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Jaden sat back and relaxed as the helicopter flew towards duel academy.

"Attention, new Duel Academy students. If you look outside your windows, you'll see your new home away from home." came over the intercom, Jaden didn't need to look to know it was gonna be awesome. Oohs and ahs came from the other students on the chopper though.

"Well, I dunno about you, Sy, but it looks like I'm in the Slifer Red dorm."

Syrus: That's cool! Same with me!

Jaden looks up from the PDA in his hand and see's Bastion wandering by

"Hey- you in Red, too?"

Jaden sees Bastion look down at his outfit, then look up with a sarcastic smile.

"Well, now, let's see here; yellow sleeves, yellow buttons... I don't think so."

Jaden looks down at his own outfit,"Oh, I get it, so that's why Sy an' I are in red!"

"Please don't tell me that you just figured that out now."

"So what, ever think I'm colorblind?!" Jaden put on a faux angry voice. Bastion didn't look fooled.

"Well no, actually I didn't. Are you colorblind?"

"Hehehaha! No, but I coulda been! See you 'round the dorms!"

Bastion, already walking away, turns back and looks over his shoulder. "I doubt that; your dorm's over there"

"Slifer red huh?" said a female voice.

Jaden turned to see Aryanna standing with her arms folded. Her long brown hair was neatly tied up in a blue ribbon and fell gracefully down her back. Beside her was a tall boy with blonde spiky hair and the Ra yellow uniform, he wore it like Bastion and had headphones around his neck, his blue eyes studied Jaden. Jaden knew this boy already.

"Ethan, you're here too?" Jaden voice sounded surprised; secretly he hoped he hadn't offended Ethan. Ethan just smiled.

"Yeah, I'm here too, it's my second year. I was really surprised when Ary told me she saw you at the entrance exams."

Jaden turned to introduce Bastion and Syrus to Aryanna and Ethan and while Syrus was there, Bastion had left.

"Oh well, Syrus meet Ethan Pierce, an old friend and my big sister Aryanna,"

Syrus looked shy and down at the ground but still managed to find the courage to speak. "She looks just like you Jaden, but she's prettier,"

"Aww thanks, Syrus, but you should see the pictures of Jaden when he was younger wearing my clothes!"

"Yeah, I looked better than you did!"

Jaden, Syrus, Aryanna and Ethan all walk together to the slifer dorm. : This isn't a dorm; it's like an outhouse with a deck!

Jaden is at the end of the walkway, looking out over the ocean. "You kiddin' me?! Check out the view! This place is great!"

Jaden opened a door to looked into a small dorm room.

"All right, this one here is our room, Sy."

"Well guys, we'll leave you to get settled in and see you later on," Aryanna and Ethan smiled as they walked away.

"oh, ok sis see you later," Jaden waved to his sister as she left. "Why didn't you say anything Sy?" Jaden turned to Syrus who was gazing around the room, looking slightly dissapointed.

"It's kinda small, huh?"

"Hey- you're a small guy. Anyway, I like it; this'll make a sweet pad for our first year here!" Jaden smiled at Syrus who seemed to cheer up.

"Yeah, kinda weird, meeting at the entrance exams, and now roommates? Think we were somehow connected to each other in some ancient life, Jaden? You know, like you were an Egyptian pharaoh, and I was the Guardian Seto?

"No offense, but that's just lame, Aryanna believes all that stuff but i don't."

"Well, it could be true."

"Forget it, they broke the molds when they made the two of us!"


"So how do you think Jaden's gonna do here?" Ethan gazed into the sky while walking back to Duel Academy's main enterance with Aryanna. Aryanna was his best friend, at least everyone else saw it that way.

"I hope he likes it, he was never the smartest kid when it came to exams but his dueling skills are definetly the best i've seen in a while, he kicked ass at the enterance exams,"

"You've told me that 3 times," Ethan looked down at Aryanna and smiled while she looked slightly embarresed.

"Did i tell you he beat Crowler?"

"Yes, you did," Ethan laughed "Syrus lookes really familiar, do i know him from somewhere?"

Now it was Aryanna's turn to laugh, "That's Zane Trusdale's little brother."


"Aw, come on, don't tell me you're still depressed."

"But Chumley said we Reds were the worst!"

"Forget that, I mean, red's a sweet color. Think about it; where d'you think the term 'red-hot' comes from? From red, baby!"


"Besides, the year hasn't even started yet, so how can we be the worst? Plus, look at Aryanna, she started out a Slifer too and not she's one of the best duelists in the school"

"Yeah, you're right, Jaden. Red is for red-hot! Scorching! Dangerous! ...Hot!"

"There's some kinda duel action goin' on in there!" says Jaden pointing to duel academy's main building.

Jaden walks out onto the floor of the stadium with Syrus reluctantly following.

"Are you sure we should be in here?"

Jaden is looking around, not listening "Ahh, too cool...! Wow...This is the sweetest dueling arena I've ever seen!"

"Yeah, no kidding! It looks completely state-of-the-art! I bet it would be amazing to duel here!"

"Well let's find out!"

"D'you think we're allowed?"

"Sure we're allowed; we're students here and this is our campus, right?"

"Wrong! This is the Blue Obelisks' campus! An' you Slifer Red rejects aren't welcome here. Ya got that?" 2 Obelisk blue students looks down on them from the stand. The boys radiate pure snob. Jaden grins while Syrus looks down.

"Sorry. We were just looking around. But we'll leave now, right, Jaden?"

"Nah, we don't have to leave, not so long as... one of you guys agrees to duel me! I'll be a guest duelist."

"Hey, you're that kid!" one boy shouts.

"Chazz! That applicant who beat Doctor Crowler is here! Check it out!"

Chazz appears, standing in the bleachers above . As usual, he does not look too happy. Jaden waves trying to be nice.

"Oh! Hey! What's up! My name's Jaden, and he's...'Chuzz', was it?"

"His name's Chazz Princeton, and he was the number-one duelist back at duel prep school; so you make sure an' pay the proper respects. Got it? He's gonna be the future King a' Games! The best duelist in the world!"

Jaden folds his arms "Impossible."

"Say wha?!"

"Ya see, it's impossible for him to be the future King a' Games, because that's exactly what I'm gonna be."

The two cronies are dumbstruck for a moment then burst out laughing.

"A Slifer slacker's King a' Games? That'll be the day!"

"Can it, you two, maybe the new kid's right. He did beat Crowler, after all and that legendary rare monster of his. I suppose it takes some skill to pull that off or was it luck! I say that we find out right now. "

"Bring it!"

"This sure is a motley crew."

Jaden looks over his shoulder to see a female Obelisk student standing there with her arms folded. Her uniform looked just like Aryanna's but her shirt was buttoned.

"Whoa. Who is that?"

"Hey, Alexis." Chazz's mood suddenly seamed friendly."Have you come to watch me mop the floor with my new little friend Jaden here? It'll be a short duel, but an entertaining one, for sure."

"I'm here to remind you about the Obelisk welcome dinner, you're late."

Oh, yeah. Come on, guys.


Aryanna looked out of her window, she was thinking about her passed 2 years at duel academy, how things had changed and how those things had changed her in turn. What if Jaden and i don't get along this year? Since we were kids we were the best of friends. i tought him to duel and we spend all day every day dueling and improving our decks until i left for duel academy. I've got Ethan but... Jaden is my baby brother...thats the way its always been... Aryanna glanced at her desk. On it is a framed picture of her and Jaden the day she left for duel academy, Jaden was doing his signiture pose while she was hugging him, they were both smiling brightly. That was the last time i saw him, he hasn't change at all... Suddenly a knock at the door brings her back to earth. She quickly crosses the room and opens the door to find Alexis standing there.

"You're not ready yet?" Alexis studied Aryanna up and down.


" The Obelisk welcome dinner?"

"Oh!" Aryanna didn't really feel like going to the Obelisk one again, it was full of rich kids who looked down on her because she didn't buy her way into the school. "I'm not going."

"What but wh..."

"Sorry Lex,"


Aryanna shut the door before Alexis could say anymore. She sat on her bed and looked at the picture again, i hope your gonna be there for me this year Jaden, i'll need you...


Jaden sighed as he lent against the wall of his dorm room, "Ugh, I'm stuffed! I'll tell ya, Professor Banner sure can cook! Wow!"

Syrus agreed "Yeah... and he seems like a pretty nice guy, as well!"

"With ya there. He's good people. Jaden pulls aside his blazer and takes his PDA out of its holster. He has a message. It's a video message, from Chazz.

"Hey, Slifer slacker. Don't think you're off the hook. Tonight, at midnight, it's on. Oh, and why don't we make it interesting. Whoever wins, gets the other guy's best card!"

"Cool! I guess I'll get to duel at that arena after all." Jaden grinned.

(Chumley looks over his shoulder at them, "If that's Chazz you're dueling, all ya got is trouble!"


Outside the front entrance to the main building Aryanna is leaning against the wall stairing up to the sky, she sighs and looks down and starts rubbing her wrist, even though she's wearing her gloves it still feels good, 3 years has passed... She looked at the sky again has it really been that long? Suddenly the main doors to duel academy's building banged open and Syrus pushes Jaden out the door along with Alexis who didn't look pleased.

"You certainly are stubborn, Jaden." Alexis crossed her arms

"What's going on?" Aryanna walked with them and rested a hand on Jaden's shoulder.

"Jaden was dueling Chazz, but we had to leave early because of campus security,"

"Oh, is that way he's not happy," Aryanna smiled.

"Thanks for showin' us the back way out Alexis," Syrus smiled up at the girls.

"Sure. I'm sorry that you didn't get to finish your match with Chazz."

"I'm sorry i didn't get to see it," Aryanna wished she had gotten to watch.

Jaden stopped pouting and smiled, "It's okay. I know just how it would've ended anyway."

Aryanna smiled, "Really?".

"No offense Jaden, but, from my point of view, it could've gone either way between you and Chazz when you guys stopped." Alexis said, still with her arms crossed.

"No way; not after I drew this!"

Jaden shows them the card he had just drawn: Monster Reborn. Alexis gasps while Aryanna smiles, shaking her head, of course thats the card he drew, No wonder Jaden looks so smug; he knows the same. Alexis gasps again, realizing that Jaden would have won. Jaden nods slightly; he knows he would've won, and they all know he was cheated.

"See ya girls," Jaden gives Aryanna a quick hug and walkes away, Syrus lingers for a moment, then runs to catch up.

"Uh... Hey, wait up!

Aryanna watches them go with Alexis, thinking... This is going to be one interesting year!

End of Chapter 2

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