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I watched the football game with Emmett as I ate spaghetti. On any other day, I would have enjoyed it. But I barely tasted it and my mind wasn't on the game. I was thinking about Jane.

Has any werewolf ever imprinted on a vampire before? How is that possible? Why am I the first?

I felt so depressed. It was obvious that Jane is going to reject me. Why wouldn't she? I am a werewolf and she's a vampire.

Ugh, am I really thinking about forbidden love? Eeek.

I concentrated on the sound of Jane. She was pacing in her room, back and forth, back and forth. Right after she arrived today with a suitcase bursting full of clothes, she went straight to the guest room and never came out- or at least not that I was aware of. She probably went out to feed.

Nessie ran into the room. "Hi, Emmett, hi, Seth!"

Emmett grunted in greeting. His eyes were glued to the screen.

"Hi, Nessie." I lean forward to ruffle her hair.

She dodges out of the way. "Can you come hunting with me?" She asks sweetly.

My brows furrow together in confusion. "Where's Jake?"

"Jakey's out." Her expression is sad but she forces a smile.

My heart pangs. Why can't Jane and I have that connection?

Because, idiot. My inner-wolf snarks. You just imprinted.

I ignore my inner-wolf and say, "Okay, let's get going."

Nessie and go out the back door, not stopping to suit up because . . . well, we're supernaturals. We run at an inhuman speed when I catch a scent. It is unfamiliar. It smells sweet, kind of like the way the vampires smell but not as strong. In fact, it smells great.

"Jane!" Nessie jumps up and down in glee. "Come join us!"

The girl in question arrives. Her crimson eyes are cold and unforgiving. "I decline," she answers curtly, only glancing at me for second then ignoring me.

"Please," Nessie pleads. "The more the merrier!"

Jane laughed, a sinister sound. "Yeah, sure. That's what my parents told me- right before they left me burning on the stake with my brother."

With that, she was gone.

I know, this is a really short chapter. But it's a filler, only to get a taste of what Jane is like before- well, something. ;)

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