Olivia happily made her way over to Dominic's apartment.

She could hardly believe that six months had passed since his attacker Terry Wilson was put behind bars.

Since then Olivia and Dominic had started to date.

The mutual attraction between them had been there the instant that they had met.

However when he had to go over seas she wasn't sure they would see each other again and buried her feelings knowing that they could never be together.

When Dominic requested her as the lead detective when he was attacked she was slightly surprised.

As Olivia helped the young Marine recover from his assault she couldn't deny that her long dormant feelings for him were starting to resurface.

Despite her growing feelings for Dominic Olivia focused all of her energy into apprehending Dominic's attacker.

Once Terry Wilson was put behind bars a huge weight was lifted from Olivia's shoulders.

She was surprised at how relived she was but she knew that her immense relief was just her long forgotten feelings for Dominic coming back to her.

The couple had a date every other weekend and two dates every other night during the week.

They had been able to with hard work keep their relationship going despite their very busy schedules.

It was by far one of the most loving and long lasting relationships in Olivia's life and for that she was very grateful.

As Olivia drove to Dominic's house for a weekend date she thought back to the day when she went to his house and told him the news that they caught Terry Wilson.

Six Months Earlier:

Olivia knocked on the door to Dominic's apartment

A few minutes later the door opened.

Dominic stood in the doorway he was wearing a royal blue t-shirt, and gray sweatpants.

His cropped sandy blond hair was damp and once again she smelled a strong scent of deodorant and guessed that he had just showered a hour before.

Why do I always catch him just when he's finished showering? Olivia thought embarrassed.

Dominic nodded swiftly at her and replied questionably "Olivia it's nice to see you has there been any news?"

She said warmly "Yes we got him Dominic the person who raped you we arrested him he's in jail and he'll never hurt you again I promise."

A rare smile broke across Dominic's face he took a breath then replied relieved "That's.. that's amazing, please come in."

With that he ushered Olivia inside.

She sat down on the couch and Dominic sat in his armchair.

Olivia leaned forward and replied delicately "Dominic do you remember I do told you that your attacker's name was Frank Bishop?"

Dominic nodded and said nervously "Yes, why?"

She took a deep breath and replied gently "Well that isn't the man who attacked you."

Dominic leaned forward in his armchair.

He took a deep breath and asked confused "What do you mean?"

Olivia took another breath and replied softly "He was set up by the bartender at Elsie's he's the one who attacked you his name is Terry Wilson."

Dominic ran a hand throughout his hair nervously he took two more deep breaths.

Finally after a few more seconds he replied softly "Why?"

She sighed and said compassionately "Because he is a very sick man trust me Dominic if you ask yourself why these types of people do what they do you'll drive yourself crazy trust me I have a lot of experience with them."

Dominic stood up so did Olivia.

He extended his right hand and replied grateful "Thank you for telling me the truth I appreciate it I also am really grateful that you have been so wonderfully supportive it's been a very difficult few weeks I don't know what I'd do if I had to go through this experience alone."

Olivia pumped Dominic's hand twice in her own and said warmly "No problem it's my job."

She started to walk to the door and Dominic walked with her.

Before she opened it he stopped her by placing his right hand over hers.

They locked eyes intensely just like they always had done but there was something different in Dominic's gaze his eyes were less sad and more passionate.

He asked nervously "I was hoping.. well since my case is over and it wouldn't be a problem any longer I was wondering if you would like to go out for coffee with me sometime next weekend?"

Olivia was taken aback, she had liked Dominic for a long time but wasn't sure that getting in a relationship with a ex-victim of hers would be a good idea.

She hesitated.

Finally after a few seconds she asked confused "What about Miranda Hall aren't you going out with her?"

Dominic shook his head and replied disappointed "No when I told her what had happened to me she told me that I was a idiot for letting it happen and told me that she never wanted to see me again."

Olivia gasped she laid her left hand on top of his and said softly "Oh Dominic I am so sorry."

He shrugged and replied offhandedly "Yeah it did hurt for awhile but I got over it really fast I took that as a sign that we just weren't meant for each other."

She nodded and replied awkwardly "I guess."

Dominic shifted his feet from side to side nervously

Finally after a few seconds more of fidgeting he took a deep breath and asked hopefully "So would you like to go out with me sometime?"

Olivia once again looked into his eyes and replied affectionately "Yes I would like that how about this Saturday around six?"

Dominic smiled slightly and said happily "Sounds great I'll pick you up around then."

She gave him a warm smile and replied softly "I'll be looking forward to it."

Two weeks after their first date the two began seeing each other exclusively.

As soon as she had knocked on his door Dominic opened it he smiled lovingly at her presence.

He was wearing a dark blue dress shirt and black jeans.

Olivia smiled equally warmly and replied endearingly "Hey Dom you look very handsome."

Dominic wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her passionately.

They came apart.

He gave her a head to toe gaze, she was wearing a red low cut satin dress and dark black high heels, her hair was in a elegant bun atop her head.

Olivia also wore a soft through flattering amount of make-up dark brown eye shadow, and a hint of red blush and red lipstick.

Dominic kissed her again and replied softly "You look amazing are you ready to go?"

Olivia nodded and said warmly "Yep let's go."

The two had dinner at a small bistro near Olivia's place it was both their weekends off.

Dominic still worked as a private security officer for a successful wall street broker and she had given him the weekend off.

Olivia was equally thrilled that she had managed to talk Cragen into giving her a weekend off.

She had hoped that they would be able to take their relationship to the next level that night.

Olivia had everything planned, she had bought lavender scented candles along with a six bouquet of lavender she had sprinkled the petals along her bed and made a bath with lavender scented bath oil.

In the six months that they had been together the farthest they had got to making love was kissing.

Olivia knew that Dominic still harbored major issues when it came to the physical aspect of their relationship and didn't want to pressure him into anything.

So she had been patient with him even though she knew that Dominic was growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of sex in their lives.

The fact they they hadn't made love yet didn't bother Olivia.

She understood why he felt the way he did and would be worried about him if he didn't, still Olivia hoped that Dominic wouldn't be caught too much off guard by her surprise.

After dinner Dominic and her shared a cab home to her apartment.

As they walked into Olivia's apartment Dominic in a very uncharacteristic way wound his arms around her waist and started to kiss her neck very aggressively.

Olivia was caught up in the passion of the moment for a few seconds.

However reason suddenly brought her back to her senses and reluctantly pushed him away.

She asked confused "Whoa what has gotten into you?"

Dominic replied breathlessly "I'm ready Olivia I'm finally ready."

Olivia asked cautiously "Oh honey are you sure?"

He nodded and said assuredly "Yes I am I really am."

Olivia smiled and replied excitedly "That's great okay, close your eyes and follow me, all right?"

He nodded closed his eyes and said happily "Lead on sweetheart."

Still smiling Olivia took Dominic's right hand and gently pulled him into the bathroom.

She said giddily "Okay open your eyes!"

Dominic did he took in the scene and replied brightly "Wow this is amazing!"

Olivia grinned and asked embarrassingly "Really it it isn't too much?"

Dominic gave her a tender kiss and replied lovingly "No I absolutely love it, let's get in the bath now okay?"

She smiled wide and said reassured "All right."

With that the two shed their clothes, Dominic slid his shirt and slipped off his jeans and socks.

Olivia turned around and he undid the zipper of her dress down and she happily stepped out of it.

Now in their underwear he in his black boxers and her in a royal blue lace bra and pantie set.

They both then slid into the still hot water.

Dominic wrapped his arms around her waist in a fluid motion he had Olivia on his lap, she in turn wound her arms around his neck.

The couple just soaked in the hot sweet smelling water for a long while neither spoke, the coming silence was a welcome one for they neither felt the need or obligation to speak.

Both were extremely content to just be in each others arms.

I could stay like this forever Olivia thought blissfully.

After nearly an hour without talking she felt they needed to speak.

Gently she disentangled herself from Dominic's embrace and smiled at him contently.

Olivia kissed him soft and slow he in turn snaked his arms around her neck.

They came apart his arms still around her neck.

She leaned her head against his.

Olivia let out a deep sigh.

Immediately sensing her distress Dominic gave her a puzzled look.

He asked concernedly "What's wrong?"

Olivia bit her lip and replied conflictingly "Honey I didn't do all of this to pressure you into anything really if you want to wait a another couple of weeks I am willing to honestly I-"

Dominic gently cut her off with a soft kiss.

He tenderly cradled his right hand on her face and said passionately "Olivia I love you and although I am very grateful for this elaborate spread-"

His motioned around the romantically decorated bathroom.

Olivia laughed heartily.

Dominic kissed her again and replied assuredly "I am truly ready to be with you completely."

She was near tears and kissed him back with enough passion to set her apartment on fire.

Olivia leaned her forehead against his and said warmly "I'm incredibly happy to hear you say that."

With that Dominic stood up in the bath, once again in a surprising fluid motion he swung her up in his arms.

He then took her into her bedroom and handed her a towel.

Once the two had dried off they got into bed together.

Olivia laid down in bed first she slipped her bra and panties off as fast as she could.

Now naked she wrapped her arms around Dominic's neck and hugged him tightly against her.

Dominic wasted no time and quickly removed his boxers.

Free of any meddlesome clothing they came together.

It was tilde wave of emotions for both of them.

As Dominic strongly but gently entered her Olivia threw her neck back and cried in a climax of passion and weariness.

They made love again this time with Olivia on top, as she entered Dominic she felt once again a wonderfully strong sense of connection one which, she had never felt before and it nearly brought her to tears.

She knew that this feeling could only be one thing; love.

Dominic then gently and softly flipped her over so they could make love again.

Again it brought Olivia more pleasure and fulfillment then she ever knew she could feel in her life.

The couple soon finished and Dominic gently withdrew himself form her and laid beside Olivia.

They took a few moments to catch their breath he then wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her softly to him.

Her head was on his strong broad chest their right hands entwined together.

Olivia looked up at him and said ecstatically "I love you Dominic more than I think I've ever loved anyone."

Dominic kissed her softly on the top of her head and replied passionately "I know I love you too."

They soon fell into a deep and contented sleep wrapped up in each other.

After that night Olivia knew that Dominic Pruitt was defiantly a person she wanted to and could spend the rest of her life with.