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This is a sequel to Chaos Chapter one this is about JJ and Dave's Relationship but there will be some Hotly too.

"Rossi get your but over here now!" JJ yelled from her office. 'Oh gosh she is going to kill me I just know it.' thought Dave. "David Rossi come over here right now!" JJ yelled once again. Dave ran into the office and jumped as JJ slammed the door behind him. "Yes, JJ?" Dave asked. JJ closed her eyes and took a deep breath. " Why were you in my office?" "I have no idea what you are talking about." Dave lied. "Oh really then why is there scotch spilled on my chair?" 'I wonder how I am going to get out of this one.' thought Dave. "I don't know maybe it was Reid." JJ started laughing at what Dave said. "Yeah, Reid, Is that the best you could come up with? You could have at least said it was Morgan."

"Fine, I was in your office, but that's only because I got locked out of mine." JJ did not look surprised. "Rossi get out before I do something I won't regret. Like kill you." Rossi smirked and said, only in your dreams. Of course in my dreams you were doing something more pleasant." JJ growled, "Get out! Like I would let you touch me." Rossi left but only after he went over to JJ and whispered in her ear we will see. After that JJ slammed the door in his face and screamed until she felt better. " I thought that calling all of his ex wives up to visit him he would learn a lesson but I guess I will have to take a different approach. "

Hotch heard screaming so he came out of his office only to see a very pleased looking Rossi. "Dave what was that all about?" Hotch asked. "Nothing I just make all the ladies scream." said Dave with a smirk. Hotch rolled his eyes and said, "Dave get back to work." A few minutes later Hotch called Prentiss up to his office to talk about the problem between their two closest friends. "Hi Honey. What's up?" said Prentiss as she walked into Hotch's office. "Can you please talk to JJ? Dave is getting to her again and I don't want her to kill him." Hotch requested. "Ok. Well since I 'm up here do want to have sex?" Asked Prentiss. "Hotch responded with, "As tempting as that is …. No." "Gosh , you're no fun Aaron." Emily sighed. Hotch smirked and said, "That's sure not what you said last night." Emily rolled her eyes and walked out to go talk to JJ.

Prentiss knocked on JJ's door but got no reply so she walked in. She found JJ sitting by her desk banging her head on it. Prentiss ran over to JJ and picked her head up and asked her what was wrong. "David Freakin' Rossi" JJ replied. "Oh what did he do this time?" Prentiss asked. "What he does all the time annoys me."

"Are you sure that this is really about the Scotch on your chair?" Prentiss asked. "Of course it is. What else would it be about?" questioned JJ. "I mean it's not because he is annoyingly flirtatious, or because he always smells so nice, and it's definitely not because he is one of the se… Never mind." "Oh my gosh JJ you like him!" Emily screamed. "Keep it down Prentiss and no I don't" JJ shot back. "You keep telling yourself that but if you want to solve the Rossi problem you should just admit that you like him and he might ease up" suggested Emily. " I don't like him!" JJ yelled. "Whatever. You keep telling yourself that." Emily smirked and let the room. When Emily left JJ went right back to banging her head on the desk. 'Maybe I should stop before I get a bruise.' JJ thought as she finally stopped banging her head and went to face Rossi.