Written in the stars…

The empty sky embraced the earth with its darkness. The night was cold and lonely.

Arthur Pendragon stood somewhere outside the castle and pointed at the sky. His other hand was folded around the tender fingers of a woman.

"Can you see the stars, Guinevere?" Arthur smiled but his smile was filled with bitterness.

Guinevere, the servant girl, moved her view from the prince's face to the dark cloud and twinkled for a short moment.

Suddenly she saw it. Those lights that appeared from everywhere and made the dark sky seem much brighter from one moment to another.

Guinevere hesitated but those lights reached her heart and touched something deep inside her soul.

A smile appeared around the corners of her lips without her knowing.

Arthur focused her eyes with a soft, reaching glance.

This touched her even deeper than the lights in the sky. She was caught in his eyes and not able to look away.

"These stars", Arthur said so quiet that only Guinevere could hear his words, "they show the future that is yet to come."

The look in Arthur's eyes changed. It seemed like he was far away. "Our future."

Maybe he was where their future had long been written, Guinevere thought: In the stars.