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Aryanna hadn't properly been in the slifer dorm in over a year, feeling the need to be with Jaden more she's decided to turn up out of the blue and visit and while Jaden and Syrus were happy to see her, Chumley was not.

"I don't see why you're here Aryanna, why couldn't Jaden and Syrus just come round to your dorm room and just hang out there!"

"2 reasons Chumley, 1) Boys aren't allowed on the girl's campus and 2) after Syrus and Jaden "trespassed" there last week none of the girls would be willing to pass on another chance to tell on them." Aryanna folded her arms to emphasis her proving her point. Chumley rolled his eyes at her and turned over in his bed. She grinned to herself before turning her attention to Syrus and Jaden. Which made her grin more, Syrus was making tea while Jaden gazed at his deck, trying to find a way to make it even better that it already was. Aryanna tossed her hair back over her shoulder and it rested in a ponytail down her back. She looked down at her hands, she had a familiar itch under her gloves but she couldn't scratch without removing her gloves. Stop itching! Aryanna rubbed over her gloves roughly.

"Aryanna?" Aryanna looked up sharply to see Syrus smiling kindly at her.


"Would you like some Tea?" Syrus held out a small cup to her.

"Thanks Syrus, I wasn't paying any attention," She laughed as she took the tea from Syrus.

"Its ok, at least it's obvious you're related to Jaden," Syrus laughed with her.

Jaden now took the time to pay attention, "What?"

"Syrus was just commenting on your lack of attention skills, which I highly agree with," Just as Aryanna was about to go on and make Jaden regret the day he came to Duel academy by telling Syrus a lot of embarrassing stories, her phone rang out. The caller I.D showed Ethan calling.

"Ethan, any messages for me?" Aryanna teased when she answered.

"Oh but of course Miss Yuki, N.A.S.A called to cancel the launch for next Tuesday."

"Oh darn and just as I was looking forward to it, we simply must reschedule," she smiled brightly at their little joke, taking note of the fact that Jaden and Syrus were laughing with her to.

"Yeah, but all jokes aside, Roxanna is coming to Duel Academy,"

"Roxanne? Really?"

"Yep, transferring next week, looks like Jaden will…"

"Well then, we will have something to look forward to then, won't we?" Aryanna grinned widely, cutting Ethan Off. Before he could say anymore she quickly spoke again "Ethan, fancy joining me at the Slifer dorm?"

"What are you doing there? Wait don't tell me, visiting Jaden and Syrus?"

"Don't forget Chumley!" Chumley grunted in response to his name being mentioned which made Aryanna giggle.

"I'll be there in 5." And with that, he hung up.

"Is Ethan coming here too?" Syrus piped up, he had been politely quite while she was on the phone unlike Jaden who had been sipping tea loudly and complaining when he spilt it down himself. "Is Ethan your boyfriend?"

"He wishes," Jaden said threw sips of tea. "But no one will ever be good enough for my big sister; she's too good for them."

"Jaden, when will you give up the joke that Ethan likes me? He doesn't, we've been friends since you were born, little brother."


The conversation was brought to a halt when there was a knock at the door. Aryanna jumped up quickly and wrenched the door open to show Ethan himself standing against the door frame.


Ethan stepped inside and closed the door behind him. On turning back to the room he was greeted with a hug from Aryanna. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight. She lent back and looked up at him with her sparkly brown eyes. "Just in time," As quickly as she had been in his arms she was out of them again and sitting down on the floor. "Pull up a cushion Ethan," She smiled. Ethan sat down next to her and brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes, when it wasn't spiked up, it was in the way.

"So why am I just in time?" Ethan grinned leaning back against the wall.

"Jaden is still under the delusion that you "like" me, even though we have been friends since before he was born." Aryanna crossed her arms again and also lent back. Ethan looked at Jaden with a slight glare. Don't say anything Jaden, now is NOT the time.

"Why do you think that Jaden?" Syrus spoke quietly.

"1) Aryanna and Ethan have been so close that everyone thinks they should be together. 2) Aryanna is awesome and any guy would be lucky to have her and 3) Ethan has made it obvious that he isn't interested in any girl that is interested in him." Jaden held up 3 fingers and counted them off with each point he made.

"While I agree with point number 2 Jaden, but being such close friends means that even if we were interested in each other, we would risk that friend ship and that's not a risk I would take and the reason I'm not interested in any girls, here or at home, is because I'm more interested in my duelling and my music." Ethan sat straight trying his best to make his points loud and clear.

"Ethan I've known since I was in 3rd Grade that you and Aryanna should be dating, why can't you just try it out?"

"Because!" Ethan stood up; he was starting to get a little annoyed with Jaden making this point every time they were in the same room as Aryanna.

"Alright," Jaden got to his feet. "Ethan, I challenge you to a duel! If you win, I won't keep on about you and Aryanna but if I win, you both have to go on one date without complaints," Jaden held his hand out for Ethan to shake on it.

"Deal," Ethan grinned back at him, shaking his hand. The boys procided outside with Aryanna and Syrus following behind. They got into position.

Ethan 4000 Jaden 4000

Both players drew their starting hand with Ethan holding out his free hand

"Since you challenged me Jaden, its only fair I take the first move?" Ethan asked

"Go for it!" Jaden smirked, already shuffling his hand cards in anticipation

"In that case I draw!" Ethan said doing so.

Looking at his hand briefly and analyzing it, he quickly selected two cards and played them.

"I first summon Mystic Tomatoe in defense mode and lay a face down card, then end my turn" He said

As the large brown card appeared on his back row, another small card appeared with a large Tomatoe with a grinning face sat on his field, sticking its tongue

out at Jaden

Mystic Tomato 1400/1100

"Sweet! I'm up!" Jaden said drawing. "First ill put reliable Elemental Hero Clayman in defense mode

Appearing on the field came Jaden's Clayman, his arms folded indicating his mighty defense

Elemental Hero Clayman 800/2000

"Next ill rock Polymerization!" Jaden said activating the card. "Elemental Hero's Avian and Burstinatrix in my hand combine together to become!..."

As the two mentioned heroes entered the vortex of fusion, the familiar signature card of Jaden's appeared

"My favorite monster Elemental Hero Flame Wingman!"

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman 2100/1200

Ethan couldn't help buy smirk at Jaden's favorite monster.

"You could have held back a turn you know" He said

"Why wait?" Jaden said smiling. "Because now its time to cook your tomatoe! Flame Wingman! Show him what you got! Attack with Flame Shoot!"

Extending its dragon arm, Flame Wingman launched its inferno at the Mystic Tomatoe destroying it instantly as Ethan shielded himself from the blaze. At that

point, Flame Wingman leapt into the air...

"And with that Flame Wingman now burns you for fourteen hundred points of damage with his effect!"

... to land in front of Ethan who gasped in surprise as he was blasted with a flame torrent!

Ethan 4000 - 1400 = 2600 - Jaden 4000

Recovering within a few seconds, Ethan gritted his teeth.

"Okay, now that hurt" He said. "But it's worth it!" He said with a grin. "I activate Mystic Tomatoes ability! I special summon a Dark attribute monster with fifteen hundred or less attack from my deck! Appear! Zenju of the Yakzehn Hands!

Appearing on the field, like both Senju and Manju, was a squishy based humanoid who was a deep red in colour, but his entire body seemed to have arms coming

from everywhere.

Zenju of the Yakzehn Hands 0/0

"Errrrr Ethan" Jaden said sheepishly. "You do realize he has no points?" Jaden asked

"Correct" Ethan said. "But he has a special effect! When summoned he adds BOTH a ritual spell and monster from my deck to my hand" Ethan said, collecting his

two cards

"In that case, ill thrown down a face down and activate Mirage of Nightmare!" Jaden declared. "Then ill end my turn"

"Then I draw!" Ethan said...

... "Hold it!" Jaden said "During your standby phase, I draw four cards due to Mirage's effect. Next ill activate Emergency Provisions!" Jaden said as

the card popped up "This sends Mirage to the graveyard so I don't discard next turn!"

Ethan 2600 - Jaden 4000 + 1000 = 5000

Ethan's eyes widened for a moment...

Very clever Jaden. Drawing then using another card to gain further advantage to avoid costs. Why your a Slifer is beyond me, Ethan thought to himself

"Your going to need those points Jaden! I activate the Ritual Spell Contract of Mask! Here's how it works, I tribute my level six Zenju, then I Ritual Summon from my hand Mask of Shine and Dark!"

As Zenju was consumed in light, Ethan's Ritual Monster appeared, it was a twin faced Mask. With the right side being a yellow half sun while the left side was a deep blue representing the dark.

Mask of Shine and Dark 2000/1800

"That's still nothing on Flame Wingman!" Jaden declared

"Maybe you will change your mind after I activate Mask of Brutality!" Ethan said

His Mask monster was then covered with a second, more sinister Mask.

"Which raises his attack to the tune of one thousand extra points!" Ethan finished

Mask of Shine and Dark 2000 + 1000 = 3000

"Say what!?" Jaden gasped

"Before I attack, ill activate Masked Doll. So from now on, I have no negative effects from my Mask or Masked cards while it stays on the field. Now that's done, Ill have Mask of Shine and Dark attack Flame Wingman! Shine and Dark Blast!"

Mask of Shine and Dark emitted a yellow and black energy blast from its shared mouth that shot at Flame Wingman exploding it into pixels

"Flame Wingman!" Jaden shouted sadly.

Ethan 2600 - Jaden 5000 - 900 = 4100

"Time for some payback Jaden! Since my monster destroyed yours, its effect activates! Once a turn I discard two cards and deal damage to you by twelve hundred per card!"

The Mask once again shot its energy blast directly at Jaden who gasped in pain before stumbling on his feet.

Ethan 2600 - Jaden 4100 - 2200 = 1700

"It's not over yet Jaden! My monster attacks twice when equipped with a Mask card and deals Piercing damage! So send Clayman packing!" Ethan declared jabbing a finger at Clayman, Clayman looked up in surprise as the Mask shot its energy at it, but not even its defense could save it. The damage travelled on and hit Jaden square on who fell to his knees in pain.

Ethan 2600 - Jaden 1700 - 1000 = 700

"Ill end with a face down card. Your move Jaden... Jaden? You alright?" Ethan said

It took a few moments for Ethan to realize that Jaden was actually laughing, and he couldn't help but laugh himself.

"Your crazy you know that Jay?" Ethan smirked

"Maybe! Or maybe I'm just into this duel! Anyway, let's show you what I'm all about!" Jaden said drawing.

"Sweet! Let's start with Pot of Greed! So I draw twice!" Jaden said drawing. "And what do you know; let's go Monster Reborn and welcome back Clayman!"

Elemental Hero Clayman 800/2000

"Not that he can protect you long as you should know" Ethan said

"Who said he's protecting me? I'm using him to attack! His combined form anyway! Let's go Polymerization! Fusing the Clayman on my field with Elemental Hero Sparkman in my hand to form!..."

Again the fusion vortex consumed the two monsters while a new one emerged. A massive purple and yellow humanoid with a visor on his face crackling electricity

"Elemental Hero Thunder Giant!"

Elemental Hero Thunder Giant 2400/1500

"Your monster is impressive Jaden, but it still can't beat my Mask" Ethan said, with Mask of Shine and Dark chuckling in echo.

"Whoopise! Maybe you didn't realize my Thunder Giant has an effect! He destroys a Monster with less original attack than him!"

It took Ethan a moment to realize what that meant before he gasped

"That means!..."

"Your Mask is history!" Jaden finished "Go Vapor Sparks!"

Thunder Giant roared as he charged a clear energy ball in his hands that he threw at the Mask, destroying it instantly

"Now he attacks you directly! Voltic Thunder!" Jaden said throwing his arm out

Thunder Giant conjured his energy ball once again that he threw and hit Ethan square in the chest sending him flying into the dirt on his back.

Ethan 2600 - 2400 = 200 - Jaden 700

"Ill throw down two face downs and call it a turn!" Jaden declared smiling

It took a few seconds for Jaden to realize Ethan wasn't moving.

"Ethan! You ok over there? Or did Thunder Giant hit you a bit too hard?"

Groaning, Ethan managed to sit up and pull himself to his feet

"Yea he did" Ethan said rubbing the back of his now pain filled head "But I'm still in this!" He said defiantly drawing "Perfect! I play Unrelenting Mask! I banish the three Mask cards in my graveyard in order to draw the same amount!" He said doing so. A dark smirk then creeped onto his face as he chuckled. "Oh Jaden, its time for something special! I activate Curse of the Masked Beast! I use my Ritual Raven as a tribute! And before you ask, the Raven's effect means he can be used as the entire tribute!"

Dark wisps' of smoke enveloped the field as appearing from the ground was a bipedal monster covered in strange writings with a massive tail holding a staff that had a biting mouth on the top while the face of the creature seemed hidden behind a blue and red constricting mask

"Behold The Masked Beast!"

The Masked Beast 3200/1800

"Sweet Monster!" Jaden said with a grin

"Well lets see what you say when he beats you! Attack!"

Charging up its staff, The Masked Beast fired a dark energy beam at Thunder Giant...

"I activate Mirror Gate!" Jaden declared. "This switches our monsters and continues the battle! So it looks like that's game!" Jaden said

"Now quite! Activate Trap Mask Smasher!" Ethan said pointing at a face down which popped up. "This negates your spell or traps effects and destroys them when

I control a Mask or Masked monster, so Mirror Gate's effect is cancelled!"

The Masked Beast redirected its attack to Mirror Gate which shattered within an instant!

"Now continue the attack!" Ethan said as the energy came closer to Thunder Giant

"Go Battle Fusion!" Jaden said, earning a gasp from Ethan "This card adds your monsters attack to Thunder Giant!"

Thunder Giant 2400 + 3200 = 6600

Ethan was momentarily stunned that his monster had been outclassed. He couldn't win. No! I can't lose now! Ethan glanced at Aryanna who watched with an intense look on her face and her hands clasped in front of her. No! I'm not giving up now!

"I activate my final face down Masked Pain! This card inflicts battle damage to both players involving a Mask or Masked monster!"

Jaden gasped as his Thunder Giant destroyed the Masked Beast as their life points both dropped

Ethan 0 - Jaden 0


She watched as both boys stood up after being knocked down. It was a draw. While they both looked disappointed they also looked happy too.

"A draw? No way!" Syrus called out from her side before turning to look at her directly with his big eyes, "What happens now, Aryanna?" She looked back at the boys who were now shaking hands. They both looked over at her waiting for her decision. Oh no what do I do…

"Its your choice 'Anna, you're the tie breaker here…" Ethan looked weary of her choice.

"Yeah, are you gonna go on the date? Or are you gonna break Ethan's heart?" Jaden shot a grin at Ethan.

"Shut up you!" Ethan swung at fist at Jaden narrowly missing his head.

She looked from one boy to the other and suddenly the choice was clear. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.


To Be Continued

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