Jaden's Big Sister

Jaden's POV

" Alright! I got my deck, i got my gear and i got about 2 minutes to get to the duel academy entrance exams before they start!" Jaden Yuki said aloud to himself as he ran down the road, his back pack slamming against he back with each step. "Oh well, at least since i'm not a student yet, they can't throw me in detention hall for being late!" Jaden ran as fast as he could, avoiding people on the pavement as he went. SLAM! Jaden hit the ground, landing on his butt with a smack. "Sorry," said Jaden as he picked up his cards.

"You're a duellist, aren't you?" said a deep voice from behind.

"Yep, i'm just going to try out at the academy," Jaden smiled

"You don't say,"

"Yeah," Jaden stood up laughing and scratched the back of his head, he looked at the man "Hey you're..."

"Why don't you take this?" he interrupted Jaden "Something just tells me that it belongs with you,"

"Huh?" Jaden took the card and looked down at it, "Wow, for real?"

"Good Luck" the man said as he passed Jaden and walked down the street

"Hey wait," Jaden said as he turned "Thank you, I'll make you proud!"

Jaden looked down at the card, it was winged Kuriboh. Suddenly he heard a noise. What was that? Jaden thought. "Uh oh! The Exam!" Jaden cried as he looked at his watch. He turned and ran towards the city "I can't be the next king of games, if i'm late to the games!" he shouted. Jaden climbed the fence and heard a man say" Mark all the no-shows, no-shows,"

"Wait! I'm no no-show!" Jaden grabbed the bar and pulled himself up so the man and two girls could see him. "You can count Jaden Yuki as present thank you, just so long as i don't lose my grip" he laughed.

Jaden entered the hall and stopped next to a young boy with blue hair in three layers, He has grey eyes behind a pair of round glasses. Jaden looked down at the duels below and saw a boy who's black hair is neatly arranged, with a large portion flushed back and slightly to his left, his blue/gray eyes staring determined ahead and 3200 life points remaining. "Wow, look at him go!" Jaden said.

"All right new guy, multiple choice!" the teacher shouted at the boy, "You got two monsters staring you down, do you A) throw in the towel, B) beg for mercy or C) run home to mama?"

"I'll go with D) none of the above!" Jaden noted the thick British accent the boy spoke with. His face down activated.

"A trap?!" The teacher cried

"Exactly, you see, with ring of destruction i can destroy any monster on the field that's in attack mode and we both take damage equal to that monsters attack points." The teacher's monster was destroyed dropping the boys life points from 3200 to 1300 and the teacher's from 1900 to 0, the boy had won.

"Clever move, applicant," the teacher said "Welcome to the academy."

"Thank you" the boy said.

"Wow, that last guy really tore it up!" said Jaden

"That's Bastion Misawa, they say he got the highest score on the written exam of all us applicants,"the small boy beside him said. The smile slipped from Jaden's face,

"Wow, i just barely passed," Jaden said quietly

"Yeah me too, i'm Syrus by the way, nice to meet ya, i kinda have a thing where i get test anxiety, i dunno how i won my match,"

"So you're in!" the smile was back on Jaden's face as he slapped Syrus on the back. "Congratulations, i'll be in too as soon as i win my duel," Jaden smiled.

"Wait, you haven't duelled yet?" Syrus looked confused.


"Then you might have a problem, i think this was supposed to be the last one," Bastion walked past them and sat down in the row in front.

"Tight duel Bastion, from the looks of it you might just be the second best duellist here,"

"Jaden Yuki, please report to exam field 4," came over the PA system.

"Go time!" said Jaden with confidence, " Wish me luck guys,"

"Hey wait," said Bastion with a confused tone, "If i'm the second best, who's first?"

"Yours truly, its what i'm best at," said Jaden as he walked away. He looked around the arena as he walked down the steps when someone caught his eye, a girl was standing at the top of the stands looking down on him. She was about a head taller than Jaden, had a slender figure, brown, wavy, waist length hair and big brown eyes just like him. She wore the girls Obelisk Blue uniform but had the over-shirt unbuttoned to revel a black, v-neck shirt under it. Jaden knew exactly who the girl was. Her name was Aryanna and the smile on his face grew wider.

Aryanna's POV

Aryanna watched Jaden in his black jacket, red t-shirt and black jeans, smile at her and continue walking towards the arena enterance. At the same time she watched Dr Vellian Crowler, a teacher at deul academy with a phd in duelling enter the arena. Hardly fair for him to duel Jaden Aryanna thought to herself. Jaden, you're gonna love this. As Jaden looked around, Crowler spoke up.

"So, son. Your name?"

"Uh, Jaden! Jaden Yuki!"

"Well, uh, Jaden Yuki, I'm Doctor Vellian Crowler, department chair of Techniques here at Duel Academy."

"Wow, a department chair, I had no idea! From how you were dressed, I was thinkin' you were some kind a' weird Academy mascot; like, a- a majorette, or a cheerleader!"

Aryanna struggled not to laugh, she looked around the room noticing people giving her glances, she was never really sure why. Crowler presses a button on the unusual and futuristic duel disk he's wearing.

"Duel vest on!"

Aryanna watches as Jaden looks inpressed and stares at the duel vest.

"Whoa, pretty sweet, teach! How do I get one a' those cool blue duel blazers?"

"Oh, a lot of hard work and extremely high marks."

Aryanna looked back and forth from Jaden and Crowler, Jaden had a huge grin on his face. Crowler is annoyed by his Confidence. Jaden always was really cocky when dueling, but then again, so was she.

"Well, I'm ready!"

"So let's duel!" both had 4000 life points. Jaden drew first. "Here goes! Sweet! I'm gonna summon, Elemental Hero Avian in defense mode!" E-H Avian is a superhero dressed in green with large, feathery wings. Avian: 1000/1000. Aryanna had always admired Jaden's deck

"Hm." it seamed Crowler did not.

"I'll also throw down a facedown. All right- get your game on!"

"Yes, very good." He drew his cards and looked down at them. "All right, for this first move I think I'll start nice and easy. I choose to play the spell card- Confiscation!"

"Okay- so what's it do?" another smile came across Aryanna's face, she'd missed the way Jaden loved dueling and knew nothing about his opponents deck.

"What it does is allow me to pay one thousand lifepoints for the chance to peek at your hand, and toss one of your cards into the graveyard!" Aryanna could see Crowler looking at his cards. "Hm. Oh yes, I remember some of these from back when I was a naïve rookie. Hm, now, which one should I banish? Monster Reborn, to the graveyard! Next I'll lay two cards facedown on the field. And last but not least, I'll play Heavy Storm! This spell card destroys every other spell and trap card that's out on the field! "

Jaden's facedown Draining Shield is destroyed, along with both of Crowler's Statue of the Wicked traps

"Whoopsie! Didja forget that you had two trap cards out on the field yourself?" Jaden scratched the back of his head.

"Hmhm. Now, now- you mustn't speak out of turn, young scholar." Grey, stormy clouds appear around Crowler, as through the two of them are dueling atop an imminent rainstorm.

"Uh... What's happening?"

"Nothing's happening. Not yet!" the smirk on Crowler's face made it obvoius to Aryanna that he wasn't going to play fair. So just because Jaden was late Crowler's gonna punish him, he's not even a student yet. Two golden serpents in masks and headdresses, the images of the Statue of the Wicked cards, appear on Crowler's side of the field. "But that's about to change. Ready for your next lesson?"

Haha! You bet! I can't remember the last time learning was this much fun!" Aryanna was taken aback, how can you be laughing Jaden, this is gonna be really tough on you.

"Yes, well. I'm quite an excellent teacher, thank you. and now I sacrifice my two Wicked Tokens- and summon Ancient Gear Golem!" Ancient Gear Golem 3000/3000. The Golem begins to rise from the mist, a robotic colossus made of gears and iron. Ancient Gear Golem has taken the field, towering over Crowler. Jaden seems kind of stunned an amazed but as far as Aryanna could tell, not worried, yet. "Now, now, I hope you're not too scared of my legendary Ancient Gear Golem?"

"Aw, no way! I've always wanted to take one on!" i take back what i said, either Jaden's brave or he's nuts!

"Ahahaha!" Crowler laughed "Golem, atta-a-a-ck! Mechanized Melee!" The gears in Golem's face start to whir; it cranks back one massive first, and punches straight for E-H Avian. Jaden's monster is smashed.

Ah crap, When that Ancient Gear Golem attacks a monster in defense mode, the difference between its attack points and the defending monster's defense points gets dealt to the opponent as damage, And the giant metal fist turns on Jaden, and the hologram punches right through him; his lifepoints drop from 4000 to 2000, leaving him momentarily winded. He's shaking.

"Hahahaha!" Crowler laughed again "Don't feel bad, this is the top dueling school in the country! Some people simply aren't... cut out... for..." Both Aryanna and Crowler noticed during the last few words, that Jaden isn't crying- he's laughing!

"Haha! Boy, I really wanna come to this school now! You really know your stuff, teach! Okay, I summon Winged Kuriboh, in defense mode! And I'll place one card facedown! Not bad, huh, teach?" Aryanna wanted to coo like the girls around her, but she didn't. Winged Kuriboh 300/200.

"Ahahahahahaha! No, not bad, but you must understand I'm a master technician. A Kuriboh, to me, is rather pedestrian. Even one with wings, you see, its defense points are still no match for my Ancient Gear Golem. It's a textbook mistake, don't feel bad. Now let's proceed. With the legend'ry- Ancient Gear Golem! Attack that Kuriboh with Mechanized Melee!" Golem attacks, and destroys Winged Kuriboh. Jaden shields his eyes from the blast. The shards turn to little sparkles in the air.

"Hmph. Check your gear, your lifepoints haven't changed." Crowler looked confused but Aryanna just grinned down at them.

"My gear's fine. On the turn Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I take zero damage."

"Fine, fine, I guess your lame little monster saved you there."

"Hey, slow down there, teach! You may've beat 'im, but that doesn't give you the right to call 'im lame!"

"Oh yes, I forgot how attached you new duelists get to your monsters, I'm sorry."

"Yeah? Well you should be, because by attacking my Winged Kuriboh, you set off a trap card! One a' my favorites, too! Hero Signal!" ah, hero signal, i remeber this card well. The trap reveals, and shoots a beam of light into the ceiling above the field, emblazoning a glowing letter H in the sky above the field. "And that brings out my second Elemental Hero! Burstinatrix!" Jaden pulls the card straight out of the middle of his deck. Crowler winces as an unnatural red fire flashes onto the field in one of Jaden's monster card spaces. Amid the flames, this fire-themed superhero appears, a lady in a shiny red catsuit, boots, and gloves. The edges of her black hair are white, like burned charcoal, and she wears a gold helmet. Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 1200/800. "My turn! All right, Winged Kuriboh, this next one's gonna be for you. Here goes nothin'. First off, I'm gonna bring back Avian to my hand with the spell card The Warrior Returning Alive! And now, I'm gonna summon him to the field!"

"Oh, okay, another amateurish mistake. But this is good, this is good. Now, would anyone like to tell me what our little friend did wrong here-"

"Actually, I wasn't done yet. See, I know my two heroes aren't very powerful by themselves. But, if I can form them together it's another story! And I have just the card to unite them! Polymerization! Join Avian and Burstinatrix! Fusion summon! There he is- the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman! Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 2100. Flame Wingman, a melding of fire and wind, looks more alien. He has one huge feathery wing, and the other shoulder is all red scales and muscle, culminating in a dragon's head for a right arm. He has a long, red reptilian tail and talons for feet. "I hope your Gear Golem is ready for a clash a' the titans! So. Teach. Whaddaya think?"

"I think you're dueling very well, for an amateur, but next time try playing a monster that has more attack points than what's already out? All right, young scholar. I don't mean to rush you, but I am a busy man. Are you done yet?"

"Of course I'm not done yet! And of course, I knew my Wingman had less attack points than your Golem. That's why I have this. Skyscraper! Go!" This duel is gonna be over pretty soon Aryanna smiled, she fixed the collar on her shirt and smoothed down her blue skirt, her hair flowing down her back. The ground around Jaden starts to shimmer with iridescent light, and tall buildings begin to shoot up from the floor of the entire arena like fast-growing trees. Before she knew it, Jaden and Crowler are dueling on a cityscape of humongous buildings, lit by the illuminated windows and the full moon above the tallest building. Some of the buildings are taller than Ancient Gear Golem is, standing on the ground, and some aren't. Flame Wingman, in his element, can be seen standing on the tip of the metal spire atop the tallest building, silhouetted by the moon. "All right, Flame Wingman! Go show those heroics- and attack that Ancient Gear Golem!" Flame Wingman faces his foe, below him in the streets of the city, and leaps into a glide.

"Fine with me! Bring him on! This silly little Skyscraper field card hasn't lowered my Golem's attack level by one point!"Flame Wingman continues his dive, darting between buildings too quick to be seen. He lands on the ground in front, then kicks off, soaring high into the air above Gear Golem's head.

"Y'know what, teach? You're right! This Skyscraper field hasn't lowered your Golem's attack points; what it's done is raise my Elemental Hero Wingman's, by a grand total of- one thousand!"

"Wait! Time out!"

"Go! Skydive Scorcher!" Flame Wingman has hit the top of his upward arc, and his attack points soar to 3100 as he flips and dives straight downward, beginning to flame around the edges like a meteor, heading right for Gear Golem. Crowler is freaked, wringing his hair in agony as Flame Wingman collides with Gear Golem. The crowd collectively gasps and Aryanna smiles proudly. Huge explosion of golden light, with lots of smoke. Debris is raining down on Crowler.

"This *can't* be! He was my very best card!" A small block of falling concrete beans him on the head. Wingman lands nimbly next to Jaden)

"And 'cause a' my Wingman's super power, the attack points of that Golem are dealt straight to your lifepoints. Sweet, huh?"

"No way...!" Gear Golem begins to creak; it's going to fall over! Crowler yelps and frantically looks around, looking for some way to take cover. Golem tilts, and collapses right on top of him. "Aaaagh!" This time Aryanna laughs aloud causing heads to turn and look at her. Crowler can be seen under the pile of scrap metal, mussed and defeated. His lifepoints go to zero.

Jaden gives him his usual two-fingered salute and winks "That's game! So I guess I passed the test- huh, teach?"

Flame Wingman fades, the skyscrapers disappear, and so does the pile of metal. They're back in the test arena, and Crowler is lying on the field, completely shellshocked. "Impossible... there's no way this delinquent could defeat me...!"

"Yeah! I'm in! I'm in! I made the academy!" Jaden jumped around smiling, happy and laughing. Aryanna moved from her spot and walked down the stairs, clapping, towards the arena. Jaden stopped and looked up at her, still smiling. She was aware of all eyes on her as she approached him.

"Well done Jaden." She extended her hand to him

"Thanks 'Anna," He smiled and shook her hand. He dropped it and looked at her. "How is duel academy?"

"You're gonna love it, little brother."

End of Chapter 1