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Chapter two At school.

"Ashlee","Annie","Rose", Jade squealed their names and hugged them when she saw them at the school gate. Ashlee was so rubbing off on her ,before they met Jade would have never done that.

"Happy birthday Jade.", the three said with the words in different orders to make them original.

"Thanks, so you guys gunn'a make it this weekend.",she asked looking at them with a hopeful smile but still looking was always doubtful when it came to her friends. Trust issues. So it was always Annie's job to be confident for Jade and the much shyer Rose.

"Of course we're coming Jade, don't get all stressed out."Annie almost yelled patting Jade's back, being a comforting overly confident.

Jade smiled again with her friends their she knew that this was going to be the best birthday she had in years and with that she followed her friend to class. After her first three classes: English, PE theory and music as well as two happy birthday songs .One of which only her friends sang it was recess.

The made it to the grass behind the music room you could hear people playing guitar in the wind. "So what'd you mum pack on such a special day like today and what you get?",Ashlee said in her light British accent excitedly get straight to the point.

"Uh", Jade said. "A muffin and a muesli bar and I got an IPod from my dad but mum hasn't given us hers yet." Jade said answering both guestions and getting out her IPod.

"OH.",Rose said finally getting in the conversation."Why hasn't your mum given you your present yet".

"I don't really know maybe it's something big or she wants me and Jake to have more time to play with her present but I really don't know. Like yeah, she's my mum and all but we don't really know each other very well.", Jade answered with a small amount of sadness in her voice.

"Oh.", Was all her friends could say. They hadn't see her this sad since well ever, she was always upbeat and happy. Jade wasn't the one to get upset over little things.

"Well moving on, what do you guys have next?", Jade said pushing the sad thoughts to the back of her mind to cry about later and putting on a mask for her friends.

They all knew what she was doing but didn't push it any longer that's what a sleepover is for.

"Yo, Green heard it's you birthday.", Jade heard behind her, she instantly knew who it was.

"It's Jade and didn't know you were smart enough to know Jade is Green.",She said turning to see Grace an enemy of her's getting mad at how Jade just shrugged of the name with an insult.

The girl with blonde hair and brown eye's looked at Jade, mad, how was it that it only took her seconds to think up a come back."Whatever, so what did your brother do this time. He's on the grass getting his but kicked at the moment.", Grace said with her posse giggling behind her.

"Him and his big mouth.", Jade muttered for everyone to hear getting up and pushing past Grace who wasn't smirking anymore. Jade had almost knocked her over.' the shorty's strong' Grace thought.

The Grass.

Jade looked over the grass with eyes of a hawk, finding her Jake in a 'private' corner of the grass. After making her way there she saw that her brother was at least fighting back." Move it or loose it", Jake heard his sister screech as older boys moved out of her way, he smirked she was probably was gun'a give someone a black eye and it wasn't gun'a be him.

"Ooh your sister came to save the cry baby", One of the bullies taunted, but it didn't work Jake just let an evil smile taint his expression.

"Who you callin' a cry baby i ain't the one cryin'", He said all he got were confused expressions from the bullies until Jade kicked the one that called him a cry baby in the jewels and he started bawling his eyes out.

Jake cringed but let it go 'cause the guy had deserved it but still he knew that hurt and it hurt bad. He thought for a second as they walked away from the bullies ' i guess i was wrong she didn't give anyone a black eye but ooh she probably bruised his jewel enough'.

" What the hell did you do?",she asked glaring at her brother.

He shivered even if she was his sister he wasn't immune to her glares." They came at ME, Jade. I didn't do anything OK.".

Jade took a deep breath she didn't need to take her anger out on him." You right, I'm sorry just, just... You know".

His eyes widened they never brought this up it hurt to much." Jade don't i understand, it OK i'm not mad please don't start this again. Those guys already think I'm a cry baby i don't want them seeing me actually cry ".

She took another deep breath, Understanding completely. It was weird sometimes they were strangers with the same DNA and sometimes they were best friend that understood everything that spilled out each others mouth.

"Come on, let go i"- GROWL - the two spun their heads around to stare at a black, growling Hell hound. They both held back a girly scream at the sight of it instead Jake grabbed his sisters hand and ran in the opposite direction of the hound but the thing gave chase.