Authors Note: First Chapter of a 30 theme challenge I'm doing! Please enjoy! It is food related, and I need three more chapter ideas, so please review with ideas for those three. Credit to the one who created this challenge! If you happen to be on here reading this, please tell me so I can credit you immediately!

Chapter 1: Tea and Crumpets

The fridge was empty, and for that reason the American was currently glaring at it like it had just consumed its whole contents overnight. It was then that he proceeded whining at his lover frequently.

"Artieā€¦ Where has all our food gone?" Walking over the American continuously tapped Arthurs shoulder, muttering complete nonsense about how his beloved hamburgers had gone missing.

"I had to get rid of some of the crap in the fridge, I even kept all of your damn coca cola cans so be happy." The Brit sighed, taking another sip of his tea, Earl Grey to exact, and then a bite of his crumpet.

"B-but the hamburgers! You know I love them!" Alfred cried out.

"You should try other things, like this tea." Arthur handed Alfred the cup before smiling and nodding. "Try it."

The American did in fact try the tea, deciding he didn't like it and spitting it out all over Arthur's suit and then running away. A massive smirk on his face.