Hale and Dyson were playing pool at the Dahl after a lecture, mainly directed to Dyson, from Trick about the many reasons why rules were put into place. The lecture came after an even longer(, albeit grueling)day. Dyson began to feel light-headed but dismissed it as the aftermath of fighting with a Dark Fae earlier.

"Man, you feeling okay?" asked Hale.

"Yeah, just feeling the effects of fighting with that Dark Fae."

"Man I told you about your short fuse," laughed Hale as the continued the game.

Everything returned to normal until Dyson a breathless but agonized howl, grabbing on to the table for balance. Most Fae around took a step back including Hale, who had never heard a cry like that from his best friend before, and Ciara who had entered the bar earlier. Trick on the other hand approached Dyson, standing as close as he dared to him when another agonized growl.

"Bo!" Dyson growled urgently through gritted teeth as indescribable pain wracked his body.

"Everyone out!" Trick declared from behind the bar where he had moved back to, just as Kenzi was walking in.

"Hey Trickster, whatcha do that for?" she questioned following Trick with her eyes as he moved about searching for something.

"Where's Bo?" he asked striving to keep his voice low and hoping his assumption would be proven wrong.

"I do-" she began before she was cut off by a growl. Startled she scanned the bar before spotting Hale, Ciara and…Dyson? " Is that…Dyson?" she asked walking towards the trio.

As she got closer Hale held her in place beside him, preventing her from continuing as Ciara tried to communicate with Dyson. Before she could question him, another growl, also in the form of Bo's name, came from Dyson as he levered himself from the table, away from Ciara.

After the growl, Dyson fell to the floor in a heap causing Hale to release his hold on Kenzi and Trick to immediately dart over. Checking Dyson's pulse he seemed relieved and worried as he found a slow pulse after a short while.

"Slow" he relayed to the others in the room, sighing and shaking his head. His assumption seems to be right, so help them all. "Help me get him in the back" he told Hale. As the two staggered under Dyson's weight Ciara looked up at Kenzi who was alternating between watching the others and glaring at her. Kenzi step in front of Ciara, blocking her as she attempted to follow the others before accusingly questioning Ciara.

"Of course you don't!" Hale heard as he reentered the bar. "He's just playing 'how strong are you' with Trick and Hale."

"Not that strong apparently," muttered Hale, which earned him a glare from Kenzi. "Look, lil mama," he sighed "we're all concerned about Dyson but standing glaring at each other won't help".

He turned to walk to the back with Kenzi and Ciara trailing him. They arrived in the back to find that Trick and Hale had lain Dyson on the rug covered floor. He was sweating profusely and writhing in pain while repeatedly gasping Bo's name.

Trick looked up at their arrival immediately pinning Kenzi with questioning eyes.

"Where's Bo?" he questioned.

"I don't know. She got a phone call thuis morning, said she had to meet someone to work it out, whatever it is and that she'll me here. Why are you asking me about Bo when there's something wrong with Dyson?" replied Kenzi.

"Because she's what's wrong with Dyson." answered Trick solemnly.