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Ichigo whistled the whole afternoon— whistling a tune that even made his dog look at him funny. For now, he cleaned up the house, putting things in their proper place, especially Karin's games and her articles of clothing that happened to be strewn everywhere in the living room.

After a little light cleaning, he was planning to make a hot lunch for his two girls— Karin and his beloved Rukia, once he called her, that is. He frowned walking into the kitchen with that thought in mind. Remembering that he had already called her once already wondered if she was the avoiding type. Sigh. As pleased as he would be to take the virginity of Rukia Kuchiki, he knew she wasn't into him. Even if it got that far, he could see Rukia only playing along as a pawn in his own wicked desire. That would be no fun. He sighed, confused. Maybe she didn't want sex. Maybe she feared him and what he would do if she didn't submit to him eventually.

He dusted off the table in the living room and picked up some of Karin's shoes off which were thrown underneath the table. He began to feel for some more obscene objects when suddenly his hand stopped on something silver and bulky. Ichigo partially smiled. His endeavors lead him to Rukia's phone. She must have left it here by accident. "I guess the good thing to do is return it to her…" Not until his nosy ass looked through it of course. Normally he wouldn't do this type of thing but this was Rukia we were talking about. Ichigo wasn't sure what he would find or what he was looking for but it started with the voicemail notification that popped up as soon as he opened the little flip phone.

Karin approached the kitchen yawning. She stood there watching her brother, all his attention concentrated on the object in his hand. Her chin rested on the edge of the island until he said something or noticed her. She had slept all morning, and the best thing he could do was say hello, but he never did.

"You have one voicemail— today— at seven o'clock am.


Hello Miss Kuchiki. This is Mr. Takahashi calling from Gotei University of Tokyo. I'm notifying you that your fee of 2,500 dollars is past due. Please, if you need any help or have any questions, please call at this num-"


"Hmm…" Ichigo wondered. This could be the solution to his problem.

AH CHOO! Karin sneezed, startling her brother and making him drop whatever was in his hands. "SHIT!"

"What are we doing today?" Karin questioned the frustrated man. Hopefully they would play some more Don Kanonji and pig out on more yummy ice cream. Ichigo promised!

"Well I'm calling Miss Kuchiki over today." Ichigo finally decided a second after the screen to Rukia's phone was shattered on the tile floor.

Karin frowned, "Not her again… she was just here last night!" then she climbed over the countertop to see what dropped, and suddenly gasped. "Is that… Rukia's? She is going to kill you!"

"Rukia is a nice lady…" Might be nicer if she's drunk. "She'll understand. I have a couple screens laying around. I'll just replace it." Ichigo left the broken phone on the countertop and began retrieving ingredients for his lunch idea.

"No. I'm pretty sure she'll strangle you and I'm going to enjoy every bit—" Unexpectedly, their white Siberian husky nudged his cold wet nose against the young girl's leg startling her to death. "Philly!" she giggled happily as the dog nudged her with his head. "Seriously Phillip… don't scare me like that." Karin shook her head sighing, "…darn dog…" then sniffled again. She continued to pet the dog giggling, already distracted.

Ichigo rolled his eyes good-naturedly, thinking she looked adorable with her little attitude, sniffling and coughing like she owned the place. He could tell she was trying to hold back sneezing. He thought about asking her if she was feeling okay. Then wondered if that was a battle worth fighting since she hated taking any kind of medicine. He started the dishwasher, wiped his cold hands dry, and turned to regard his sister carefully. Ichigo took out a big sharp knife and started to slice some carrots and potatoes; his eyes drifted to the small dark-haired girl. "Karin, do you remember our promise?"

Karin looked up from petting the blue-eyed dog. "Yeah? Where we play video games all day and eat ice-cream?" her lip curled.

He could hear the excitement in her voice. "Yeah… that one."

Karin pouted, "It's about to get broken… isn't it?"

"Would you care at all I asked Miss Kuchiki to join us again?" He paused waiting for the girl to respond. Karin grimaced, stomping her feet and slamming her fists on the marble table. I guess that's a no.

"Hell no! You said it would just be the two of us!" Karin screamed, jumping up and down. "You never keep your promises ever! I leave and go back to Isshin tomorrow AND you don't even care!" AH CHOO

"Hey. I always care, and I always keep my promises. I promised you that trip to Italy, right?" He watched the girl as her face began to relax, confirming with a nod. "…and we went that summer, you remember? I kept that promise."

"After you broke my favorite game… and felt bad."

"I replaced it with that Don Kanonji game…" he sighed, "And that was a lot of money too…"

"Ichigo… that game was bootleg…"

"Expensive bootleg." He scoffed, glaring at the disappointment in his sister's eyes. He sighed again, "I'll tell you what, I will play any and every game with you tomorrow, if you allow me to have some time this evening with Miss… coochie." Karin's ears twitched.

She grimaced, crossing her arms, "So how long do I have to share you?"

"Just for today. It will be just the two of us tomorrow, I promise." Ichigo reached into his pocket and pulled out a hefty twenty bucks, "Here, so that we understand each other."

"I'm uhh… still having a hard time understanding…" Karin whistled, rolling her eyes the other way.

"Fine, here's another twenty."

Karin blinked, "Still haven't quite gotten the pict—"


Holy nuggets, he must really like this girl .Seventy bucks to play along… "You got yourself a deal, Strawberry." Abruptly, Karin sneezed again loudly. AH CHOO.

Ichigo raised a brow at the little girl, "Karin… are you sick? Do you need some medicine?" and to which she replied, "Are you kidding me? How bad you wanna die?"

Rukia hated Mondays. Especially at the university.

Seriously. Ever wondered what could be worse than getting a box of Lucky Chappies and not finding one lucky marshmallow in the whole box? Mondays IN CLASS…

Then she heard the professor announce there would be a video on animal mating. This would be perfect if she had her damn phone. She noticed it gone this morning. She was pretty sure she left at Ichigo's house. So that left watching animals have sex on the menu. At least Renji was here today, which he griped about because he had been gone for a week and he just had to show up on the day of animal porn. However, she had so much on her mind, she really didn't care.

Generally she had a long list of things to finish for class, today… was different. When she arrived, she was given a letter by her professor. A letter to her nightmare. It stated that she was forced to withdraw from current classes till an outstanding fee of 2,500 was paid. First her dorm and months later, this… Though Byakuya was fine with her moving back home, she wasn't. That was her chance to show she didn't need him and it all crumbled beneath her feet. It was a bummer how she just passed up a time to have a little fun with Ichigo. Everything was right and fell into place without a solid plan. She could have had one night to get her problems, instead she decided to take them with her— her gold still intact.

The movie ended quickly, the lights came up, and as it was time to go for lunch, you could grantee that just about the whole class lost their appetite. Unexpectedly, everyone stood up and stumbled from their seats, then ran into bathroom stalls where they retched up anything they ate from like two weeks ago.

Rukia simply stood and gathered her college books, sighing and stating that had to be the worst thing she'd seen yet and she only watched a third. Renji didn't stay and wait for her. In fact red head slipped passed the midget, not even saying goodbye when he did. So Rude. He didn't even ask about the letter she received, not that she would mention it anyway. Rukia caught the base of his jacket and pulled backwards. "Where in the hell do you think you're going huh, Renji?"

"Oh. Sorry I didn't mean to just leave you there… but its exam week..." He replied.

"So?" Normally they studied together. "I actually have some stuff study for…" Considering it would probably be her last test till she could pay for her expenses.

"No time to talk!" Renji's face was now flushed. "I have to go before..."

"RENJI!" The sound of Rangiku's voice made an exasperating uproar like no other. They twitched hearing the sound of her voice. "Here we go again..." He uttered. "What NOW! HUH? Leave me the hell alone..." Not one time did concern flood out of his voice. Why would he be concerned, it wasn't his grades?

Rangiku clamored on, pulling the red head way from Rukia's grip. "I need your brain cells!"

"NO." he frowned.

"Why not?!" The woman cried frantically. He raked his fingers through his red hair in frustration. "Because..."

"Uhh I'll leave you too alone..." Rukia rolls her eyes, she needed to hunt her phone down anyway. "Clearly her problem can't wait... I'll see you later..." Before Renji could reply, Rangiku waved at the midget, raising her hand anxiously.


Rukia frowned. Did she really have to say that out loud? She was sure Renji wanted to know what that loud mouth woman was talking about. She could already hear him through the background noise.

"Ichigo… who?"

Rukia made her first stop at the job. The door jingled as she walked in. Juno was reading a book at the counter. The older woman squinted in astonishment, taking off her reading glasses. "Well hello, Rukia! You came to pick up your schedule?" she asked.

"Actually Mrs. Hatsu, I came to request more hours." Rukia sighed.

"Oh I see…" the woman wondered confused, "Didn't you just start school this semester?"

"Uh, yes." Rukia nodded, "But… I'm needing the extra money for more annoying expenses for school… haha, I'm sure you understand?"

Juno smiled back, "Oh yes… I remember how much school strained my wallet back in the day." She seemed to be in reminiscing for a brief moment before coming back to reality. "Sadly, I have already separated the hours between all the employees. Unless someone calls in, I'm afraid I don't have any hours to give you for this month, I'm really sorry."

"Oh…" Rukia sighed.

"I hope you aren't in too much trouble…"

"No, no…" Rukia chuckled, "I just like to prepare myself." In an instant, Juno bought the lie and thought nothing of it.

"Have you talked to Doctor Kurosaki lately?" the woman asked as matter-of-factly.

The midget tried to not sound so bothered by the question. "No… why?"

"Well at the hospital, they are always hiring. Knowing him personally could help you get a job there quickly. Wouldn't you say so?"

"I'll consider it…" Rukia mumbled. "That is… if I was in any real danger." She smiled at the old woman before turning and walking back out. "Have a nice afternoon, Mrs. Hatsu."

The woman giggled. "You too dear!"

To Rukia's dismay, the problem just seemed to get worse and worse. Now it was off to the doctor's house. "…Okay." She cleared her throat and tried rehearsing what she would say to Dr. Kurosaki. But what was supposed to be a quick small talk to get her phone back, turned into something much more complicated. She knew she just wouldn't be able to get her device without some kind of invitation to stay for lunch or dinner or whatever Ichigo had planned to keep her there against her will. She just didn't know what was so eerie about him. But the feelings were there. He was dangerous, mentally dangerous.

"Well at the hospital, they are always hiring. Knowing him personally could help you get a job there quickly. Wouldn't you say so?" Doing that, she would just be merely jumping out of the pot and into the fire. Then she realized that she was already in the ring of fire, her school fees were sky high and she was forced to drop out. How was she going to tell her brother…?

The woman pulled up on the doctor's drive way and sighed heavily. She honestly thought she'd never be here again, and who knew it would be for something she carelessly left. She supposed she would be quick about it, the door wasn't going to knock itself. "I'll just get it and leave…"

There was a thick silence that came across her when she reached the door. "I'm sure it's nothing to be afraid of. It's only a guy. The little girl, Karin was actually scarier than he was…" However, there were a lot of things wrong with that alone.

Knock, knock.

After no answer, Rukia realized the door was ajar. "Hello?" She could hear the television chatter as she closed the door. Someone had to be home. She entered the living room and sat quietly on the squeaky leather couch. It felt weird being here uninvited, but Ichigo had something of hers right? She had right to be here. Casually sighing, she glanced over the mantel piece and saw all the rewards, accomplishments, and PhDs. Then she thought, "Well… he's smart, I'll give him that." He had one PhD in medicine and the other in computer science. This was actually the first time seeing them all. Then her eyes followed to the weird abstract paintings. Some were made by his sister Karin, others were made by someone name Yuzu. The name was printed big on the watercolor picture. Rukia shrugged it off and continued venturing with her eyes until they stopped at random pictures— photos of Ichigo himself, some with Karin and others with another girl with light brown hair…

The mood never seemed so dull before. Rukia sighed again, pulling her attention away from the wall, hearing coughing. The woman gasped realizing she was sharing the couch with Karin, who poked her little head out of the heavy wool covers for air. The little girl frowned, coughing and wheezing uncontrollably.

Rukia noticed her pink heated cheeks, "You sick?"

"Shhh…" Karin glared at her. Then looked around to see if he was coming…

"…Huh, what's the matter?"

"Aha!" came a voice suddenly, inducing both girls to whirl around and look towards the kitchen. "There you are, you little squirt. Thought you could hide from me, didn't ya? Take your medicine, damn it."

"Aw…" Karin threw her head back in defeat, then glared at the small woman, "…Thanks a lot Rukia…" She kicked off the covers and stomped angrily to her orange haired brother. "Don't you know what shhh… means…?"

"Don't blame Miss Kuchiki. You knew this was coming, that's why you hid." Ichigo chuckled, pouring grape cough syrup on to a spoon before handing it to her, "Now take it like a champ." and when his sister beamed him a death glare, he couldn't help but laugh, "Come on it's your favorite— grape." he uttered with sarcasm. Then when Karin shook her head no, he sighed, "If you don't, you can kiss our next annual trip and you'll have nobody to blame but yourself and your failure to get rid of your smoker's cough."

Rukia couldn't help but smile as Karin growled and attempted to stick the spoon in her mouth. "I don't know why you call it grape…" Karin scowled.

Ichigo blinked twice, "I call it grape because its grape… flavored… duh."

"What the heck? Have you ever tasted a grape?" Karin flared her dark eyes at him, her face wincing at the horrifying taste, "This is not grape flavored… Grape cough syrup has never ever tasted like grape, Ichigo! This is an insult to grapes everywhere! This tastes like doom and the tears of innocent children victims who were forced to drink this shit. It's punishment! Not grape!" She hands the spoon to Ichigo, stomps upstairs to her room and slams the door.

"You know… she does have a point." Rukia giggled, at the half irritated man, "Grape flavored medicines have never tasted like grape."

"Sure, but like doom and children victim's tears… that's a new one." Ichigo placed the medicine on the table by Rukia's knee. "Last week she said it tasted like Grandma's holiday fruit cake…"

"How bad could that be?" Rukia questioned before shifting to the tall man for an answer, "I happen to like fruit cake…"

"Whoa…" Ichigo muttered together in bewilderment.

"What?" Rukia knitted her brows together, "I do… it's really good."

"… Well…you wouldn't like grandma's… Bleh." He made a gagging face, "It sorta tasted like thousand year old black liquorish with almonds, and was stiffer than a man's erection on a double dose of Viagra pills. Anyway, you wanna drink?"

Huh… Rukia paused blinking, realizing what the man said. Suddenly she shook her head, moving on to her response. "I'm fine. Sorry I had to come over uninvited, I had a feeling I left my phone here…and…"

"Nope, hadn't seen it." He responded quickly.

"Oh… I see." Rukia got up and bowed apologetically, "Thanks anywa—"

"Well what's the rush…" the man smiled, "You're already here. I haven't found a phone but we could still look. In the meantime, have a drink?"

Rukia bit her lip. It seemed that the man's plan was in motion. "Water is fine."

The man gave a knowing grin. "Oh yea, still not legal… I forgot." He ambled to his dark wooden cupboard by the fireplace and retrieved a bottle of wine, "You know Rukia, nothing changes at twenty-one, only then you can legally do all the things you've been secretly doing since you were fourteen."

"And you consumed alcoholic beverages as a teenager, Ichigo?" the woman watched him set a glass in front of her. She wasn't shocked that something like that would come crawling out of his mouth right about now. Judging by that comment, he was trying to persuade her into his disgusting drinking. However, he left her glass empty and filled up his, placing the bottle by her, and taking a swig of his.

"Yes. Lots of times." the man admitted with a smile, "But of course, I was a foolish, risk-taking delinquent? See, what makes your case a tad bit different, is for the fact you aren't fourteen."

"I'm not a delinquent." She stuck her tongue out. But… she did get shot in the leg a week ago. It doesn't get any more foolish and risk-taking than that.

"Of course you aren't." She hated his dryness.

Rukia stared at the half empty bottle. The man only put it near her so temptation could eat at her pride. As if wanting to take her virginity wasn't enough, seems he wanted to take her liver and kidneys too.

"But, consumption of alcohol is bad for younger teens…" she protested. "You're a medical doctor with a PhD in computer science. You should know that of all people."

"Yes well, too much is bad…" he corrected with a smile, "And uhh… not to get too technical," Ichigo cleared his throat, finally taking a seat beside the debating woman, "…but according to chemistry, Rukia— alcohol is a solution."

Rukia could see the man was now just being a smart ass. "Heh…" Rukia leaned forward, getting close enough where she could smell a hint of the Merlot in his steady breaths, her violet eyes regarding him sensibly, "It's also a bad excuse for being a dirty slut. Nice try though."

Ichigo laughed. "Oh psh, no one is going to be getting dirty…" at least not tonight… "I'm not making you drink. Don't worry. I don't persuade young girls to get drunk and take advantage of them. Truth is, I'm offering, but you better hurry— soon, I'll finish the bottle."… And I'll have to get another bottle out and try again. "You know you wanna try it… Or…" he snickered, "Are ya chicken…"


Thought he said, he wasn't going to make her drink? Yet, he was calling her a chicken. No one in their right mind would allow someone to get away with saying that. "The hell I'm not…" she growled pouring Merlot into her glass. She stuck her nose in sniffing, inhaling, and literately confused at how could someone drink this. The smell practically raped her sense of smell. Ni-sama would kill me for doing this. With that thought in mind, she knocks it out in one gulp. Her eyes widen as a burning sensation retaliated inside her. It was as if something flesh eating was devouring her throat. That same feeling seemed to reach her belly before she could put her glass down.

"How is it?" The doctor laughed at her coughing. "Good?" he had to balls to ask as she sat there coughing her lungs out.

Good? She couldn't figure out if she needed to throw up or lay down. "…It's… okay…" Actually, it was the driest and appalling thing she had ever tried. Never again. "So now what…" Not so chicken now, huh spiky head.

"Now what?" he laughed pouring her the last of what was in the bottle, "Now have some more."

"So about that phone…" Ichigo started to mention, "Turns out… I did find it. But I sorta broke it." He pulled it out of his pocket. "I found out it still works you just can't see anything on the screen."

After two hours of drinking, surely she would be easy enough to handle. "OH THANK YOU!" Rukia gasped, her cheeks were red and hot, "How did you know I was looking for it?"

"Just a hunch." He smiled, "Here, keep it in your bag… I'll replace the screen for you later on."

"Gosh mister… you are soo nice!" Rukia giggled, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Don't worry… you're drunk. You can repay me later." The man answered.

"I swear to drunk, I'm not god… I'm not god…" Everything started to move soooooo slooooooowly.

Ichigo watched the woman, brows raising at her curious actions. "Okay Rukia whatever you say…" He was beginning to regret pulling out the game Operation. After the third drink, he wanted to spice it up with a fair drinking game but Rukia was getting… well not herself.

Rukia giggled, "You know… I suck at this game…" she stared at the pencil— the hardest piece to get in the game. "I just… I can't…" she glared with one eye on that pencil slot. It seemed like her whole purpose in life, was to get that damn pencil at that exact moment. Five inches away… three… one— buzz.

"AW DANG! I guess I gotta take another—"

"Nope… heh. I think you had enough…" Ichigo pulled a shot of liquor out of her hand before she could consume it. Yes, somehow the night elevated from Merlot to liquor but, only because Rukia stumbled to the bathroom and came back to the living room, somehow with his hidden stash of whiskey and tequila and said: "WOOO! MORE PARTY FOR THE BOOZE!" and well, Rukia insisted on it and… he couldn't pass up whiskey over rocks.

"What's going on…?" Karin came down stairs, staring hard at Ichigo and Rukia's weird demeanor. Why was she all over Ichigo like that?

"Eh…" Ichigo gripped the little woman's hand, calming her down, "Nothing Karin. Nosy girl, go back upstairs…"

Rukia giggled. "Doesn't she wanna play surgery too?" Hiccup.

Ichigo sighed, "Operation, Rukia… Operation."

Karin stared harder at the woman like the sad case she was, "What's wrong with her?"

"Just a little intoxicated that's all." he pended her to the couch.

"What's intasicated?"

Rukia couldn't help but giggle again. What was matter with her? Why did she have sudden urge to throw herself like a slut on Ichigo and compliment all his physical features. Don't do it… don't you dare do it Rukia. Careful now, his sister is right there. She watching your every move! "…Gosh, you have the prettiest eyes, Ichigo." Damn it… why.

He frowned when Rukia put her hands around him. He struggled to poke his head out from her strong grip. This woman was out of control. "Seriously Karin go upstairs."

The little girl stood there all adorable in her footed one piece pajamas, pouting at the orange head, "I just wanted my blanket…" and she wasn't about to leave till she got it.

The doctor found the blanket quickly, pulled it out from under Rukia, and rudely threw the heavy wool thing at Karin while Rukia continued to latch on him. "Here."


The heavy blanket hit Karin in the face. Quickly, she pulled it off with disgust. "This doesn't smell anything like my blanket…" the little girl protested, annoyed.

"Well it is." Ichigo hissed back.

"This smells like hot bologna, cheese, and angry alcoholics. Not my blanket."

Fuck. "Karin, go…"


Rukia's eyes drooped heavily, everything went from slow to blurry. "Mm. Ichigo." She let go of the doctor, grabbing at her chest, "Take me now." Hiccup.

"What? Take you… where?" He could hear his sister's door close.

"No." Rukia pulled him by the collar, violet eyes penetrating his soul, "Satisfymenow." She was like a smitten puppy.

Of course Ichigo would have jumped to that opportunity any time. But seeing that Rukia was unbelievably drunk, it just wouldn't be right. The real Rukia wouldn't say that. "Swab my vagina with your hard cock…" Wow or that. "Fuck me until I can feel it in the pit of my gut, Ichigo. Oh please make sweet, passionate… love to me." or that…

"Go to sleep. You're drunk."

Rukia woke up early; it must have been around eight in the morning. She sat up with a mini heart attack. Her heart throbbing and pounding as if she had gone on some crazy roller coaster ride. Gosh, had she been at Kurosaki's all night long? She stroked the warm spot on her cheek, realizing that she was lying on Dr. Kurosaki's chest before she woke up. There was a red print on his chest from her cheek. He laid there smiling in his slumber; his hand slithered back to his side as his rippling chest rose for an intense breath. It was as if his body instinctively knew she wasn't close and drifted off to his end of the California king bed.

Good… he's asleep. Now the question remained, did they have sex last night? She felt around and noticed she was still in her clothes. Thankfully nothing was tainted with in any kind of way. Ichigo kept his word and didn't even bother to change out of her clothes either.

Now, her second thing to worry about… How the hell was she going to sneak out of there without the spiky head waking up? Her plan wasn't half finished before hands reached up and groped her sides, inducing her to slide back into the mattress. For a moment, her words were frightened, shaky mumbles until she compelled herself to swallow and speak correctly. "Good… Good morning, Dr. Kurosaki."

"Morning Rukia," his voice was lucid, as if he'd been awake all that time she was panicking silently to herself. His smoky, brown eyes gawked at the small bundle of woman in his arms, "If you're going to leave without a goodbye, you should at least tuck me in and give me a kiss…"

Her expression instantly dropped, "No… it's not like that at all…" her voice thick with nervousness, "Y-you know, I would have said goodbye. I-I… didn't want to wear out my welcome. That's all."

"Oh really?" The doctor raised a brow of curiosity.

"Yes. You've put so much effort into the hospitality, and not mention, I got drunk too… it would be quite rude to take it all for granted."

She was so hot, innocent, and quick-witted. Ichigo just wanted to taste her— just one time. Rukia felt his grip tighten around her petite waist in response. Ichigo tightened his arms around her a little bit more. This time, the cunning man smiled an avid, lustful smile.

A warm soft kiss approached her forehead, and she found herself snuggling close— almost willingly. "Hn, you're so full of shit…" His lips tickled the slope of her neck, dragged to her shoulder, all the way down her trembling arm, then to her covered chest. His actions made her bones dance with crawling satisfaction. In the intensity of it all, Rukia hesitated, stiffening her neck at his irresistible lips.

"…Psh, you're full of shit too, Dr. Kurosaki … You expect me to believe you were sleeping…"

"Please…," the man's nose nudged her hot pink cheek, grasping her sweet scent in the depths of his lungs, "…call me Ichigo." The half-naked man sat up and gestured Rukia to step down. Almost instantly, she complied. He straddled her hips, moving her hips gently against his, licking his lips. He wanted to really tease her and persuade her.

A soft moan escaped her lips, "Ichi…go…," Rukia breathed, trying to swallow so she wouldn't choke on her own saliva. Was it all about to happen now? He grabbed her hips, squeezing them softly as they laid together, his face buried in her neck once more and kissing up and down, licking her soft flushed skin. She let out another soft moan. She hated how she found herself weak under his touch.

"Rukia," he growled softly in her ear. She could feel him riding up on her against headboard, pinning her to the bed, grabbing her wrists, kissing and licking her arms. "You know I want you… don't you?"

"I hadn't noticed." She tried to remain calm. This? It was so new to her, and she wasn't sure how to feel. Was Ichigo doing this just because he could? Did he like her? Did he see how weak she was every time he touched her? Was he… using me? If he was, what could she do? How could she stop this arousal from pulsating between her legs? Suddenly, he let go of her arms and slid his hands under her shirt, hands traveling the small ridges her rib cage and then under bra, to her small breasts. He sucked on her neck harder, nibbling out of anxiousness. He wanted her so much more than yesterday, more than when she was drunk and practically yearning for him.

Well… if it was going to happen now, then she was going to let it. In response, she tugged at his soft orange hair and pressed his face further into her neck as she let a few words escape her trembling lips, "You win you … little horny pesky devil…" Ichigo looked down smiled at the small woman, squeezing her perky breasts through her shirt, teasing her nipples with his fingertips, and eliciting slightly louder moans.

A light ringing in her ear made her jolt up with dismay. Her heart thumped as she realized her phone started to ring. Wait, Phone? (Oh yeah that thing she came over for, but forgot about after two hours of drinking!) Shit! Hanataro! Rangiku! Holy moly, Byakuya! She pulled back with wide eyes, trying to find her phone. It was in the bed with her, wrapped in many silk sheets. Fearing it could be her brother, she whispered, "I'll have to find my phone, sorry…" and just like that Ichigo pouted, throwing his hands behind his head. He was just that close.

She began digging like a mole rat in a pile of sheets till she found her phone, "Hello!"

"Thank heavens, right number."

"Huh?" Rukia blinked.

"It's Hanataro." Suddenly the man giggled nervously, "How was work yesterday?"

Ichigo frowned.

The muscles in Rukia's small face relaxed. She took a deep breath and half smiled into the phone, "It was great. I'm just glad to be off today." Yet, her relief was short-lived when she realized Ichigo had been stabbing her with his death glares.

"…That's good," he wanted to tell her that he couldn't wait to see her lovely face again, but that sounded so creepy. "I'm holding out over here. I just have a few hours left." Suddenly Rukia could hear a loud boom, "Ow!" Hanataro whimpered into the phone.

"Are… are you okay?" she gasped.


"Um… Hanataro?"

"Err, I have to go, can we meet sometime today?" he pressed his face into the phone whispering.

"Um well… can I call you later?" Rukia helplessly smiled.

"Ok…" the man answered back, desperately trying to get in that last bit of his farewell before his grouchy grandpa smacked him again. "Don't forget! …Later Rukia…"

"…I won't."


"So… you're dating him huh?" Ichigo wondered, deadpan. It made sense, they had lunch together on the day of that crazy heist. "Tell me, do you always fall for the puny fake heroic guys?"

"No we are just friends…" Rukia muttered, regretting that she didn't take the call elsewhere. "And he isn't puny."

"Sure stick up for the poor bastard, no one else will…" Ichigo cooed.

"He's a nice guy…" she frowned.

"Hn, nice enough to get you shot…"

Rukia could smell the jealously. "Stop! Damn it! Hanataro is my friend. That's all. And you will not talk about him. Got it?"

"Sure." He frowned, "My apologies." Things were much harder. He didn't think the little twit could snatch Rukia up so fast. Clearly this guy had nothing going for him— no great job— no money and, Ichigo was sure the guy had a beat up outdated car. Again, Ichigo had to remind himself that Rukia wasn't into the material kind of thing. And griping about how much Hanataro sucked wasn't working either. Nevertheless, Ichigo had plans for this midget, and he wasn't about to let this wimp win this fight. He looked up and noticed that Rukia was trying to find what she had leave.

A slow smile spread across his face as he rolled over in the bed. "Well you said you were off today…? I can make lunch for us and we can talk a little more."

"I have school today." She lied, grabbing her purse off the chair. She made a note not to leave her phone here this time. Byakuya was probably worried sick, and Rangiku would love to hear the juicy update.

Ichigo was running out of time it seemed. He had a scheme but it was quite finished. He needed to know more about her and she wasn't willing to talk freely. He would either put in everything he had into this half made plan. It was all or nothing. Rukia grabbed her purse and her fixed device and bowed before leaving.

"I'll be going now. Bye… Ichigo."

"…I can help." He murmured quickly before her pale hand touched the doorknob to his room. He grunted, face-palming himself silently. Of all things he could have said to catch her attention.

Rukia turned to face the tanned man slowly, "…What? Did you say…?"

"I… said." Ichigo sighed, fuck it, here it goes. "Let's just cut the bullshit. I know you're planning to never come back. Personally that's fine."

"Huh, that's not…"

"Rukia its fine. I know. I wasn't planning on you staying either but somehow I ended up liking you a little more than I should. Problem is you don't seem to even like me a little bit." He explained, "Even though feelings aren't mutual, I figured out that we both want things very passionately… you need money and I'm looking for adventure."

Rukia's heart started to thump, her lip parted into a thin line. "How… did you know I needed money?" No one knew that. Unless…

"How would you like to get back in school, especially without Byakuya's help?"

"NO! I… I HAVE TO GO!" but Ichigo was too quick. He had marched out of bed and placed a hand on the door to prevent her from leaving.

"Listen here, I don't need your money. I have more than enough." She glared at the man, "I wouldn't accept money from you if I was your mom and down to my last damn baked bean, ya got that? Have a pleasurable time finding your fucking adventure."

"I'm playing the nice card here. Always have been." His hands remained on the door, apathetic and unaffected by Rukia's wrath. He figured in this kind of situation, he needed to be careful of what came out of his mouth, especially with a small woman like Rukia. Someone like her could be lethal. "Rukia you know what I see?"

"I don't care." She growled.

"I see a girl who is just about to walk away without paying for an 8000 dollar suit— which was clearly the fault of her drunken whorish friend but still felt the need to hold herself accountable."

"Buy another one and fuck you. You egotistical, Grey Poupon, pompous, rich, bastard!"

"Gladly, as soon as I fax a request for a check of 8,000 dollars to your brother. I'm sure he'll be please to know where and how this all took place… as well as how frisky you are when drunk. As I said before, Byakuya and my family go back…"

"Excuse me!" She was speechless for a cool second, but briskly, her face turned a blistering red, realizing the only way Ichigo knew as much as he did was because her phone was left here in his possession. It was the only logical explanation for how he knew that information! Getting her drunk so he would have something to blackmail her for too. Ichigo was clever.

How could he use this against her? How could he threaten her to comply by using her brother? "FINE! You are going to tell me what the hell you really want from me." Rukia lips began to tremble, and not from fear but from the scorned abhorrence she developed from just watching him. "But after it's done… I want nothing more to do with you…"

Ichigo would never wanted it this way but he was determined to make Rukia his bunny and his bunny alone. Even if he had to play dirty. "That's fine, love. I'll vanish before you even know I was here… Believe that."