~ Inazuma Latte ~

Warnings: OOC-ness, a lot of own OC's, no yaoi (sorry!)

Chapter One: A maid café ?!

Normal P.O.V.

It was a sunny, Friday afternoon. Soccer practice just finished and the seventeen-year-old soccer players of Raimon High, Endou, Gouenji, Kidou, Kazemaru, Fubuki, Hiroto, Midorikawa, Fudou, Sakuma, Nagumo and Fuusuke were saying goodbye to each other and walked off in different directions. Endou, Gouenji and Kidou had to head toward the same direction.

''Ahh.. that was a great soccer practice.'' Endou said.

The other two players nodded.

''I'm so happy Sakuma and Fudou transferred from Teikoku High to Raimon High.'' Kidou said.

Gouenji smiled.

''And it's good to have the four Aliea Academy players on our side too.'' He added.

Endou nodded.

''We're a strong team!'' He said.

''But our team up changed a LOT though.'' Kidou replied.

''Yeah, we still have Endou on keep. But Fubuki and Kazemaru are the only defenders. We have the usual four midfielders, but Nagumo and Fuusuke joined me and Sakuma in the offender's position.'' Gouenji said.

''We have an offensive play,'' Endou said. ''And I'm sure we can make that work. And besides, since Nagumo and Fuusuke are so stubborn and said they could do anything, they accepted the challenge to do a defenders training, given by Fubuki and Kazemaru.''

Kidou chuckled.

''I'm really excited to see if it's going to work.'' He said.

''I bet it is.'' Endou replied.

Suddenly, the three boys saw a figure running toward them in high speed.

''Hey, watch o-'' Endou couldn't finish, because the person knocked him over.

''I'm so sorry!'' The person exclaimed with a worried glare. ''Are you okay?''

Then, the boys discovered it was a girl.

''I-I'm fine.'' Endou replied, while he crawled up again.

He examined the girl in front of him. She had waist-length, straight, silver-blue hair and big, grey eyes with long lashes. She carried a big bag along with her. There stood some slight tears in her eyes.

''Hey, are you okay?'' Gouenji asked the girl.

The girl looked to the ground.

''I-I think I'm lost.'' She replied soft.

''Where do you need to go?'' Kidou asked.

''To Inazuma Latte, the new maid café in town.'' The girl replied.

''There's a maid café in Inazuma Town?'' The three boys shouted in union.

The girl smiled.

''Yeah! We just opened recently. I'm one of the waitresses. Only, on my way to work, I had to take a detour, due to a construction zone. I got lost somehow… And now, I don't know how to get to my work.'' The girl said, and at the end, the boys heard a sob.

''Hey,'' Gouenji said compassionate. ''Don't worry. We'll help you.''

Kidou nodded.

''Tell me a shop that's located nearby your work.'' He said.

''A sweets shop with an old lady.'' The girl replied.

Endou's eyes lightened up.

''I know where that is!'' He said.

He explained the girl how to get there and the girl started to smile really bright.

''Thank you so much!'' She said, while she bowed deeply.

''You're very welcome.'' Gouenji replied.

''By the way, what's your name?'' Kidou asked.

''I'm Maya.'' The girl replied with a smile.

The boys introduced themselves too.

''Anyway, I gotta go. I'm already late.'' Maya said.

She opened her bag and took something out. It was a coupon book with a lot of coupons for free coffee.

''Here, for helping me out.'' Maya said with a smile.

''Thanks.'' The boys replied, when they took the gift.

''I hope to see you guys around!'' Maya said, before she waved and ran off.

The boys watched her leave.

''Nice girl.'' Kidou said.

''So, there's a maid café in Inazuma Town.'' Endou concluded.

''We should tell the boys about it.'' Gouenji said.

The others nodded. Then, they headed further towards their homes.

-Time Skip. The next morning-

It was Saturday morning and the eleven soccer players gathered around by the riverbank.

''Ohayo, minna.'' Endou greeted the team happily, since he was the last one to arrive.

''Ohayo, Endou.'' Everybody replied.

''Before we start practicing, I want to ask you guys something.'' Endou said.

Everybody looked curious at him.

''Do you guys have any plans after practice?'' Endou asked his friends.

Everybody shook their heads.

''Not yet.'' Nagumo replied.

''Is something the matter then?'' Fuusuke added.

Endou grinned sheepishly.

''Would you guys like to go to the new maid café in town?'' He asked.

''EEEHHH?'' Everybody replied, some with a blush.

''That's insane.'' Fudou said.

''I didn't know there was a maid café in Inazuma Town.'' Hiroto said.

''Me neither.'' Midorikawa added.

''Why this sudden request?'' Sakuma asked.

Endou grinned and explained the story.

''So, that's why you wanna go.'' Fubuki said with a smile.

''Actually, coffee after practice sounds really good.'' Kazemaru added.

''So, it's a yes for everybody?'' Endou asked.

''Hai.'' They all replied, except for Fudou, who just mumbled a simply 'Hmpf'.

''Yosh, minna! Then, let's start practice.'' Endou said.

And with that command, everybody went to do something. Fubuki helped Fuusuke, while Kazemaru was busy teaching Nagumo how to defend too. Hiroto, Midorikawa, Fudou and Kidou were making up new tactics and Gouenji and Sakuma were shooting on goal, where Endou stood in.

-Time skip. After practice-

It was 2 p.m. and the team stopped practicing.

''I'm exhausted!'' Sakuma said, while he let himself drop on the ground and panted.

''Me too…'' Kidou breathed.

''Let's take a shower and head towards the catering section of Inazuma Town.'' Endou said.

The others nodded and in half an hour, everybody stood on the riverbank hill, freshly showered and in casual clothes.

''So, shall we go?'' Endou asked.

The others nodded. Then, the eleven people made their way towards the new café.

~ End of chapter ~

Mamera: Kon'nichiwa, minna-san! This is the first chapter / preview of my new story 'Inazuma Latte'. For this story, I want to rely on my reviewers a lot. I'll let you decide a couple of things. You can leave your answers in the reviews. Anyway, for this story, I made six new OC's, all with a different personality. My question for you guys is, which girl should be paired with which of the eleven named characters? Leave your thoughts in the review! Until the next chapter! xoxo

Number One: Noa, the shy and silent one. She never speaks, just smiles or uses signs. The other girls don't even know what her voice's like.

Number Two: Maya, the sweet one. She always cares about others first and is always positive.

Number Three: Nonori, the hyper one. She always jumps a bit, claps a lot in her hands and is constantly smiling. She has a habit of talking in a high speed.

Number Four: Ayume, the wise one. She's the leader of the team, takes a lot of responsibility and makes all the decisions. She's like a big sister towards the others.

Number Five: Hinako, the cool one. She doesn't talk a lot and is a bit stand-offish. From the inside, she has a kind heart and is really caring about the others. But she doesn't like to show that side of her that often.

Number Six: Anabella, the lady-like one. She always talks polite and is very dignified. She comes from a rich family and knows her etiquette. She's originally from France.