Future Apologies

Ermmmm, HOW good were those first two episodes?! Soooo much Nick/Jess! I'm sure as well as a few other people on here, my fave bit of the episodes was Nick being told he would upset Jess in the future, and to apologise. What could it be, eh?

Nick's conversation with future-Nick had changed very suddenly once Jess had walked past them, towards the bathroom.

"Tell her you're sorry."

"What for?"

"You'll find out."

"I'm sure I did something stupid, but what did I do?"

"Just. Tell. Her. You're. Sorry."

"What did I do?!"

"You did something stupid, so tell her you're sorry."

"Now I know why people get annoyed with me, it's hard to talk to us.."

He had to go and ask her, quickly. Maybe she knew something, since future-Nick was being so vague. Was she upset with him? Had he already done the thing that would upset her, but she just didn't show the emotion yet?

He ran into the bathroom, and took in the scene in front of him. Bearclaw and Andy were just stood there staring at a cubicle, and Nick turned to see why.

Jealousy raged through him, as that SAM guy from the night before was about to have sex with Jess before they clearly got interrupted. Good. However, at the same time, he took a moment to appreciate the sight in front of him, ignoring Sam's existence. She was beautiful. And it only increased his want for her more.

They all argued about Jess, it was hard to keep back his thoughts on his roommate stood before him. He wanted to have his own input on the situation, hell, he'd known her far longer than any of these guys had. How come Sam could have her so easily?

Future-Nick walked in and announced his exit. How could e leave without telling him how he would screw up with Jess? He needed to know, to try and avoid whatever it is in the future, if he really was from the future. And even if he wasn't, how did he know all this stuff about Nick's past, and his feelings? Did he know about Jess?

"NICK! Wait, please! There's so much more I need to ask ya."

"I need to go back."

"OK, why do I need to apologise to Jess? What did I do wrong?"

Panic was pulsating through his chest, it was the one answer he needed. He didn't care about knowing if he'd ever turn his life around professionally, he didn't care about knowing about how he was gonna die. He just needed to have a clue on whether future-Nick meant Nick would do something to Jess whilst they were in a relationship. He wanted to know if he and Jess would ever be together.

He was told to make her an Old-Fashioned. Nick considered this even weirder than the existence of a future-Nick. She wasn't the bourbon type, and he'd never made her a drink outside of work. Maybe it was a conversation starter for the two of them, and they could talk it out.

Nick just wanted to know when it was going to happen and what it was, although he felt new hope that maybe this meant something for the pair in the future. If it was something small, future-Nick wouldn't have been so mysterious about it; he'd have just said it. They would be friends (or maybe more than friends) for long enough for him to do something catastrophically dumb. Maybe if he apologised now, she wouldn't hate him as much when it actually happens.

He noticed Jess leave the bar, alone. After his shift finished, he'd definitely talk to her…and make her an Old-Fashioned? He wasn't taking risks here.