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Chapter Morning

"Jade ,honey wake up",her mum called from outside her room. But as usual Jade didn't answer and feel back to sleep til


"JADE! Wake up it's seven",yelled her brother standing where her mother had stood ten minutes before.

"OK,OK I'm up you don't have to know if you woke up Jack your dead right?"She said loud enough for him to hear through the door. Waking up a bit she got sluggishly out of bed and pulled on a pair of black, faded jeans she found on the floor and a purple, long sleeved tee out of the draw. She grabbed her bag and stuffed her school stuff in. not to mention her laptop, phone and iPod she got the day before from her dad.

Before leaving her room, her safe place she stopped at her mirror behind her door started putting her short hair in a small ponytail with her fringe hanging to one side of her face.

Jade Diamond was a short girl with fair skin and shoulder length, red hair with a natural, light green strips and died green ends. Most people knew she was a sweet girl and she was nice to most people,even with her trust issues if you provoked her you'd find out she could have a very nasty attitude even when kept to a minimum .The girl known as Jade was the worlds most creative and fast comeback maker in the world well that's what her friend thought.

When done with her hair she walked to the kitchen which was down the hallway from her room. She walked in, put her bag on one of the five chairs around the table not noticing anything else with her in the kitchen and went to the fridge for breakfast but before she could grab anything she heard.

"Happy Birthday Jade Honey...Are did you forget something",she turned around to see her mum holding two smoothies which could only be Birthday smoothies and at that she smiled for the first time since waking up.

"Thanks mum I thought you forgot and went to work."Jade said not looking sad but felt it as she took her B-day, Chocolate chip smoothie.

"Well I wanted to see you guys this s'morning since I forgot last year and I wanted to make you two happy," Their mother explained looking from Jade to her twin Brother Jake who had a vanilla mustache from his smoothie to her youngest son sitting next to him.

"Um...OK ,thanks mum. So are we doing something after school?"Jake asked hoping he didn't sound as weird-ed out as he felt.

Mrs Diamond looked at all her children and saw they expected her to say something but she didn't say anything just got Jack something to eat before going to her room to get ready for work.

The Twins looked at each other and realized they had been holding their breath so they sighed and began breathing normally, both Jade and Jake didn't really want to spend the afternoon with their mother .She was a workaholic and they had gotten used to it so when she didn't act like a mum that it made them fret they liked her when she didn't meddle with their lives and make them feel embarrassed about everything.

Jake looked at his watch,it said 7:45 ,he couldn't believe forty five minutes had past since he when to wake up his sister and they didn't have to leave til at least eight.

So he thought of either annoying her and getting his ass yelled at and kicked or start a conversation where he would only get yelled at ...Probably .But what about, OK well Jade was a chocoholic and he didn't know much else about her and for a second he felt sad as they were twins and should be extra close but no and he moved on to another thought. He was addicted to wizz fizzes...Na she wont wanna talk about that .Um... Jack's hey what about Jack he was Jake's own brother but he don't know anything about him well he'll talk to him tomorrow so...

"Hey Jade I don't get it how do you eat that brown stuff you call Heaven?"Jake said knowing he was going to get an earful about how chocolate was heaven on earth or something like that from his sister.

He smiled he loved the way he could and would wind her up but she just sighed and said."Jake do you really want to have one of these 'debates'?You know how I love Chocolates and I know how you don't so can we just leave it at that?"

Jake was to say the least was surprised by the reaction he got. He didn't really think his sister to be that civilized ,since well the two had had that same 'debate' ever day since they could talk.

"Uh...Who are you and what have you done with my sister?She always haves this 'debate' with me, every morning actually."He wasn't joking he really didn't think that highly of her.

"Jake stop being stupid I'm still your sister even if i don't what to fight with you today. Anyway I think we're too old for this 'debate' can't we find something else to fight over."Jade said with an emphasis on debate since it was more like a fight then anything else.

With that she put her glass in the sink and left the kitchen so she wouldn't hurt her brother too bad they did have school.

She mumbled to herself quietly while rubbing the bridge of her nose to warn of a head ache caused by the annoying ball of brother in the kitchen. She didn't understand he only started talking and she wanted to kill him.

Jade checked the clock above the lounge which said 8:15,'time to go',she thought to herself. Then she called it out to her brother and walked out the door of there apartment in downtown Jump after grabbing her bag with Jake and Jack behind her.

The two dropped him off at Jump City Elementary on the way.

"Wonder what stuffs gonna happen at school since its our birthday."Jake said once again trying to start a conversation.

"I've got a feeling it wont be good if you don't shut up,you jinxed us you idiot", she yelled turning on her knew she that was kinda mean but come on he was the one who woke her up that day and she was still a little grouchy but that soon left her as they made their way to school.

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