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"Well all I have to say is be prepared for anything because from what Hotch tells me Rossi doesn't give up." Emily added. The only thought that went through JJ's head was, 'Oh, Boy.'

"If Dave is gonna play hard ball then so will I" JJ said. "Look at our little JJ getting all steamed up over our Italian Stallion" Garcia teased. "Shut up!" yelled JJ. "Someone needs to get laid" Garcia mumbled. Unfortunately JJ over heard it and was ready to pounce on her when Emily suggested that they go dress shopping. "Yay!" Garcia shrieked as they hurried out of the hotel.

When they went dress shopping they each picked out a Hawaiian style dress. JJ picked out a short light blue dress with orange flowers, Emily picked out a short light blue dress with yellow flowers, and of course Garcia picked out the most colorful dress she could find. Her dress was a short hot pink with bright yellow and orange flowers. "Ok girls time to go club shopping!" Garcia shrieked. "Penelope you have got to stop doing that I am going to be deaf!" Emily yelled. Garcia's face turned bright red and she apologized. While this was transpiring, JJ was a nervous wreck. She was pacing back and forth around the store. "JJ calm down. If Dave tries anything or you need a wing girl I have your back." Emily said. "But…" JJ started but was cut off by Garcia. "No buts girly. Emily is the best wing person ever. No worries."

Later the girls went shopping for their dresses. JJ began feeling more confident when she finished shopping. 'Now I know why I put up with these two' thought JJ. "JJ we are ready see your dress" Garcia said with a smile on her face because she picked out everyone's dress and knew it they were going to look awesome. "Okay. I am coming" JJ said nervously but confident at the same time. JJ came out sporting a dark blue dress that fell to the top of her knees, with a deep swoop in the back stopping just above her lower back. In the front of her dress JJ had silver straps in the shape of an x across her breast. "JJ you look so sexy. If I were a dude I would totally tap that." Garcia said. "JJ you look awesome. Dave is gonna drop dead." Emily added. JJ smiled at her friends' words and she knew that everything was going to be just fine. "Thanks guys!" JJ said. "So who is next?" JJ asked.

JJ and Garcia simultaneously looked at each other and screamed "Emily!" "Oh. No I have enough dresses already." Emily said with a worried look on her face. "Too late, you came shopping with us so you are getting a dress too. Plus Bossman is totally gonna get you an engagement ring after tonight." Garcia stated. "Sure." Emily said skeptically. "Come on Chica let's sexify you!" Garcia said excitedly. "I guess." Emily said with a sigh. "Oh come on it will be fun!" JJ added. "Alright." Emily said grabbing the dress that the girls picked out for her. When she came out the dressing room the girls were speechless. Emily was wearing a mid thigh red dress with a v neck dip that was outlined with gold sparkles. "So… what do you think?" Emily asked. "It is wonderful." JJ said just before Garcia said, "It was amazing." "Thanks, maybe it will work." Emily said. "Oh trust me it will!" Garcia said excitedly. Garcia tried on a dress that was stunning as well. It was longer than the other women's but sexy nonetheless. It was a hot pink dress just below her knees with a modest dip near her breasts and of course, it had sparkles everywhere. When the girls left the store they were very pumped.

Meanwhile, the guys were back at the hotel already dressed and waiting for the women. While they waited Dave and Hotch talked about Emily and JJ while Reid and Morgan irritated each other as usual. "How is everything going with JJ?" Hotch asked Dave. "She is still trying to resist me, but you and I both know that she won't be able to for long," Dave responded. "Wow! You really are cocky." Hotch said. "Yep, and there is no shame in my game." "Of course not." Hotch said suspiciously. "She is playing hard ball and so am I."

In the other room Reid and Morgan were slap boxing because Morgan was bored and suggested it. 'Why did I suggest this I should have known I was going to lose?' Morgan thought. While Morgan thought this he was trying to get away from Reid who had now become slap happy. "Reid! The game ended five minutes ago. Why are you still trying to slap me?" "Because it is a very rare occasion where I get to hit you." "Alright, that's it." Morgan said as he tackled Reid to the floor with a great thud. "Guys what is going on in here?" Hotch questioned. "Reid started it." Morgan whined. "Would you guys act like adults for two seconds?" Rossi asked. "Okay. One… two." Morgan counted right before he proceeded to hurt Reid. "Okay that's enough." Hotch said grabbing Morgan off of Reid. "If you guys are going to act like children I am going to put you in time out until the girls get back." Hotch said.

Hotch and Rossi continued their conversation while watching Morgan and Reid. "What about you and Prentiss?" Dave asked. "What about us?" Hotch questioned back. "When are you guys going to get married?" Dave asked. "When I am ready. I don't know?" Hotch answered. "It will take something big for me to pop the question because I am really nervous. I am pretty sure she will wait for me anyways." "Don't be so sure." Dave answered back

An hour later the women came back and told the men that they would meet them at the club. When the men left the girls got ready and an hour later they walked into the club and every jaw dropped including, the jaws of the men on the team. "Gentlemen please pick your jaws off of the floor." Garcia said with a role of her eyes. "Who is ready to dance?" Emily asked. "I think I will sit out." Hotch said. Emily narrowed her eyes at him and said, "Ok. I will go dance by myself." Dave on the other hand asked JJ to dance with him and she agreed. Soon Morgan asked Garcia to dance as well.

As everyone made their way to the dance floor Hotch felt stupid for turning down Emily's offer. He soon got jealous when he saw how many men were gawking at her. Finally when a man came up to her and started grinding on her he lost it. Hotch strode over to Emily and pulled her away from the man and growled in her ear. "Emily, you are mine. Don't ever do that again. It was not funny. I want you for me and only me!" Emily turned around to face him with a smirk on her face. "You better make it official then." He ran over to the DJ and asked him to play the song Sure Thing by Miguel.

While the song played they danced closely. Soon Hotch was very aroused and began to get hard. He pulled Emily closer so that she could feel how hard he was. When she felt him she moaned and began to grind on him. He moved his hands and grasped her bottom, massaging it through her dress. Emily moaned deeply and her eyes closed. She leaned down and gave Hotch a very passionate kiss. She moaned and squealed when Hotch pulled her to the back of the club and onto one of the benches. He couldn't take it anymore so he unbuckled his slacks and took out his cock for Emily to see. She moaned and lifted her dress and rode him hard and fast. "Aaron…Oh Gosh. Mmm.. So good." "Emily so wet and tight.'" Aaron said. 20 minutes later they both experienced three powerful orgasms. When they fixed themselves Hotch said, "Emily I love you so much and I want to marry you. I will always love you and you make me happy I will make you mine forever." Emily cried and said, "I love you too Aaron." Meanwhile, JJ and Dave were having an intense time too.

"Are you done playing games?" Dave asked JJ as he pulled her closer to him. "Are you done chasing?" JJ asked Dave. "Definitely not." Dave answered in a deep voice that made JJ shiver. When Hotch and Emily's song was finished OMG by Usher started to play. 'This might be fun' JJ thought. 'Maybe I will get him to crack and understand that I am in charge of this game.' As the song played JJ began to grind on Dave and rub her hands all over him. Dave's eyes began to get hazy and he began to develop a boner. JJ moaned his name when she felt this. Dave was done playing games. "JJ you are messing with fire." Dave warned her. JJ just smiled and dropped low in front of him.

He pulled her up quickly and took her to a private booth. "I am done playing games." Dave said. "Good because so am I." JJ responded. She listened to the song and moved her hips to the beat. She then straddled his legs and grinded down on him. Dave grabbed her hips possessively. Dave leaned in and whispered into JJ's ear, "You are infuriating but I love you so much. I want to make love to you and make you mine." JJ stopped moving and looked at Dave in shock. "Sweetheart it's time to go." He went into a private room behind the booth. In the room there were two couches, a love seat, and a heart shaped queen sized bed. Dave pulled JJ over to the bed and tossed her onto it.

They looked deep into each other's eyes and leaned closer and they began to make out passionately. Dave broke the kiss to breath but seconds later he began to kiss down the column of her neck causing her to moan deeply. "Gosh… Dave." He then proceeded to take of her shirt and place kisses on her stomach. JJ grabbed Dave's hair and began to pull on it forcefully as she let out another moan. He leaned back up to kiss JJ and whispered another I love you. He then slid down her body and unbuckled her pants and took off the rest of her clothing. "Dave you are overdressed." JJ complained. He then let her take control but only enough to undress him. After she undressed Dave he flipped her onto her back and explored every part of her body. When Dave got to her pleasure spot he inhaled her essence and flicked his tongue out to taste her. She screamed his name when she came and pulled him up her body and kissed him tasting her cum on his lips. This made her moan and purr.

"JJ are you sure you want this?" "Yes baby." JJ answered Dave. With that statement Dave slid into JJ and slowly began to thrust. She grabbed his butt to make him go faster. He moved faster and JJ's moans became louder and so did his. Dave felt his cock twitch inside of JJ as he came and JJ screamed I love you as she came. Dave stayed inside JJ because he did not want to let go of her. A few seconds later realizing what JJ said he looked up at her and asked, "What did you just say?" "I said I love you Dave and I mean it from the bottom of my heart." JJ answered.

When they were finished basking in their newfound relationship they finished getting dressed and walked out of the private section later bumping into Hotch and Emily. The girls walked ahead of the guys and discussed all that had happened. "Dave and I finally got together and we told each other that we loved each other." JJ told Emily. "That is great. Hotch said that he wants to be together forever and I think he is going to propose." Emily squealed. Behind the girls the men also talked. "So did you and JJ work everything out?" Hotch asked. "Yes we did and we are going to pursue a relationship." Dave answered. "What about you and Emily?" asked Dave. " I talked to Emily and I think I am ready to propose." Later on when the trip came to an end everyone was happy and content. Even Reid and Morgan seemed to be fine with each other. From now on no hard ball. Everything was working out for the best.