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Japan : inazuma town . Saturday 6 p.m .clara's room

Clara's p.m.v:

"we all know he is an over protective brother honey" we all laughed . If you are wondering, yes! We are now in a sleep over at my room. we are laughing at IC-chan's big brother . IQ-kun can be such an over protective brother " yeah yeah laugh as you want" IC frowned as we all chuckled .me ,rean,barra,rihhone and IC usually have a sleep over party each night . don't look at me like that ,we don't give a damn about boy's problems and how much they hate each other . .b.f.f.s. " ok ,soo lets see who turn it is now " rean smiled loking at me "clara!" she grind " ok..uum..truth?" I asked " I have one " barra said .well all looked at her "who is your crush?"




"earth to clara ,any one here?" rean raised an eyebrow at me . But of course I didn't noticed .my heart stopped beating, my hands start shiaking ,my lips start shivering ,my mind showed only one person ..Atsuishi shigeto ..oh dear…not him! Someone slapped my head to get me out of this –out of the world –state " CLARA!oi girl wake up‼" rihhone yelled .i rubbed y red cheek "ouch..what was that for?" I gave them a sad puppy face " girl you were out of the world again! It happened five times today‼" rean screamed at my face " hmm..can we say it is because of "HIM"?" IC asked, "who is his "HIM"?" I raised an eyebrow "yeah yeah , I saw her staring at him today " rean said " me too she was so out of the world ' rihhone said " iam sure it is her crush!" barra happily smirked "yeah!" the girls laughed " who on earth are you talking about?‼ I don't understand!" I stared at them " one day you will honey " rean crossed her arms " is it a gossip?" I asked the girls nodded "OH, tell me tell me tell me tell me~" I begged with puppy face .the girls laughed. they knew exactly how much I like gossips .specially love once

"mmm ,you need to answer the question first " barra smirked "what question?" I raised an eyebrow " who is your crush?" IC said "umm" I looked away felling my face getting worm and knowing exactly that it is as red as nagumo-sama's hair "come on ,tell us!" rean said .the girls looked at me with begging eyes " need to guess' I hardly managed to say " is is..gazel-sama?" rihhone asked "NO WAY!" I yelled ,they laughed " is it..nagumo-sama?" I glared at IC " you want to die today sweetty?" she gulped

" is it…IQ?" rean asked " shut the hell up no way!" I blushed " hmm..nepper?" rihhone asked "don't worry iam not stealing your curhs" I chuckled. She graped pillow and cracked my head with it while blushing dark "DAMARECLARA! YOU ARE SO DEAD‼" we all laughed at her " is it…heat?" barra smirked . my time stopped


" clara you are as red as beat!" IC pointed to my face "r-really?" I whispered looking away " so is it him?atsuishi?" rihhone said " me ? love him? DAMARE!" I yelled .of course the girls know that when I use the word "damara" iam lieing so they chuckled " heat and clara under a tree ..K .I.S.S.I-" rean's head was sent flying to the wall as I kicked a pillow at her " don't you even dare saying such a thing " I glared at her

"besides.." I sat cooling myself down again " why would I love such a boy?" here I go again .i lied to get myself out of this "baka" rihhone whispered "excuse me?" I turned to her " yeah don't look at me like that! You know just like I know and just like they know that we know you enough to know that you are in love with him , you know that!"


We explode in laughter . " just how many times are you planning to say it rihhone?" barra laughed " oh I don't know maybe till "she" admits thatshe loved him " we laughed again . "well..cant I fall in love?" I asked " noo ,but what you cant is not to tell us when you do!" rean smiled ." so you love him right?" barra smirked again "…well…" I blushed "maybe.." ….

There it is chapter two of our story! Hope you love it!