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I followed him for about five minutes down the trail before I started complaining.

"You didn't say there would be a workout," I groaned feeling sick.

"Oh come on princess a little exercise never killed anyone," he smirked looking back at me then winked.

"You know I'm sure that smirk and wink would have most women groveling at your feet comrade but I'm not most women and I'm on to you. And a little exercise might kill me since I'm hung over! I feel like I'm going to barf all over," I said honestly. Apparently the mixture of talking and walking made me nauseous. Luckily the medicine helped my head or else he would have hell to pay.

"Good you're walking off all of the alcohol. And onto me? What am I doing?" he asked. I could hear a hint of a smile but since he was in front of me I couldn't see it.

"Well right now you're trying to kill me," I groaned again. This time he stopped. He walked back to me then faced away again before squatting in front of me, setting the guitar on the ground.

"Climb on," he said.

"Seriously?" I asked shocked, I didn't think my complaining would actually achieve much.

"As long as you promise if you are about to throw up to get down," he said seriously. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he straightened and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Well shoot if I would have known this was an option I would have started complaining at the beginning," I joked.

"You know I can still drop you," he smirked.

"You wouldn't," I challenged. Then teased him. "Don't want to explain to the paparazzi that you broke your new girlfriend. Though I'm sure they could come up with some very interesting stories."

"I'm sure they could," he said.

"Why don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked him suddenly. I laid my chin on the ball of his shoulder and watched his face. Well as much as I could from this angle.

"That's kind of personal." He said.

"Yea well you're all about the personal today. You know a whole lot of my life story. I hardly know anything about you. So it's your turn to spill the secrets."

"Well I was married once," he said non chalantly as if he didn't shock the hell out of me.

"What happened?"

"We were 18 and stupid. The band had made it big by then and at 18 when all you do is party in your free time, staying monogamous for longer than a month feels like true love so we snuck away to a jp and eloped. It lasted about a month before I realized it wasn't love and we split."

"What was her name? is she a model? I bet she's a model. Or an actress,"

"Neither, well she used to be a model but then she was in an accident that scarred her face now she's a fashion designer,"

"Please don't tell me it's Tasha Ozera. Please not her,"

"Yes, why?"

"Really I would have thought you were smarter than that Dimitri!" I groaned.

"What's wrong with Tasha? We're still good friends. Do you know her?"

"Ugh! She's Lissa's boyfriends' aunt and she is just a gold digger. She seems so nice but there's something that just turns me off of her. Like I'm not sure she's completely sane. There's something not good in her."

"and how many times have you met her where yo actually talked?" he asked.

"Once," I admitted but then defended myself before he could argue. "But once was all it takes, I'm usually a very good judge of character and I can tell. Something's just not right. Plus she's super fake."

"Once is not enough. She's a really nice woman and she's had a hard life," he defended back.

"ugh not you comrade. Yes she's had a tragic life. But she's still not all that she seems. Besides if she was perfect why'd you divorce her?"

"We were kids! I was foolish back then and I realized I just wasn't in love with her."

"that makes sense, she's definitely not your type," I laughed. He smirked.

"Oh I have a type?"

"Well you have two types. The one you usually date and the one you need to date but don't."

"Oh really? You've known me for a week and can already tell me I date the wrong type of girl? Please enlighten me oh all knowing roza," he teased.

"You laugh but I told you I can read people. You usually date pretty models or actresses usually tall leggy blondes that don't have much going upstairs. Yes they're pretty and have huge careers but underneath they're too bland for you. You need to date a girl who can challenge you, physically, intellectually and emotionally. From the pictures on your dresser you really love your family so you need somebody that also has a high value on family. You need a girl that can make you smile and laugh. Someone with spunk and charisma and doesn't take life too seriously all the time because you do that enough for a whole office full of people. How's that?"

"Not too bad," he said seriously. "Not completely accurate but not too bad."

"Oh trust me comrade, one day you'll find a girl exactly like I described and you'll think to yourself 'Damn Rose knew exactly what she was talking about' and then I'll be at your wedding saying I told you so."

"Who said you'll be invited to my wedding?" he joked.

"Shoot, I'm going be the maid of honor….maybe the minister…or hey if all else fails I'll be the minister!" I laughed.

"So you've went from being invited to being in the wedding?"

"Oh yes. Just you wait and see Dimitri Belikov once you start bringing me food you're stuck with me," I laughed then bitterly thought 'that is until you leave me', I shook it off thought not wanting to break the fun atmosphere.

"Oh really? Then I'll make sure to never bring you food again," he teased not realizing my mood had already started to plummet. I didn't want him to realize where my thoughts had gone so I decided to try and tease back.

"Well that's your prerogative, but you'll be missing out! See a life with Rosemarie Voda-Hathaway is always an adventure!" I teased hoping he didn't hear the sadness that had started to show.

"You know I'm just kidding Roza, if I need to I'll bring you food everyday," he smiled looking at me. Of course he heard it. Luckily for me with me on his back he couldn't really see my face.

"Now don't go making a girl promises like that comrade. I might start to think we are actually friends!" I teased. "Plus if you keep bringing me food I might break your back since you keep ending up carrying me!"

"Don't worry I'm strong. We're almost there by the way."

"What if I gain 200 pounds!" I joked.

"Oh in that case you're on your own," he teased.

"Oh thanks," I scoffed slightly slapping his shoulder. Next thing I knew he dropped me. Luckily he dropped me slowly so I was able to stand. "Gee, thanks for the…warning"

I paused in the middle of my sentence as he moved to the side and I was able to look around. It was literally a scene out of a movie, or a photograph. There was a pond/lake surrounded by trees and flowers and off to the left was a small log cabin. It was one of those picture perfect cabins with the front porch and a swing. It has a door right in the middle with a four pane window on each side and above the porch where the roof started to get narrow, there was another window. The roof and accents were forest green and everything else was a rich brown. I took it all in with a gasp. The sun was shining perfectly making everything bright and picture perfect.

"This is my rooftop," he said softly.

"Dimitri this is beautiful,"

"Glad you like it," he said before heading towards the cabin. "I figured we could write, and talk out here. It's quiet, no interruptions, no people you have to avoid and best yet, no paparazzi."

"Sounds like a plan," I said excited. "Let's start!"

~A While later~

"Get your Pretty little princess head out of the clouds and listen to me for a minute!" he growled frustrated.

"You're a jerk, you know that right!" I yelled standing up and walking a few feet away.

"No I'm just right and you're too stubborn. So shut up and listen!" he half-yelled back.

"No you asshole! You're just conceited and think that you're always right!"

"Asshole? What happened to comrade?" he asked with a small smirk.

"Don't laugh when I'm mad at you!" I yelled. "And yes you are an asshole. Comrade's only for when I actually like you or am trying to annoy you!"

"Oh and you don't like me right now?" he asked his smirk getting bigger.

"Shut up! I said quit laughing when I'm yelling at you."

"As you wish princess," he said trying not to laugh. By then I had calmed down enough so I wasn't yelling at him anymore. "How about we go grab some food from the cabin and talk about something else then we'll come back out here and calmly discuss the song?"

"Sounds good but remember what I told you about food," I said with a smirk.

"I'll consider myself warned," he laughed standing up. We were outside in some wooden chairs under the sun and had been out here working, or attempting to work on a song, for a while now and I was starving.

"Be careful you might be stuck with me here pretty soon,"

"Oh so you're that girl, the one who never goes away," he smiled.

"Nope, can't get rid of me…." I laughed then an idea hit me. Play those chords you were playing earlier."

"Am I going to get yelled at again?"

"Just play," I told him as he leaned down and grabbed his guitar and started playing again. I started clapping to the beat before singing.

Da da da dada da da da dada da da da

I'm the smoke from your fire

I'm that blood you might need

In your car when you speed

In that cigarette you breathe

You can't get rid of me

"That's good," he said as I stopped singing. I grabbed a notepad we had gotten from inside and wrote down what I had "Not perfect but something to work on."

"Ok let's eat while I think of more."

After we walked in I sat on the couch humming to the song while Dimitri made us sandwiches.

"You're not going to get ideas if you think about it too hard, you need to let it come to you. Think about what else you want the song to be about, to involve."

"Haven't thought that far yet comrade."

"Oh back to comrade again? No more asshole or jerk?" he smarted off.

"Well I mean if you'd prefer those two I can stick with it," I laughed.

"No thanks. I'd prefer just Dimitri but I'll stick with Comrade."

"Oh come on nicknames are fun, plus you call me princess and I don't like that. Didn't you ever have a nickname."

"Well I my family has a nickname for me but I won't tell you," he smirked bringing me two sandwiches and heading back to grab his.

"two sandwiches?" I asked.

"I knew you'd need two, honestly how you eat like you do without gaining a ton of weight amazes me."

"I don't eat that much," I lied.

"Rose you almost finished off the donuts by yourself this morning AND you were hungover. When you're not I'll have to remember to buy two dozen!" he laughed.

"Ok fine but I do workout. I just wasn't feeling good this morning. Now why won't you tell me your nickname?"

"It's embarrassing?"

"So is me passing out drunk in your car, you owe me."

"I didn't get you drunk. Plus I'll never tell. Why did Chase and Adrian let you get so drunk?"

"They probably didn't realize I was that bad. Hell I didn't realize I was that bad until I tried running away from you."

"No excuse."

"You said we were here to learn more about each other so I have an idea. How about we play twenty questions, if there's a question we don't want to answer we can skip it but the asker gets to ask another question instead."

"Fine but don't try asking me what my nickname is cause I won't tell ad you'll lose a question for asking," he smirked.

"Fine. What does your nickname start with?"

"D. No more questions about my nickname princess. How many nicknames have you had?" I had to think about them for a minute.

"Well including the two from you, 5. Roza, Princess, Rosie May May, don't ask, Rosie, May, and just Marie. Well a few people have teased and called me Mary but not enough for it to count as a nickname. I told you mine, tell me yours."

"Nope. And May? Rosie?"

"May was boyfriend number 2, he wanted something unique. I hated it but wouldn't tell him. Rosie was boyfriend number 3 for a time till I couldn't take it anymore, then Christian realized I hated it so he started calling me by it."

"How many boyfriends have you had?" he asked.

"4. You skipped my question so I'll ask the same?"

"No boyfriends, sorry perfectly straight," he grinned.

"You know what I meant."

"Serious? 2? Maybe 3?"

"Why don't you have a girlfriend now?"

"I'm not good with relationships."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Nope, where do you think the song from the show came from? Why'd you ask me about boyfriends?"

"To try to get you thinking about them for inspiration for a song. You skipped me so now I get two. Why did you decide to go drinking last night after being sober for so long?"

"I don't know it just felt like a good idea."

"Well next time you think it's a good idea, call me first."

"I'll think about it. Next question."

"Tell me the story about 99 problems."

"Fine but that's not technically a question. I'll count it though. It was about an ex who kept lying to me. I thought I was head over heels in love with him but he kept showing signs of cheating. When I would confront him, he'd sweet talk me and lie to my face. Eventually I found out he was lying and left. Then came 99 times. Not much to tell. Truth be told I don't know why I stayed with him for so long or even got with him to begin with. He was always so hot and cold. But that was right in the middle of me being on pills and stuff so I fell for it. And I fell hard. Oh well everybody makes mistakes. At least I didn't get married to the she devil," I laughed teasing him.

"Oh give it time, I was 18 when I did that. And you really should give her a chance. Now you're question."

"Hold on I'm thinking. Go grab your guitar." I said grabbing the notepad and writing a few lyrics down.

"That's what I was hoping for," he laughed walking outside. He came back in and started playing.

You said you didn't need me (But You did)

You said you didn't want me (But you do)

It's kinda like a comedy

Well first you kiss me

Then you say we're through

I say you got some issuses

Some things you gotta work through

I'm the smoke from your fire

I'm that blood you might need

In your car when you speed

In that cigarette you breathe

You can't get rid of me

"That still doesn't sound right," I said as he stopped playing. I started singing again without the guitar. I sang what I figured would be the chorus again. "I'm the smoke from your fire… I'm the chord on your guitar I'm…."

"How about, I'm the smoke from your fire. I'm the lie you can trust. I'm the chord on your guitar. I'm the girl you can't shut up," he smirked. I glared at him. It did work though. I tried to think of something to pay him back.

(AN: Rose is BOLD Dimitri is italics)

You said I wasn't funny (but you laughed)

You said I couldn't drive fast (then you crashed)

Funny how it works out

With your big mouth

You'll always get it back (ha ha ha ha)

And so it went for another hour or two. Right as we started packing up Mia texted saying she was in town.

"Will you carry me again?" I asked as we were walking out.

"I think you're feeling better now princess."

"Nope. I might puke any second now comrade, and it will be all your fault."

"Fine. Climb on." he said squatting in front of me again.

"You're suck a sucker comrade," I teased as I climbed on.

"I can still drop you, you know,"

"Oh no this time I'll wrap my arms around your throat so you can't drop me without choking,"

"So you think my heads pretty?" I asked as we started walking.

The song used in this chapter is "That Girl" by Alexz Johnson (Jude Harrison in Instant Star).

So they never finished that game of twenty questions...maybe they might continue it. What Questions do you think they'll ask? I was kind of running out of ideas, so I just halted it. I might even skip over the rest of the game. Who knows. If I get enough good ones I can keep using them throughout the story. I have a feeling this won't be the last time they play twenty questions.