing!?" He ripped his gaze off of her glistening body.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to! I just- I.." Percy couldn't form complete words. How could he? There was a few second of silence.

"It's.. alright Percy. What's wrong? You look... tired." She was still standing in the doorway but in the corner of his eye he could she her shift awkwardly.
Percy's eyes closed slowly. "I was thinking about-"

"What Hypnos showed you?" she finished. He nodded. "Percy..." She walked towards him and to keep from getting a good punch from Annabeth, he kept his eyes shut. "Percy, I'm fine. See?"

"I don't see actually. My eyes are shut." He could hear her laugh a little.

"Well then open them, seaweed brain." He did cautiously and looked up. She was sitting on a chair across from him, one hand on her towel, one hand on her lap. "You see? I'm here. I'm fine. I didn't die."

"But you could've." He looked down into his hands ashamed. Her hand reached over and placed itself in his. There were a few moments of silence while he tried to get out what was on his mind. "Annabeth. You almost died. No, Annabeth just... hear me out" he said noticing her about to cut in. "You almost died and I didn't get to tell you... I didn't get to.." Annabeth gave his hand a little squeeze.

"Percy, it's alright. I know." She said trying to reassure him.

"No, Annabeth! It's not! I didn't tell you that I loved you or that you were my best friend or any of that!" Percy was now pacing and throwing his hands in the air. "You were going to die thinking I'd be with Rachel or some other girl and you didn't know that nothing could take your place! Annabeth..." He turned to look at her. "You are my other half. When I saw you die..." He shut his eyes. "I really didn't know what I was going to do. I would've tried to beg Hades to give you back. Anything. I'd have traded places. I didn't care. I just knew that I wanted to be with you..." Percy opened his eyes and looked at her. Annabeth remained perfectly still but looked stunned.

"Percy..." He was staring at her lips. The way they formed his name, the way they glistened.

He grabbed her shoulders and smashed his lips into hers. He shifted a hand to her hair and moved himself closer. He needed her. He needed proof she was alive and that this wasn't a vision. Maybe she had really died and this was the alternative. No. He needed to know.

She pulled herself back slightly "Percy..." she said worried. He was kissing her below the crook of her jaw. His hands were on her waist. He pulled back to look her in the eyes.

"Annabeth, please." Percy knew how desperate he sounded but he didn't care. He needed to be with her. She studied his face with a worried expression. She looked at nothing for a second and back to his eyes before she nodded slightly. The pressure that was threatening to crush his chest finally lifted and was replaced with a deep fire. It was a slow, warming fire but still, it needed her.

He pulled back and stood up straightly, carefully pulling Annabeth along with him. "Percy... I've... I've never done this before." Percy hadn't done it either and for as many battles as Annabeth's been in, she had her moments of fear. The only person she'd ever show these moments to were Percy and he knew it. This made him love her more. This made him want her more.

He kissed her again, pulling her closer. This kiss was slower, with less desperation but still the same need. His hands pulled her waist against his, fingers feeling the fabric of the towel. Annabeth's hands left the safety of the towel and explored under his shirt. Percy shivered as they felt the ghost of what was once his Achilles heel.

Reaching up, Percy tugged on her towel, letting it fall to her feet. She shivered as he pulled his kiss away. Her tan body was as perfect as he thought it would be. Her slender neck, her beautiful collar bones, her strong yet small shoulders, her chest. Scars littered them all. Her chest was amazing, beyond anything Percy ever pictured in his mind.

"Seaweed brain... you're drooling." He looked at her face. She was blushing but had a slight smile on her face. He smashed his lips into hers, pulling her body into his, the bulge in his pants becoming apparent to both of them. He slowly turned her towards the bed and pushed her carefully down, him on top. Annabeth was pulling his shirt up and off his body, throwing it somewhere out of the way. Annabeth let her hands explore his newly uncovered torso.

Her hands drifted downwards, finally reaching the buttons on his pants. She started to work them off. While she was doing this, he moved back down to kiss her neck. His hands drifted up to her chest and started to message them. This earned a slightly moan from Annabeth, exciting Percy even more. He grabbed her beast with more force.

She had managed to get the button undone and carefully pulled his shorts over his erection and pushed them to the floor. He let his mouth drift lower and lower, kissing her along the way. Finally he reached her breast and sucked gently, allowing his tongue to play with her nipple.

Annabeth groaned more and her hand went into his hair, pushing him into her breast even more. Despite her many scars from previous battles, she was so soft. He removed his hand and let it wander over to her wrist and then up to her shoulder. Suddenly the skin on her shoulder felt rough. Percy pulled back to look at the change in texture. There was a deep scar.

He knew that scar.

Percy felt himself wander back into the memory of a moment that never happened. She was dead. He thought.

"Percy? Percy. Look at me." Annabeth pulled his thoughts back to where he was. She was laying naked below him, hair sprawled everywhere on the bed with a hand on his cheek. "I'm fine. Okay?" He nodded though he kept seeing her dead. Annabeth kissed him passionately and rolled them over. Now she was straddling his erection and still kissing him strongly. Her hands fell to his boxers and started to tug them off. When they were off and on the ground, Annabeth looked in his eyes.

"Are you sure, Annabeth?" Percy was starting to get worried. What if they messed it up? He was half expecting her to change her mind and say no. Instead, she nodded. Percy kissed her and rolled them over again, aligning himself at her entrance. A thought occurred to him.

"Wait. Annabeth. Don't we need a.. you know... on my... guy?" He was embarrassed. Why didn't he think of this before? He heard Annabeth chuckle slightly.

"Don't worry Percy. I'm on the pill." She touched his cheek again.

"Oh. Right. Okay..." Percy gulped and kissed her again. He felt her scar again and saw the fake memory. Suddenly desire and need pulsed through him again. He needed her. He needed this. He needed to know she was here. Percy smashed his lips into hers. She responded just as passionately.

Not knowing what to expect, Percy slowly and carefully pushed himself in. She was so tight and wet that it made him shiver. Finally his length was fully in. He looked in her eyes to make sure she was fine. She met his eyes after a moment and the look Percy received made his heart skip. Her grey eyes were dark with desire. She wanted this as badly as he did. He kissed her, breathing her in simultaneously. He moved down to kiss her slender neck again.

"Percy, please..." she managed to strangle out. Her hips bucked slightly causing Percy to groan. He pulled his hips back a little and pushed them back in. The feeling was better than he could have imagined. This was perfect. Everything was perfect. Annabeth groaned.

He started to thrust in and out faster, harder, receiving a groan from Annabeth each time. Her short nails dug into his back. This made him go faster and even harder. The slapping sound of him hitting against her told Percy somewhere in the back of his mind that they were going to be sore in the morning but he didn't care.

"Percy, I... I..." Annabeth started to say. He knew. He was there too. With a few extra thrusts she yelled his name as he grunted and finished inside her.

Percy collapsed next to Annabeth panting. They both layed still, trying to catch their breaths and get their minds around what they just did. Percy opened his eyes and looked at his girlfriend. Annabeth was looking at him with the same fierce look in her eye as she had after a battle. Now he knew why he was always turned on by her after battles and fights.

"Sleep?" He asked.

"Sleep." She responded with a nod.

"Together or... am I still sleeping on the couch?" Percy asked with a lop sided smile on his face.

"Shut up, seaweed brain. Get in." They both rolled over enough to get the blankets over them. He pulled her against his chest and she fit perfectly.

In the morning, they'd find themselves even more entwined.