Author's Note: Hi! This is just a one-shot that I wrote in Social Studies class, about Glimmer's death. It's in Glimmer's point of view. So sorry for the lack of quality, it was just something that I pulled together to escape my teacher's constant lecturing.

Glimmer's POV

Buzzing surrounded me. I quickly stand, and try to run to the lake. But I trip on a root. I fall onto the ground, and get stung by Tracker Jackers. I call for help, but only see the out-lines of my fellow tributes. I'm falling. I'm spinning. I'm trying to survive.

My sister is dying. My mother joins her. I never cared for my father, so he doesn't appear. I'm in a pit of jewels. I'm dizzy.

All I wanted was to bring pride to my district. I had always envisioned myself volunteering, killing, winning, and returning back to District 1. My district would bask in my winnings, and I would get praise. All I wanted was to win.

And now, my dreams are being taken away. I'm losing feeling in my arms, losing feeling in my legs. I couldn't hear anything else. My vision was blurry. I lost feeling everywhere, and fell. Fell into the darkness of death.