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I decided to write a few things. I changed a few things up and even though the chapters are still pretty much the same, there are some major differences. I'll write a more detailed AN about the changes after chapter 5 in case anyone missed any or decided to skip the updated chapters. At the beginning of each re-written chapter I will write an AN telling if there are any changes in that chapter and what changes there are.

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So this was inspired by the show Instant Star. If you've never seen it then you should really look it up. While this is inspired by the show, there are quite a few major differences.

Full Summary:

Rose Hathaway was adopted as a baby. When she was a young teen her adoptive parents were killed in a house fire, she wasn't home so she of course survived. She then moved in with her best friend Lissa and her family. A while later Lissa's parents were killed in a car crash. Now it's just her, Lissa and Lissa's older brother Andre. He took custody of them when their parents died.

Andre and Lissa entered Rose in a contest called 'Instant Fame', she wins and get stuck with Dimitri Belikov as her producer. At first they clash and argue, a lot, but will they ever be friends…or possibly more?

"Rosie May May, It's about time for you to go on," Called my annoying 'Adopted' brother/guardian Andre. He has legal custody over me and his sister/my best friend, Lissa, since their parents died a few years ago. I've known him since we were little kids, and sometime during that time he came up with that stupid annoying nickname. I hated it but, I also secretly loved it.

I yanked open the door and glared at him. "Do not call me that!"

"Ok Rosie May May," ugh I hated that nickname He usually only uses that when he's either trying to make me mad or lighten the mood. This time he was trying to comfort me. he knew I was freaking out about singing in front of that huge crowd, especially since I was singing a song that I wrote myself instead of a cover.

"I hate you, you know that?" I told him with a small smile.

"Is that a smile I see little sis? I think it is. You ready to go on?"

"Hell no!...What if I mess up? What if they think I suck? Everyone will make fun of me tomorrow," I asked freaking out. Andre and a few of my friends sneakily filmed me singing one of my songs and sent it to this random competition, I somehow made it to the finals and am now about to sing for my chance at a major record deal.

"If they thought you sucked you wouldn't be here, and since when do you care about what those idiots at school think? You are Rose freaking Voda-Hathaway who cares what anyone else says?" About then my two best friends, Lissa and Mason, came over and joined us.

"Hey we're going to take our seats, Andre you should come with us. You're going to do great out there. Kick her butt Rose!" Said Liss, for her that was major trash talking.

"Oh? Did you just really say that Liss? How rude?" I said with a laugh.

"Hey now," she replied. "Ok we really have to go now or else we won't see you perform." Her and Mason gave me a hug and Mason whispered good luck in my ear.

"You're going to kill it little sis" Andre said giving me a hug.

"Thanks Andy!" I said using my old nickname for him. I shoved him towards the door playfully. "Now shoo!"

Once everyone was gone the nerves hit back instantly, luckily I didn't have long to think about it because the stage manager was handing me my guitar and pushing me onto the stage.

"Hey Sweetie what's your name?" asked one of the judges. She looked pretty nice.

"Rose, Rose Hathaway," I said as I sat down on the stool in front of the microphone. As I looked at the judges my first thought was to cower away. The lady that had asked my name seemed nice, she had brown curly hair, tan skin, and a killer outfit on, but something I'd never wear. Beside her was an older woman with graying hair pulled back into a bun, she looked fierce but her eyes held some warmth to them. Next to her was a man that had long brown hair that probably went to his shoulders pulled back into a ponytail, he had gorgeous brown eyes, but his face, honestly he was godlike but, his face showed absolutely no emotion, as if he hated the fact that he was there. He looked as if he was extremely pissed off. The last guy was horrible. He had balding gray hair and beady little eyes. He was glaring so hard I almost looked to see if I had holes in my body.

I knew the guy on the end, Stan, he owned the record company that I was competing to get a deal from. The guy in the middle was from some 90's boy band that ended up breaking up only to never hear anything about them again, his name is Dimitri Belikov, also known as Dimka. The Lady in the middle was named Alberta, she is a producer at the label that created this competition. The one on the end I wasn't so sure about I knew her name was Sonya but that was it.

"Pretty name, how old are you?" asked Alberta.

"17." The guy on the end rolled his eyes, it seriously pissed me off but I had to 'be a good girl and play nice'.

"What are you singing?" Asked Dimitri.

"Actually I'm going to sing a song that I wrote." His eyes widened a bit as if he was surprised that I could actually write my own music. That fueled my fire and made me want to sing even better. If anything just to prove to him that what he thinks is wrong. I was going to sing one of my slower songs but they lit a fire so I decided to change it up.

I can't really blame them, I probably looked weird to them. I have dark brown hair with random fire truck red streaks throughout it, ripped jeans, and a red tank top over a black one and a black silver studded belt with a guitar pick necklace, some bangle black bracelets and a rose shaped ring. I probably wouldn't take me seriously either, until I heard myself sing.

"Is it ok if I decide to do an electric guitar song instead of the acoustic one that I wanted to?" Alberta laughed.

"What changed your mind?" She asked.

"Let's just say I got inspired," I said with my man eater smile.

"Nice confidence, go ahead the guys backstage will get you plugged in real quick."

"Thank you," I said turning towards the guy walking out the cord for the amp. Luckily for me my guitar is an acoustic electric so I didn't have to switch or anything.

"You ready now?" asked Dimka without allowing any emotion in his face.


"Then start, you're wasting time," griped Stan.

"Ok well this song is called '99 times', I hope you like it."


So you see, you've got me back again for more
And it seems, your song is in my head this is war
Mystery, how I could feel you breathe me
I was sure you would keep every promise, you would keep every word

Well, I try to put your stories in line but it never adds up right

For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye
you looked me in the eye and swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight and you're not invited

While I was singing I was moving around stage as much as possible getting the crowd into it. I looked over at the judges. The girls seemed to be really enjoying it, Dimitri still showed no emotion but looking at his eyes I could tell he was thoroughly surprised, and Stan of course still stood there glaring. I of course took it as a challenge and put everything I had in it.

It's a shame you left me hanging like you did
It was brave but it was much more foolish
Don't you think? Don't you think?
Cause you know I won't be satisfied till you realize

For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye
you looked me in the eye and swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight and you're not invited

These things are so typical
These things are unforgivable
I'm gone and you're invisible

Don't let me catch you followin'
Don't ask cause I'm not offering
You caused enough of my suffering

For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye
you looked me in the eye and swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight and you're not invited

Oh Ohhhhhhh

For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye
you looked me in the eye and swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight and you're not invited

When I was finished I was back in center stage. That was my biggest performance ever and I couldn't quit smiling. The audience seemed to love it along with half of the judges.

"Wow Rose, I didn't really expect that, but it was great, fantastic even!" said Sonya.

"I loved it Rose, I especially loved how you got the crowd pumped and you looked like you really were enjoying yourself," said Alberta.

"Thank you, it was really fun," I said with a laugh.

"Dimitri, What'd you think?"

"I thought it was just ok, I'm not that impressed." input Stan before Dimitri even got a word in.

"Oh," I said sort of dejectedly.

"Well I don't quite agree with Stan, I thought it was better than ok but it wasn't amazing. There were some problems but over all you won the audience over so that's good," said Dimitri.

About then the host came on and ushered me off, back to the backstage.

We waited the appropriate time for the judges to deliberate, then me and my competition, a girl named Avery, went to stand back onstage. The Host came and stood by us, made all the right suspenseful remarks, but I really wasn't paying attention. All I could hear was my blood pounding in my ears.

"Winner is…Rose Hathaway!" Announced the Host, next thing I know, the audience is screaming and Liss is running up on stage tackling me in a huge bear hug.

"I won?" I asked. The host and the women judges laughed, and I saw a barely noticeable smirk on Dimitri's lips.

"Yesssss!" Squealed Liss.

"Wow," I sighed realizing this was the beginning of the biggest change of my life

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or parts of the plot, or the songs.

The song used in the chapter is '99 Times' by Kate Voegle.