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2001 Winter Solstice: Mount Olympus

Hestia's P.O.V

As per usual, the Throne Room was a rowdy mess, the room growing louder and louder each passing seconds with arguments. I simply sat near the fire, waiting for my fellow deities to cool off and talk like civilised folk. Zeus was admitting to breaking the oath a second time. You know, just that little oath he and his brothers made about never siring another child ever again, just in case the child would bring about the end of the world.

Yeah. That one.

So I was finally brought back to reality by the expected outburst from his wife and our sister, Hera, the Goddess of Marriage.

"You couldn't keep it in your toga, could you Zeus? You had the nerve to cheat on me with again, and with the same woman no less! Well, at least you're bloody consistent! You're just a man whore like Apollo," Hera said, disgusted.

Apollo made a small squeak in protest before realising that with Hera in that mood, it wasn't a good idea.

Zeus did the smart thing and just nodded silently.

"Moving on," he said, after a moment of utter silence, "we have be-"

He was interrupted by a deafening ticking noise.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

Then, a giant gold clock appeared in the Throne Room. Everyone instinctively picked up their weapons. Oddly enough a door appeared on the clock, and judging by the voices, there were people behind it.

"Ow Nico, stop stepping on my Hand!" I heard a female voice say.

"Sorry," a male said.

"Let's just get this over with guys," another male said, but this man sounded depressed.


I heard the door open. Five people tumbled out, regaining their balance at the last moment and standing tall before us.

The first I saw was one of the men. He had olive coloured skin, deep brown eyes and black hair. He stood at about 6'2.

The second one I saw was woman with pale skin, piercing lightning blue eyes and blonde hair, standing at around 5'8.

The third was another man, this one with tanned skin, green-blue eyes and black hair. He was slightly taller than the first man, at 6'3.

The fourth was a cyclops. His one eye was the colour of the sea, and he was slightly tanned. He towered over the rest at a height of 8'9.

The last man was wearing a robe, hooded. He seemed bent over with his worries and reminded me of a man I knew from Firenze... Ezio. Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Zeus, being the Pseudo-god of Drama, summoned the Master Bolt with a crash of thunder and aimed it dramatically at our guests. I really should have taught him more about manners.

"Who are you? How dare you interrupt our meeting?" he thundered.

All five of them stepped forwards, and the hooded man uncovered his face. His face was regal, but looked depressed. His eyes were golden... wait, what?

Silence filled the room as the Gods viewed the newcomers.

Zeus broke the silence. "I ask again, who are you?"

The one with golden eyes stepped forwards.

"We are here to read books of your future and my past as a demigod in an attempt to prepare you for the next war."

"Oh, well, I suppose you should introduce yourselves then," Zeus said, his dramatic demeanour falling away as his interest was piqued.

The first man with stepped forwards.

"My name is Nico di Angelo. I am the God of Torture, Loss, Grudges, Ghosts and Death. I am the 16th Olympian, and yes, I said death. Thanatos faded 15 years from now. I took over his realm of Death. I am a son of Hades, but I was born in 1945.

Next the girl stepped forwards.

"My name is Thalia Grace, Goddess of Clouds, Maidens, Hunting, Virginity, and Pride. Yes, my father did break the oath. Oh yeah, and I'm an ex-hunter of Artemis.'' Thalia said Artemis's name like it was bile in her throat.

''My dear huntress why did you leave the hu-" Artemis began.


She didn't finish, as the man with golden eyes put a hand over a mouth. He whispered something into her ear, and she nodded, still glaring at Artemis.

The man with green-blue eyes cleared his throat.

"I am Nathan, Son of Triton, God of Beaches and Water Sports."

The Cylcops spoke next.

"I am Tyson, Son of Poseidon and Lord of the Cyclops. I'm a Minor God of Forging."

We all looked at Poseidon in shock. He just smiled at Tyson.

The man with the gold eyes stepped forward.

"My name is Lord Perseus 'Percy' Jackson, Son of Poseidon and God of Time, Space, Gravity, Betrayal and Assassins..."

I suppose that explains the look, I thought.

"Ex-husband to a certain Goddess in this room (here he choked up). Yes, my father did break the oath," he finished. A lone tear trickled down his cheek.


"Sacred oath? You broke it fourteen times, Zeus, so shut up," Perseus said quietly.

One thought ran through my mind, over and over again. Uh oh...

"YOU DID WHAT?" screeched Hera.

"Queen Hera, you can yell at you unfaithful husband later, but for now we should read these books to make you better rulers of Western Civilisation, if all goes well." Perseus interrupted.

"Okay then, where are these books?" Athena smirked. I hate it when she is a smart ass.

A shadow of a smile flicked across Perseus' face. "Look up," he said.

She did, and we all felt immense satisfaction when the books landed on her face.

"Let's get to reading then," he said.

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