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It's when they are at the beach, right after Tamaki rescues Haruhi and Kyoya attempts rape lol X] it's not rape if Haruhi enjoys it XD

Haruhi's P.O.V

Kyoya had me pinned down to his bed, I was in shock and couldn't move. He stared down at me with lust in his eyes.

"Now Haruhi, are you going to deny and say you don't want this?" He rubbed himself near my hot and ready center. The friction itself brought so much pleasure I couldn't help but mewl lightly.

Kyoya's lips went from my cheek to my collarbone as he gently nipped at the skin. I moaned this time, interlocking my hands into his dark hair. He moved his lips under my earlobe and began kissing there.

"Haruhi, do you or don't you want this?" he asked as his lips moved from my ear to my cheek.

"Yes, Kyoya...please." I finally whispered. He smiled and looked into my eyes then at my lips, instinctively I licked my them. Kyoya slowly lowered his lips down to mine.

Our lips touched, the second they fire spread throughout my body. The sensation of push and pull our mouths created was amazing.

His tongue begged for entrance which I granted instantly, our tongues dancing gracefully in each others mouths. Kyoya had wrapped his arms around my waist and I had wrapped my arms around his neck.

His left hand moved to gently massage my breast while I moaned into his mouth. We then broke apart and he laid me back on the bed.

He then proceeded to take off all my clothes leaving me bare to the world, but right now...he WAS my world. He took off the remainder of his clothing, which wasn't much.

I traced his muscles leading up to his v-line. He growled and kissed me again more passionately than before. The heat once again spreading through out my body causing my womanhood to throb achingly.

Kyoya kissed and sucked on my bottom lip as I moaned. He guided himself near my wet, and slick center.

Painfully slow he slid his shaft into me, causing enormous amounts of pleasure to surge throughout my body.

"Guess that idiot beat me to it." He mumbled to himself.

He began thrusting in and out achingly slow while I moaned and writhed under him. I begged for him to move faster and he complied.

Our bodies were slick with sweat and I could feel Kyoya getting bigger inside of me.

"Kyoya! Dont...don't stop!" I yelled out as he grunted and thrusted more inside of me.

"Haruhi" He moaned out as he raised my leg over his shoulder and hit my most sensitive spot. He then slammed into me forcefully, my vision was blurry with tears of intense pleasure he was causing me.

"Kyoya...don't stop! Don't stop! I'm...cumming!" I moaned out as I bit into Kyoya's shoulder.

My walls tightened around his hard member as I reached my climax.

"Ha...Haruhi!" Kyoya stuttered out as his hot seed filled me.

"KYOYA!" I screamed out as my nails scratched down his strong back, my walls milking him for all he had.

We both lay there panting as he rolled out of me.

"You really are a little cat." He hissed as he layed down on his back.

I smiled shyly as Kyoya's lips found mine and I twined my fingers through his dark hair. His arms wound around me and he pulled me flush against him.

"So, is this why you rejected me Haruhi?" A voice came from the doorway.

I knew that voice...


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