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My arm was around Nessie, clutching her tightly. Even though she was born four years ago, she's sixteen years old now. It's a vampire-human hybrid thing.

Nessie sighed. "I'm fine Jacob. Really."

I growled.

She wasn't safe. The Volturi were coming back to check on her. Last time, it was a pretty close call. All of us could have died. Of course, we would have put up a fight but the Volturi are stronger.

Seth gazed at us wondrously. He was the only one in the pack who didn't imprint and he was worried something's wrong with him.

Seth's staying immortal just like me; waiting for Ms. Imprint.

"Everything is going to be fine, Jacob." Carlisle reassured. "No one's is exactly excited for this encounter."

Seth's face became blank. Our whole pack was aware.

I was enraged.

"You're excited for this?" I shouted.

Renesmee jumped up, startled. So did Seth and the rest of the pack.

He cowered under my glare. "Of course not!" He defended himself.

"Jake, I know you're upset but-" I cut Quil off.

He doesn't understand. Claire sure wasn't on the hit list of a group of blood-sucking polices.

So I told him that. "You don't understand! Nessie can die! And Seth is excited for that!" I snarled.

"I'm not! I just didn't get a good glance at them last time and I'm curious what they look like." Seth replied frantically.

A soft hand touched my elbow. "Jacob, let's go hunt, okay? Clear your mind a bit." Nessie said.

I glared at Seth one last time before leaving.

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