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Aryanna's POV

Aryanna stood on her balcony, it was a beautiful Sunday morning and the day of the practice duel between herself and Alexis but that wasn't until later and she really needed some time to herself. While she'd enjoyed her day with Roxxi and Ethan yesterday, she had been looking for some peace. Time to try again for some quiet huh? Aryanna turned and stepped back inside her room, locked the balcony doors, and headed out of her room. She passed several Obelisk girls who waved to her or said hi, she waved back and did her best to smile. She left the dorm and was just about to head to the cliffs again when she heard laughing... or sniggering was maybe a better word. Aryanna was just about to walk away when she heard a girl throw the word slifer at someone in a very insulting way. She quickly turned on her heels and headed in the voices direction. Ary stopped before reaching the corner and listened to what was being said.

"Why are Slifer slackers here?"

"Yeah, what made you idiots think you could just stroll in here? You were placed in slifer so we could keep you out of here!"

"You tell em Missy!"

Aryanna had heard enough, she turned the corner to see five girls standing there, three Obelisks and two Slifers. The Obelisks had the Slifers backed against one of the dorms tall white walls and the two looked terrified. The Obelisk in the middle was called Missy, she wore the Obelisk girls uniform but the shirt was cropped and she had black leggings on, her purple colored hair split into two sides and fell to her waist, she had light purple eyes. On her left was Amara, a curvy Caucasian girl with long green hair flowing down her back, green eyes and wore the exact same outfit as Missy as did Jade, the girl on Missy's right. Jade had short black hair and brown eyes.

Aryanna rolled her eyes at them and looked at the two Slifers. One girl had long wavy black hair in curls, bright green eyes and wore uniform with sneakers instead of boots. She wore a jacket over it and a bandana in her hair, her skirt came down to her knees. The other girl also had long wavy black hair but it was in buns, blue eyes and she wore her Slifer red uniform with a t shirt under it. She was wearing sandals and red kilt in place of her red mini skirt. Aryanna had to admit to herself that the two Slifer girls had style.

"What do you want Aryanna?" Jade snapped at her.

"Why are you picking on them? What in Ra's name have they ever done to you?"

"They have no right to be here! They're Slifers!" Amara turned her nose up at the two younger girls which made them shy away.

"As was I, I don't see you picking on me," Aryanna folded her arms and shifted her weight so it was on one side.

"Don't start Aryanna, this has nothing to do with you!"

"I does now, C'mon girls, you're coming with me." Aryanna held her arm out for them to show them the way. They didn't need to be told twice and the three girls left.

Aryanna's dorm room.

Aryanna had learnt that the girl with green eyes was called Maria Thompson and the girl with blue eyes was called Yukie Thompson, Ary knew Reina and Rita, the two girls older sisters, as they were in her year and classes and she know that Sara and Rose in Ra Yellow were Reina and Rita's younger sisters, so all six girls were sisters. And I thought having one brother was a handful, Aryanna laughed to herself.

"So you were looking for your sisters?" Aryanna asked the two younger girls.

"Yeah, we didn't expect those girls to be so..." Maria waved one hand as she tried to find the right word.

"Bitchy?" Ary offered.

"Exactly, thank you," Maria smiled at her.

"So," Yukie sat forward on Aryanna's couch, "You're Jaden's sister right?"

"That's me," Ary smiled to them as she stood up. "I have some where to be soon ladies so I'll take you to your sisters room now if that's OK?" Both girls nodded and followed Aryanna from her room, down several hallways and to Reina and Rita's room. Before either girls could knock Aryanna quickly bid them goodbye and made her way back to her room. It wasn't that she didn't like the two girls, she just wanted to be alone.

Ary headed straight back to her room and and locked the door behind her. What's wrong with me? I love all my friends but I just don't feel like being with... well...anyone right now. I... suddenly there was a knock at her door. God dammit! I just wanna be on my own... is that too much to freaking ask?! Aryanna unlocked the door and wrenched it open, sighing. Outside her room was Reina. She had green eyes and she wore the Obelisk Blue Girls Uniform but hers was customized to fit her figure, she wore a long skirt in place of the standard skirt and heels. Reina was three inches shorter than Aryanna, and waist length black hair with light green streaks tied into braided pig tails.

"Hey Ary!" Reina and Ary had spoken a few times and they got along well.

"Hello Reina, how can I help you?"

"I heard what you did for my sisters, I just had to thank you personally, not many girls will stand up to Missy and her cronies let alone someone who is sticking up for a Slifer,"

"It's not problem, Reina. Jaden's a Slifer so I know what its like for them and I was too."

"If there's ever anything I can do..."

"I'll let you know," Aryanna smiled but placed her hand on the door signalling that she was going to close it.

"Well, see you later," Reina waved as she walked off.

"See ya!" She grinned as she closed. She turned and leant against the door, sighing she slid down it so she was sitting on the floor. She rested her head on her knees and closed her eyes.

Roxxi's POV

Roxxi watched Aryanna walk away with the two Slifer girls and frowned. Some things not right with Aryanna...

"What are you doing here?"

Roxxi snapped out of her thoughts. She turned to see Missy standing there with her hands on her hips and her two followers on either side of her. She didn't look pleased.

"What do you mean 'what am I doing here?' I have every right to be here," Roxxi folded her arms over her chest and glared at Missy. "If anything it's you that shouldn't be here after the way you treated those two Slifers,"

"Slifers aren't be welcome here, there's a reason they're in Slifer... because they aren't good enough," Amara snarled at her, her piercing green eyes glaring at her.

"Yeah," Jade laughed.

"Look, I'm not gonna stand here and tell you all the things wrong with what you stupid idiots just said but while those girls might not have the duelling skills you do, they look and sound much smarter than any of you do and you need to stop going around acting like brats and more like students." Before any of the three girls could say any more, Roxxi tossed her hair over her shoulder and headed for her room. As she ascended the stairs she couldn't stop thinking of how her best friend had been acting, as if on cue she looked up at saw someone at Aryanna's door.

"If there's ever anything I can do..." The girl outside the door grinned to Ary.

"I'll let you know," Aryanna smiled but placed her hand on the door signalling that she was going to close it.

"Well, see you later," Reina waved as she walked off.

"See ya!" She grinned as she closed the door hard. What's going on Ary? Roxxi was about to knock on the door when she heard scraping against the wood and a thud on the floor, she assumed it was Aryanna sliding down onto the floor. Roxxi shook her head, closed her eyes and left Ary's door, heading into her own room.

Aryanna's POV

Ary looked up at her room, while it was big and spacious it felt cramped to her. She pulled her self off the floor, crossed the room and opened her balcony doors. She was mildly aware her duel with Alexis was in about an hour but her mind was filled with so many things, her nightmares, her chance of being expelled, that conflicting issue of wanting to be alone but with her friends too. She looked out over the island, the sea and the forest. It really was beautiful here. A gentle breeze blew past her, picking up her long hair and blowing it across her face. She glanced over her shoulder at the picture of her and Jaden, Jaden lost the duel to me so I would be happy, I should at least try to be happy for him...She closed the balcony doors and headed for her duel.

Jaden's POV

Jaden sat in his dorm room with Syrus, Chumley wasn't around and, truth be told, Jaden didn't know where he was.

"Jay, are you sure we're ready?"

"Chill out Sy, we're ready. We're gonna kick it in the tag duel, just you watch!"

"Are you worried for Aryanna and Alexis?"

"Nah, both of them are sweet duellists, I can't wait to see them both duel against each other! By the way, when is that Sy?"

"Isn't it right now?"

"Aww man!" Jaden jumped up and ran from the room. "C'mon Sy!" He called as he ran.

"Wait up Jay!"

Jaden and Syrus ran down all the cliffs to find Aryanna and Alexis with their duel disks on and their arms crossed. It was obvious they were waiting for them.

"We're late?" Jaden asked as he bent over his knees to catch his breath.

"Only a lot," Roxxi and Ethan were there too, Roxxi had answered him sarcastically.

"Well what are we waiting for? Carry on girls." Jaden grinned at them.

Aryanna 4000 Alexis 4000

"Game on!" Both women said. Jaden looked from his sister to Alexis, having duelled both of them he wasn't very sure who would win. It was evenly matched. Aryanna had her hair loose down her back. Her brown eyes which were identical to his were filled with determination to win and to win on her own.

Drawing their hands, Aryanna took the first draw. Taking a look over at her hand, she began, "I'll start with Graceful Charity! Drawing and discarding as you no doubt know,"

"I do," Alexis smirked. "Cause it leads directly into your combo plays,"

Discarding her cards, Ary was smirking also.

"Your quite right!" She said. "Eclipse Wyvern was a card I discarded. So Darkstorm Dragon is banished, further more, I now remove my Eclipse Wyvern and Chaos Sorcerer from my graveyard to summon Lightpuslar Dragon!"

Aryanna's signature light based dragon arrived in a halo of light that would form the rings around its body with a loud roar.

Lightpulsar Dragon 2500

"Since Eclipse Wyvern is banished, Darkstorm Dragon returns to my hand, but he wont be there long! For now I play Trade-In! Discarding it to draw two cards,"
"Your deck never gives up!" Alexis said with a smile.

"Course not," She replied gracefully setting a card. "I end my turn!"

"In that case!" Alexis said drawing. "Time to see some of my Cyber Girl's power!"
Examining her hand, she immediately discarded a card.
"By discarding King of the Swamp, I can add Polymerization to my hand!" She said searching her deck. "Nows the time to play it! Blade Skater and Etoile Cyber fuse to form Cyber Blader!"
Alexis's two monsters fused to form a female skater with long flowing blue hair, a visor over her eyes wearing a red and purple body suit. Skating around the field for a moment on her signature ice skates, she stopped in front of Alexis.

Cyber Blader 2100

"Since she isn't strong enough, I know your gonna power her up," Aryanna said.

"Correct! I play Fusion Weapon! A level 6 or lower fusion monster now gains fifteen hundred attack points!"
Cyber Blader seemed to gain a crossbow on her left arm as she powered up!

Cyber Blader 2100 + 1500 = 3600

"Cyber Blader! Destroy her monster! Fusion Bolt!" Alexis commanded.
Cyber Blader took careful aim at Lightpulsar Dragon, and after a moment she launched her crossbow, hitting it square in the chest where it exploded with a cry of pain.

Ary 4000 - 1100 = Ary 2900 Alexis 4000

"I set two cards and end my turn" Alexis said

Recovering, Aryanna smiled.

"To think you could come right off the bat and destroy one of my strongest monsters"

"What can I say? My Cyber Girls don't let me down" Alexis replied

"Let's see about that!" Ary countered. "I activate Chaos Awakening! Since Lightpulsar Dragon, a Light type monster was destroyed, I can now special summon a Dark attribute monster to the field from my Banished zone ignoring summoning conditions! Arise Chaos Sorcerer!"

Emerging from black mist came a humanoid mage, swirling light and dark energy in his hands wearing a dark suit with some of his torso showing underneath as his coat tails billowed in the wind.

Chaos Sorcerer 2300

"Oh boy," Alexis said

"Oh boy is right! I draw!" Ary said. "Lets start with Pot of Greed, then right after, Chaos Sorcerer will activate his effect! Once a turn he Banishes a monster on your field no questions asked!"

The Mage sniggered and started forming energy more violently in his hands...

"Not gonna happen! Go Cyber Lady Support!" Alexis said as a continuous trap popped up. "By banishing a Cyber Girl monster in my graveyard, this card negates targeting effects towards my Cyber Girls and destroys them!"

Chaos Sorcerer seemed to convulse for a moment in pain then his own magic seemed to explode in his hands taking him with it!

"Nice try Ary, But I was ready for it," Alexis said.

"Maybe that was a bluff" Ary sniggered.

"Say what?" Alexis said.

"Jaden isn't the only one in the family to use fusion monsters, call it a family trait!" Aryanna turned and winked at him and he grinned back at her. "I play two copies of Polymerization! Fusing a Lightpulsar Dragon and Darkflare Dragon in my hands! I'm doing that twice!"

As the four monsters fused together two entirely different monsters were emerging, but upon reflection they actually looked like their original versions. The one looking like Lightpulsar Dragon appeared the same, but this time was black in colour as opposed to its silver hue, while Darkflare Dragon was now silver in colour.

"Meet Darkpulsar Dragon and Lightflare Dragon!"

Darkpulsar Dragon 3000

Lightflare Dragon 3500

"Your monsters have two different fusion versions with the same materials?" Alexis asked.

"They are opposites of each other," Ary explained. "It's only right they should have opposite fusions and a new colour,"

"Either way they still can't beat Cyber Blader!" Alexis countered.

"Well lets use their effects first! Darkpulsar now Banishes two spell or traps you control! So your Fusion Weapon and Support card are now Banished!"

Firing off a silver energy vortex from its mouth, the two cards evaporated from the field.

"Not good," Alexis said "Or is it! Cyber Blader has multiple effects! Now you have two monsters her attack doubles!"

Cyber Blader 2100 + 2100 = 4200

"Well that could be a problem, but first since both my monsters are on the field together, they each allow me to draw a card for the other one, once per turn, so I draw twice. Next Lightflare Dragon will use its effect! By banishing a Light or Dark monster from the graveyard, I can reduce your monsters attack points by that monsters attack! Lightpulsar leaves the graveyard to weaken Cyber Blader!"

A ghostly silhouette of Lightpuslar appeared from the ground and swirling around Cyber Blader as its attack stats dropped out of fear!

Cyber Blader 4200 - 2500 = 1700

"Lightflare Dragon! Attack Cyber Blader! Lightflare Burst!"

Lightflare Dragon used an energy attack from its mouth that directed towards the weakened Cyber Blader who seemed to shrink in fear.

"No you don't! Go Double Passé! Your attack becomes a direct attack and I can deal you damage equal to Cyber Blader!

Alexis took the attack from Lightflare directly and was thrown back, while Cyber Blader countered as she surged across the field with a punch straight at Aryanna, knocking them both off their feet

Ary 2900 - 1700 = 1200 Alexis 4000 - 3500 = 500

Jaden could barely contain himself, This is sweet!

"Wow!" Ary said. "This duel got exciting all of a sudden!"

"A little less painful would have been nice," Alexis said smirking as she rose to her feet.

"I can't help with that, cause Darkpulsar will now attack!"

However Alexis was already on it.

"I use my Cyber Lady Support! On the turn it leaves the field, I can reduce the battle damage of an attack that would make my life points zero, or a direct attack to zero and end the battle phase"

Darkpulsar seemed to stop short for a moment.

"Bases covered either way didn't you Alexis? Well ill set two cards and end my turn!"

"Time for a comeback!" Alexis said drawing. "I'll start with my own Pot of Greed! Then summon Maju of the Thousand Hands!"

A humanoid appeared on the field with masses of wobbling jelly like hands all over its body.

Maju of the Ten thousand Hands 1400

"I know that, Ethan uses one!" Aryanna said realising.

"Well you know what it does then! Because know I can add a Ritual Monster or Spell from my deck to my hand, so Machine Angel Ritual comes to my hand! Next ill play it! Using Maju and Cyber Petit Angel to Ritual Summon Cyber Angel Idaten!"

Alexis's new monster was wearing very little apart from boots and clothes to cover her chest and lower torso area, but her long flowing blazing hair was enough to catch anyone's attention still.

Cyber Angel Idaten 1600

"Her special effect gives me back a Spell Card from my graveyard, so ill bring back and use Pot of Greed! Excellent! I play Ritual Compensation which I just drew, now in this turn every time I Ritual Summon I draw two cards, and this works backwards too, so ill draw two now,"

"That isn't exactly broke," Ary said sarcastically

"Rituals don't have that much support," Alexis said. "Only fair right?"

"I guess," Ary shrugged

"Well time to see another! Go Heavenly Ritual. By Banishing Ritual tributes from the field and Graveyard I can Ritual Summon! Idaten and Cyber Petit Angel are Banished to summon Cyber Angel Dakini!"

The new ritual was now truly fearsome. She looked samurai in origin with her headdress and armor, but what was most striking was that she had four arms, two upper arms holding swords and the lower ones holding a staff!

Cyber Angel Dakini 2700

"When she touches down, you have to pick a monster you control to be destroyed," Alexis said

"Generous to give me the choice!" Ary laughed. "I choose Darkpulsar Dragon"

"You heard her Dakini! Use your Angel Strike!"

Dakini with a wary cry leapt high in the air, before bringing her staff down on the head of Darkpulsar Dragon who roared in pain before exploding.

"Now ill draw again for Compensation" Alexis said. "Next ill equip Dakini with Angel Blade!"

Dakini's twin swords took on a feathery appearance within the steel and started to glow!

"When she attacks with this, she automatically destroys your monster and deals you effect damage equal to half its attack! Go Dakini! Wrath of the Angels!"

Dakini once again roared as she went after Lightflare...

"Activate Trap! Chaos Defence! Battling Chaos monsters this turn leaves me taking no damage!" Ary said.

And sliced it clean in half!

Tutting for a moment, Alexis continued.

"In that case I use my Quick Place Angel's Wrath! Halfing the damage a Cyber Angel would do this turn, it can attack again! Just enough to edge you out! So attack again Dakini!"

Dakini not being denied once more charged, this time heading straight towards Aryanna.

"Call of the Haunted!" She shouted. "Lightflare Dragon Returns!"

Dakini immediately stopped as Lightflare appeared before Aryanna, and Dakini jumped back towards Alexis.

"I've already used Angel Blade, so ill set a card and end my turn"

For a moment, Ary noticed that Alexis's face seemed to drop for a moment, but she still drew.

"I activate Final Chaos! She said. I remove a Chaos Monster from my graveyard to add its points to Lightflare Dragon! I banish Darkpulsar to give its strength to Lightflare!"

Lightflare Dragon 3500 + 3000 = 6500

"I know you Alexis, your face down is probably gonna power up your Cyber Angel, but with this amount of points it wont be enough! So attack Lightflare!"

As Lightflare Dragon launched its beam at Dakini, Dakini turned to look at her duellist, almost pleading for help

"You're wrong! I might not win! But your not destroying her! Activate Trap! Cyber Angel Promises!"

Immediately, Lightflares attack stopped!

"Since you would destroy my Cyber Angel, this card stops your attack and then destroys your monster! Go Dakini! Show him who's boss!"

With a triumphant roar, Dakini jumped up and sliced up Lightflare with her swords as it exploded!

However then something strange happened...

Ary 1200 Alexis 500 - 1350 = 0

"I have to pay life points equal to Dakini's level multiplied by one hundred. That takes me out. You win Ary,"

Aryanna crossed the field and shook Alexis' hand.

"That was a great duel Lex,"

"We're so ready," both girls grinned and laughed together.

Well, next time is the tag duels, see you all soon :)