Disclaimer: The works of Type-Moon and Jō Taketsuki are their own despite my most fervent wishes. This is a fan work and if anyone does pay me for it the only thing it will accomplish is to get me into trouble. This is being done purely for fun, constructive criticism is welcome, and flames will be ignored. Please be gentle though, this is the first fanfic I've put on the net.

God Slayer Blade Works


A report on the appearance of the Eighth Campione, delivered to the Witenagemot two weeks after the Naples Incident.

There is no known information on Emiya Shirou or, his companion, prior to their appearance in Naples. All attempts to learn more have as yet yielded no success, though observation of the pair has provided some information.

Both are magic users, though the exact schools of spells that they use remains undetermined. Observation has determined that the youngest of the pair is the more experienced and knowledgeable of the two, having displayed a wide array of abilities such as hypnosis and mystic threads. From what we have been able to determine it would seem that Emiya Shirou is less well versed in general ability but instead possesses a greater skill for specialization. His own abilities seem to lie best in the realms of self augmentation and the creation of constructs in the form of various bladed weapons. While the precise mechanics behind his magic are unknown we currently believe these constructs to be possibly ectoplasmic in origin.

Given the very limited information available at this time our current theory (which is subject to change as more information comes to light) is that the pair are the apprentices of some hermetical mage and have been raised and trained far from any conventional contact.

Whatever their origins may be what is know is that two weeks ago an unknown Heretic God manifested in the streets of Naples. Though only manifest for approximately seven minutes the result was a death count of eighty seven victims. The causes of death ranged from heart attack to spontaneous combustion to suicide. Whichever Heretic God was the cause of this was malignant to the point where its mere presence began to corrode its surroundings on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Again the details of the incident remain largely unknown due to the lack of any mage witnesses. What is unquestionable is that Emiya Shirou through unknown means was able to kill the Heretic God and so became the Eighth Campione.

Under any other circumstances the new god-slayer would have been approached to determine what manner of person he was, however attempts to do so were thwarted by his companion who succeeded in escaping with him and evading all attempts to find her.

Further attempts to find the pair were curtailed by the arrival of the Heretic God Perseus. When questioned by one of the investigators in the city he claimed to have been drawn by the aura of one of his great enemies. All attempts that were made to dissuade him met with failure and the hero god remained firm in his course.

Three days after the original incident Perseus succeeded in locating Emiya Shirou and immediately challenged him to combat. On this occasion there was one of our agents present to witness the conflict. According to his report the new Campione made every attempt to prevent a fight only rising to the challenge when the hero god made threatening motions towards his companion.

According to the report Perseus possessed an immediate advantage in combat suggesting that the god defeated earlier by Emiya was one possessing a disadvantage to Perseus, a weakness inherent in the Authority that the Campione had gained.

Despite this Emiya Shirou was able to stab his opponent with a sword. Exactly how this wound proved to be debilitating to a deity is as yet undetermined, whatever the case may be it was able to slow the god enough for Emiya to deal another successful blow. Each such strike was able to further weaken the deity sapping his speed and power until the newest Campione was able to slay a second god.

Once again our agents were unable to make contact with the new god-slayer as his young companion once more aided her wounded comrade to evade all attempts to find them.

Two nights later one of our agents was able to spot the pair flying away from the city on a white Pegasus similar to the one Perseus had been observed riding during his search. Attempts were made to follow them and eventually managed to catch up to them on a small island of the coast further south from Naples.

The reason for them being able to catch up was that the pair had been intercepted by another Heretic God. Once more Emiya Shirou sought to avoid conflict, but the deity, who identified himself as Hades, stated he was only interested in the elimination of what he described as an 'abomination' and attacked.

In this confrontation the new Campione was able to match his divine foe more evenly than he had Perseus, possibly due to whatever new Authorities he had been able to gain. The combat took a turn against him when the Heretic God began to summon dead souls as servants to aid him as well as turning invisible. Emiya responded to this by manifesting a great many swords and casting them about him at random, decimating the servants and inflicting enough chance damage upon his enemy to disable him. With his foe crippled Emiya seemed content with this victory and indicated that he would have left peacefully. Hades opted to literally throw himself on the Campiones sword instead, and did so with a sneer on his face stating that he would prefer death to owing a mortal his life.

It was at this point that Emiya Shirou and his companion became aware of our agent and demanded that he explain what had been going on. It has been judged by the questions that they asked that they had no idea of what Heretic Gods were nor of the existence of Campione and what being such entailed. After obtaining the answers they desired the two remounted the Pegasus and left.

However before they did so our agent was able to overhear the pair mentioning their plans to go to Japan.

So in the final analysis we have a new Campione who has succeeded in the almost absurd task of killing three deities in the space of a single week. We know next to nothing about him only that he is travelling towards the same country as the other most recent Campione to have appeared. In the worst case scenario he intends to face Kusanagi Godou in battle and lay claim to his lands. While such a battle could prove catastrophic it is this agents belief that it is unlikely. In both the battle that he was observed in Emiya Shirou attempted to avoid conflict, or even dealing the finishing blow in Hades' case.

Still it remains a concern that Japan is now about to become the home of two Campione. History has shown that two kings cannot rule the same lands without inevitably coming into conflict.

Okay, the general idea of this fic is that right at the end of Heavens Feel Shirou, Illyasviel and Angra Mainyu all end up being dropped into the Campione universe a few instants before Shirou would have otherwise traced Excalibur and destroyed the corrupted grail. Illya was coming to stop him so she could save him, but she got delayed by a critical few seconds. Once he arrives in the new universe Angra Mainyu is altered so as to fit into this new existence and becomes a true divinity. Not that he has a chance to take advantage of this, as before he can grow very strong the dying Shirou also arrives and uses Excalibur despite Illyas protests and kills the new god. Though Pandora is a little unsure of the legitimacy of both the god and the killer she decides to approve Shirou becoming a Campione as she feels that Shirou will prove to be an interesting 'child'.

How being a Campione has affected Shirou.

Since this is a Heavens Feel 'True' End Shirou he still has Archers left arm and is far closer to dead than alive when he arrives in the Campione universe. Becoming a Campione has essentially restored him to full health as well as ensuring that Archers arm is now fully integrated into his body. As a god-slayer Shirou is arguably on an equal or even higher level than a being of Archers status, consequently there is now no chance of it eroding his soul or invading his body with Archers reality Marble. This does not mean that Shirou can now access all of the powers and skills that are available in the arm. He cannot use Unlimited Blade Works because his and Archers internal worlds are fundamentally different due to Shirous decision to abandon his ideals in order to save Sakura. It does let him access a great many of the Noble Phantasms that Archer has seen throughout his existence. It should be noted that while Shirou's skills in tracing are now substantially increased he is still pretty much hopeless in every other field.

Additionally becoming a Campione has increased the capacity and quality of Shirous magic circuits by several orders of magnitude. As a result tracing has become much easier for him meaning that several Noble Phantasms like Excalibur are now available to him for more general use. Before Shirou could trace Excalibur, but the amount of Prana needed to fully employ it would have been fatal for him to use. Even so using them now is not something he would undertake lightly. When it comes to the lesser projections though he can just keep on doing them almost without limit since his reserves of power are now several hundred times larger.

A Campiones magic resistance would be A rank in the Type-Moon verse. In other words pretty much equal to Saber. I am choosing to guess that any spell able to pierce this level of protection would be on par with minor divinity.

In regards to Shirou being able to kill three gods, despite how the report is written I'm not planning to overpower Shirou to the point where he becomes boring. His defeat of Angra Mainyu was the result of a suicidal attack on a weakened foe. His defeat of Perseus was more luck than anything else, as I will expand on later in the story. Had Perseus taken him more seriously at the start his victory would have been assured, however he gave Shirou an opening and as a result fell under the influence of Curses Without End. Likewise his victory over Hades was the result of pure desperation and recklessness rather that power or skill. The fact that Hades was not a 'warrior' god also helped.

As to Illyasviel, coming to the Campione verse has changed her though exactly how will be part of the story later. Please bare in mind that she is a much better magus than Shirou and that her style of spell casting is very different from the style used by those of her new universe. As a result I don't plan for her to be a damsel in distress for Shirou to constantly save; she's going to become something of a power in her own right.

Nasuverse VS Campione! Verse

I'm trying to keep thing on a more or less even level between the worlds, though if any mistakes do crop up it'll be due to my lack of knowledge and can hopefully be fixed or worked in.

First of all the main difference between the worlds is that in the Campione verse the world never seemed to develop its own consciousness and the age of the gods never ended, it just changed form. As a result mage craft seems to be more abundant and less stagnant, but doesn't seem to have developed quite the same level of sophistication that the Nasuverse possesses. Since the power of magic is far more abundant then the users of it never had to develop the level of finesse that the Nasuverse possesses.

In regards to Campione; in their home verse they are unmatchable by human sorcerers and can only be confronted by other Campione, gods or mortals using the power of gods. In the nasuverse this would put them on level with a user of a True Magic or a really powerful heroic spirit like Gilgamesh. And even then I think the advantage might go to the Campione. Of course this doesn't mean I think that there's nothing in the world of Type-Moon that could match or surpass them. I'm pretty sure that Type-Mercury would be more than any one or even two of them could handle, though I think a trio might manage a mutual annihilation. Zelretch would be another who could fight on par with them, maybe even win, given how flexible the Kaleidoscope is. Some of the stronger Dead Apostle Ancestors could also defeat them, and I think that eyes of Death Perception could overcome the defences and resurrection abilities that most Campione possess. I'm not sure how someone like Barthomeloi Lorelei would match up to one, but given that she is a modern magus without access to a True Magic I'm pretty sure she'd be at a disadvantage.

Still as far as the like of the Clock Tower would be concerned the Campione would be their worst nightmare, individuals who are to all intents and purposes totally immune to magic wielding vastly varying powers comparable to the True Magics.

One last thing, I'm pretty sure this is the first Campione! Story on the net. Hopefully this will start off some other one.

Shirous Authorities.

Angra Mainyu: Curses Without End – This Authority allows Shirou to fashion and use a virtually infinite number of curses that can bring pain, misfortune, despair, disaster and ruin to those they are used upon. These curses can be in the forms of spells, be infused into objects or take the form of monsters such as snakes or demons that will be subject to Shirous will. To date the best way that Shirou has been able to use this Authority has been to load the most potent anti-deity curses that he can onto his traced weapons. Though incompatible with most of the Noble Phantasms that he can trace he has found that purely 'empty' swords can be elevated to the point where they become extremely formidable. There is a penalty to the use of all the worlds evil though. As soon as Shirou releases the power after using it he will be wracked with extreme pain and weakness proportionate to the strength of the curses he has brought about. When using curses of a magnitude powerful enough to affect a god then it's enough to leave him helpless for a full day.

Perseus: Dragon Slaying Hero – An Authority that grants Shirou the aspect of a legendary hero, it manifest as simply an enhancement of combat ability. Speed, strength, endurance, all is enhanced to superhuman levels, though not on par with Godou when using the likes of the raptor or the bull. In simpler terms it allows him to enhance himself to the point where he can battle a god through sheer physical abilities. Additionally when used against an opponent that can be considered to be a 'dragon' or possesses the attributes of one then its effects change to providing its user with almost total immunity to all of the opponents abilities as well as enhancing its users own powers against their foe to an even higher degree. Additionally the 'steel' nature of this Authority is highly compatible with Shirous own element and origin. As a result he has been able to incorporate it into his tracing resulting in him being able to grant divinity to his creation as he sees fit resulting in what can only be described as 'Pseudo Phantasms' that act similarly to the godly weapons Perseus wielded.

Mount of the Hero – This Authority allows Shirou to manifest Perseus' Pegasus at will and to exert full command over it. Able to fly at speeds equalling or surpassing any modern machine, as well as boasting excellent manuvering and control in the air or on the ground. It also seems to have a natural ability to home in on a target even over continental distances such as how it was able to take its riders unerringly to Japan even when they did not know where it was. As a divine beast this mount is immune to all mortal weapons and extremely resistant to all forms of magic, also being mounted on it further increases the power of Dragon Slaying Hero's Steel. In terms of the Nasuverse mounting the Pegasus grants bonuses to combat ability. As a last resort the Pegasus can be sacrificed to transform it into an attack similar to Godous Horse Authority, though only about two thirds as powerful and lacking the fire element. After being sacrificed in this manner Shirou has to wait a full week before he can summon the Pegasus again. It should be noted that Shirou does NOT like to use that ability as he feels it is a cruelty on his mount.

The Heroes Bride – A variation of the Divinity of Steel that Perseus possessed. Rather than granting him control of women with priestess lineage it has changed so that Shirou will appear as far more attractive to any woman that he is 'saving'. In addition this Authority will also act as a mild healing spell upon those it effects, bolstering their vitality and aiding in releasing them from other influences. Though manipulative this Authority is gentle and does not inflict harm to its recipient's minds, merely nudging them instead. Unlike his other Authorities this one is always active to one level or another, which places Shirou in some interesting and embarrassing situations. If he so chooses Shirou can employ this Authority to fully dominate the will of a woman under its effect, however using it to such a level can only be employed on a single target at a time, plus he dislikes doing so.

Hades: Rule of the Underworld – Slaying Hades has granted Shirou a potent dominion over the afterlife aspect that was Hades' main attribute. In effect it grants him two abilities; the first is that he now has access to all the wealth beneath the earth that belonged to Hades as 'the Rich One'. By accessing this wealth Shirou can essentially pull jewels and precious metals out of nowhere, he can even choose the form they take such as the gems being cut or rough or the metals being in nougats or coins or bullion. The second effect is that Shirou can call forth the souls of the dead and manifest them into servants that have to obey his will. Such servants can take the form of skeletal zombies such as those that Sasha Dejanstahl Voban uses or as ghosts without a physical form, but at a far higher cost in energy Shirou can incarnate them into fully functional spiritual bodies similar to those produced by the Heavens Feel magic. As with a servant maintaining such bodies is a constant drain on his strength, but given the power he now wields as a Campione he can maintain several such servants with ease even in a combat situation. There are conditions on this ability though; where Voban could only summon up those that he had personally slain Emiya requires some form of link to those he is calling. Ideally it would be part of their remains such as a lock of hair or a bone fragment; however such things as a personal effect or an object with a strong association to them will suffice.

I hope my choices of Authorities and vanquished gods prove interesting, I chose them and designed them this way so that they could lend themselves to a number of plot twists and interesting situations in the future. Oh, one last thing. Be warned that of necessity there will be several original characters appearing to flesh out the cast a bit. I hope to get them so that they will fit in right, but please bear with me if that is not the case.