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God speaking/all spark


The sound of a pencil furiously scratching on paper was heard in the dead of night. Knowing full well that there was class the next day, did not teeter the young artist. Crimson bangs hiding emerald orbs fill with concentration as the young woman drew. From a distance it looked to be nothing but a pile of gears and scrap metal. But up close….up close the picture was forming a four tail kitsune, completely made of metal! It was posed in something from a manga.

The four tails were pointed up with the ends opening up to what looked like cannons! Above the metal maw, was a glowing orb, that seemed to be floating. The picture in a whole showed that the creature was using its best attack and was about to fire it off!

Just as she was about to start coloring the picture, the lights had gone out. With an irritated groan, the brunet-ginger got up and walked over to the fuse box that was a few feet behind the drawing table in which she had been seated in for the past five hours…

Taking a flashlight form a nearby night stand, the green-eyed woman opened the box. Seeing nothing wrong, she proceeded to flick a switch. But as fate would have it, it was not a fuse that had turned the lights out, but was a brewing lighting storm outside. Right as she touched the switch, a lightning bolt had struck her power line and the current went straight down that line and into the poor girl's body.

Sparks flew as she seizured for a moment before being thrown into her drawing table where he unfinished work had been sitting. She lay there on the ground unmoving and lifeless.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the young woman's body began to disintegrate. Like download data on a computer. The strange thing was, so did the work of art she had yet to finish…..

Floating… that's what she felt she was doing. She didn't feel pain, the horrible feeling of being fried was gone, but then again so was the feeling in the rest of her body.


'Huh? Who's there?' the woman thought.

Fear not Femme, I shan't cause any harm to befall you.

The voice seemed to echo and read her mind. So she decided to let the stones fall as she questioned. 'Okay, but you haven't answered my first question. Also did you just call me a femme?'

A sharp one aren't you? The voice chuckled. Yes, young one, I did call you a femme. Why? Is this term familiar to you?

The girl giggles slightly. 'Yes, yes it is. You see I used to watch a series call Transformers and in this series, they'd call females of a race, femmes. As it is their term for such. I had always wondered why the All Spark had to be destroyed. It was so sad to know that a whole worlds worth of history lost in an instant, for the cost of another.'

My you are quite intelligent. Now as for your question, I am Primus, God and grand creator of the Cybertornains and Cybertron.

The woman would have been falling out of her chair if she had been in one. 'Y-you mean they're real?' She thought, almost afraid that her biggest dream would be some sort of a cruel joke by fate.

Yes, they're real and very much 'in a pinch' as you humans would say.

'Well is there-wait. If I'm talking with you, that must mean I had somehow gotten into the Well of Sparks. And if that's the case, then that means I'm-.' She couldn't finish her thought, for Primus had interrupter.

Off-lined? Yes my dear-spark, I'm afraid you have.

The girl was quiet and only said a shaky. 'oh…' Primus felt sorry for the young human. Separated a dimension away and to top that off, she finds out she had off-lined. He felt for her, he really did. Suddenly she came up with a solution to both their problems.

Youngling, if you could have a second chance at life, would you take it?

'What? You mean I don't have to stay dead?' She asked astonished.

Correct. But in order to do so, I need your help. In return you may start a new life in the dimension that I reside in.

Thinking it over, she decided to take him up on his offer. 'Yes, I'll help you.' Glad that she agreed he began to explain things.

Wonderful! Now seeing as your body is gone, you need a new one. Have anything in mind, young one?

Thinking of her picture she had drawn before she died, she replied. 'Yes I do.'

Very good. Now, keep that in mind while I give you your frame.

What felt like years became a mere second as she looked down at herself and saw her picture, only she was black red and blue with chrome highlights.

An unusual alt-form, but suits you none the less. Now our time young femme, is growing short. The way for you to help me, is becoming the new all-spark, also helping the last prime and his cohort as well. They way you go about it, is entirely your decision. Good luck, Xireana Prime.

The feeling of free falling came over her before she hit solid ground and in doing so, put her in stasis lock.