Hale, Kenzi and Ciara slowly followed Trick as they ventured through a series of underground streets. He had told them of his plan, which still had Kenzi wary about her involvement as the worm on the hook, then informed them that he needed to see someone for assisstance and that they were going.

"This place is giving me the creeps," stated Kenzi as she looked around the dark open space.

"As well it should," replied Hale in a low voice.

"Wait a minute, are you scared?"

"Do you know where you are?"

"We're in candyland," Kenzi deadpanned. "Of course I don't know where we are."

"This is the burial ground of Reyes, a type of fae whose powers exceed all of the others. Their powers are legendary among the fae," replied Ciara who until then had not spoken a word.

"So we're walking on the resting place of some fae who could take out the world or kill me with a thought?" Kenzi semi-screeched.

"Relax, lil momma"

"Relax? This dude could kill me without so much as touching me"

"And he won't know you're here by your screeching."

"But he probably already knew you were here from your first step and has been plotting your death," stated Ciara with a smirk.

Before anyone could respond to her, Trick stopped causing the others to immediately stop also and take in their current surroundings searching for the cause of their halt.

"Uh, Trickst-," began Kenzi before she was cut off by Trick's voice.

Trick had began chanting words that Clare nor Hale could decipher if the perplexed looks on their faces were anything to go by. The chant easily rose and fell while the air around them seemed to get colder and windier, though it didn't seem to affect any other area. Trick stood in the midst completely unfazed by the changes occuring around him, his gaze fixed in the distance as his chant continued.

The others looked around as they felt another presence join them though they could not see anyone. Kenzi moved closer to Hale who wrapped his arm around her, even Ciara moved closer as the presence seemed to get stronger.

"Why are you here, bartender" questioned a voice, " or should I say Your High -"

"I'm here for guidance," retorted Trick. "And you used to be good at giving it"

"And you used to be good at not taking it, if I remember correctly."

"Only because your guidance was not of benefit at the time except to you," snapped Trick. "But I'm not here to relive the past."

"No, you come here hoping that I will bow at your feet. You, the man who is responsible for my being here."

"You are responsible for yourself being here. You made the deal now you must live with the consequences," said Trick in a hardened voice.

"Consequences!" The voice bellowed as its body materialized. Kenzi gasp caused the voice to stop and glare at Trick who only smirked. The fae was completely handsome even Ciara seemed to be swooning.

"Still got a temper, I see. Now tell me what I need to know and it better be the truth," Trick said in a majestic voice.

"You tricked me!"

Trick chuckled, " Familiar words coming from you"

The fae glared at trick who merely glared back. To the others it appeared that there was a silent conversation occurring making Kenzi's head swivel as she looked between the two men. After what seemed like an eternity the fae huffed and looked away from Trick.

"Fine, I'll tell you but you will never come here again."

"I will do anything I want," replied Trick with a smirk.

"You will do no such thing or you will be sorry!" shouted the voice.

"And you will do well to remember to whom you speak," Trick replied, his voice cracking like a whip.

The fae relented, although everyone could see he was still disgruntled, and bowed slightly. "My apologies. How may I be of assistance?"

Kenzi, Hale and Ciara looked at each other confused, they had expected a fight not the immediate surrender they had just witnessed.

"Man, the Trickster's gotta have some serious dirt on Mr. Handsome-and-ever-so powerful for him to submit so easily," Kenzi whispered to Hale as they watched the still disgruntled fae converse with Trick.

"A whole lot of dirt," Hale replied as trick gave the fae a stern look, and probably equally stern words, before turning away.