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Circe sighed heavily, staring outside her window at the animals who circled aimlessly around her water mansion she had placed to guard her. In the drought they were in, her island was dying; not even Demeter could possibly fix this mess. She could tell it was tainted with Witchcraft from another goddess, but even she did not know of the ancient Greek words that would free her island from the icy grip of death. The trees were turning a dull brown, the grass had patches of yellow in it, and the animals seemed to walk slower as if it took a concentrated effort to not just drop to the ground in exhaustion and mourn.

The animals had been there for thousands of years and yet they never slowed their walk as it was what she had ordered them under her spell… until this day.

Usually, there was always something to do, something new to try, but there was a hollow spot where her heart was supposed to be. She couldn't be bothered to turn the men who stumbled onto her island into pigs like usual; the cruel spot in her mind was blotted out by the worry of her island.

She jumped, her eyes flashed with her old anger and cruelty as a voice spoke behind her, "Hello, Circe."

"Who let you in!?" Circe demanded through clenched teeth, already sorting through her mind what kind of animal he would be transformed into; maybe something small and dingy, or huge and clumsy… maybe just another pig would do.

"I'd lower my arms if I were you…" the man asked, stroking his goatee as any mad-man would, "Your island is at stake."

Circe sobered up and her eyes saddened for a moment before she turned to face the man in the black suit.

"What is it you want, Cronus?" she snapped sourly, "Not even you can help my island now…"

"No, I assure you; I most definitely can," Cronus smirked and casually pulled out his scythe, then rubbed some dirt off of the tip innocently, "If there's something in it for me, of course!"

Circe thought for a second; images of her island dying flashes across her mind. She sighed, knowing his offer was inevitable and had to be done; she would do anything to save her beloved island.

"What do you want?" she asked softly, her eyes pained as if she hated to do this.

"Just a potion!" Cronus grinned lightly, "Or, better yet, a poison…"

Circe eyed him suspiciously, "Is that all? Is that all you want?"

Cronus nodded then looked at her in mock-surprise and acted offended, "Of course, Dear Circe, what are you accusing me of? Why, would you like me to take more?"

Circe kept a straight face, "What kind of poison."

"Oh, you know, I'll take the special!" Cronus smirked, "Add the poison onto my Scythe. I want whoever I slash to go through the metamorphic change…"

"Simple!" Circe declared, plucking a vial from a nearby table and snapping her fingers.

As an immediate reaction, a golden liquid filled the vial. She snatched Cronus's Scythe out of his hand and whispered a few words of Greek and poured the thick liquid all over the weapon.

"There!" she said somewhat smugly, handing the Scythe to the God of Time.

Cronus smirked, "Of course, your island will begin to heal as soon as I leave."

Cronus opened his black void-like portal and took a stride through, barely suppressing his maniacle laughter.

The second he was gone, Circe ran back to the window, her smile so big that a Chesire Cat would be in envy.

Four two days Circe sat there.

Not until she hit the 48 hour mark did her smile waver and did her hopes drop; she had obviously been fooled.

Her island wasn't better, and, if anything, it seemed worse.

Her small grin dropped into a grimace, forcing her eyes to narrow and lightning to flash in the sky.

Rage coursed through her body, her eyes glowed red and she swore her revenge on Cronus, sealing fate.