Thanks for waiting. 3-9-16

"And that's why you never milk an Ostrich…" Hanataro concluded his story with a smile, watching the midget cringe as she loathed the vivid image he planted effortlessly in her mind. Remembering that sour smell from his car added a dozy.

"Talking about unfortunate…" They made their way to a hotdog stand in the middle of Tokyo. "You think that ruined your day… My brother asked me if I was into girls… and of all women, he thought I might have been dating my best friend. All because I haven't date a guy in years…"

"That's pretty bad…well… are ya?"

"Am I what?" she blinked.

"Into girls…?"

"Excuse me?" Rukia frowned.

"Joking. Only joking." Rukia could tell he was getting confortable with being around her. "Its just funny…" the dark haired man explained, "Every girl I tell that story to, slaps me in the face, turns their noses in disgust and are never to be seen of again…" His eyes widened as he gestured his hands to make creepy claws. "But you… you come back with something even weirder… like your brother thinking your lesbian…"

"…So you're saying I'm different?" Rukia questioned before taking a nibble of her hotdog.

"Yes very…" He nodded. For one, Rukia was the only girl that considered a second date with him. "Let us not forget me getting you shot in the leg…"

Rukia sighed, "Please… the pleasure is all mine. Getting shot in the leg is my favorite thing to do in my spare time." She scoffed sarcastically.

"Seriously Rukia, I'm really sorry about that." He admitted, and then… other empathic thoughts came to mind, "In fact that's why I wanted you to come out tonight. I wanted to make up for last time." He sighed, "…and before you say anything to defend my actions, I will say that people… really do dumb things when they like someone…"

She blinked twice, speechless for a brief moment, would she add something mawkish to complete their undying attraction for each other? For now she would avoid that at all costs. "…Then to doing dumb things…" it was completely out of character, but she raised her half eaten hotdog for a toast.

Hanataro smiled, of all responses, he liked that one the most. "…And to living life on edge!" (Referring to Rukia getting shot in the leg.) They laughed as everyone looked at them, probably wondering why the hell they were toasting with hotdogs.

They enjoyed the rest of their grub and decided to catch a scary movie before he took her back to her brothers. Finally, a pleasant time with a guy she enjoyed, there was hope for her despondent life yet.

"… You know…" Hanataro started to say after it seemed like an eternity of silence. "I thought this whole date would be flop… but it turned out all right." They pulled in to Rukia's brother's home. He stepped out of the car to let Rukia out.

"Just… alright?" she crawled out of the small Honda and dusted off her clothes.

"More than that… it was…" Rukia could see a tint of red coding his cheeks, "Quite enjoyable."

"Well that's good…"

"It just seemed that…" Hanataro cleared his throat nervously; "…you worried about something before you got into the car. I thought it might have been me that made you feel uneasy…"

That's when she felt it, that sudden pain of worry. She was reminded all over again. Thanks to Hanataro but it wasn't his fault. The midget turned to look at the curious Hanataro, "A few things have been on my mind, but you did nothing to make me feel uneasy. Actually, I was really happy that I was able to hang with you tonight, it took a whole load away…" At least temporarily, "But…" she said quickly, more to herself ¾pondering.

"But… what?" he raised a brow, Rukia was probably about to let him down easy.

"Huh…" she came back down to reality. Her thoughts subsided for only a moment. "Hanataro…" she glanced at him enquiringly. Suddenly, Ichigo's perfect arrogant face entered her mind, along with his vomit suit that got her into her current mess in the first place. "Have you ever gotten yourself into something that you couldn't get out of?"

The man could truly relax now. This couldn't have been about him, "Of course… "He laughed, "Loads of times."

"And how did you get yourself out?" she questioned, as if this unsystematic conversation would serve as an aid in her current dilemma.

"Well…" Hanataro couldn't count them all so he shrugged, "I don't have an answer for you." He watched Rukia's face lower in disappointment, "BUT¾ you are much more clever than I. Someone like you, I'd imagine, would never get into to the kind of stupid encounters I have been in."

"Heh…" Rukia sighed. Speak for yourself.

"Seriously Rukia… you are smart. And I think… it's just not in you to get trapped in situations." His words were not helping, he could tell. He cleared his throat and started again, "But let's just say you were… the Rukia I've come to know would find a way to benefit."

Benefit…? Rukia grabbed her keys and opened her door, "Thanks…"

"Wait that's it?" He wondered confused, "Everything is okay?"

She smiled, "Everything is okay, now…" her lips parted in a small grin, "I'll call you in a few days? I got some things I have to handle."

"Sure." He wasn't as sure as he sounded. Maybe this was Rukia's way of letting him down easy. Gah! Who knew? Rukia was really starting to worry him. He didn't want to suffocate her with any of his questions though.

"Seriously, I'll call you, okay?" the woman assured him.

"No worries, I'll see you in a few days then…" they smiled at one another and he sauntered back to the car. She closed the door before he could even turn around. He sighed turning on his rambling engine. "…Don't forget…"

The red head grunted, "You're making your equations wrong." He seemed calm about it at first. Calmer than he would... on a good day. Now he was getting more and more frustrated as the night went on. Rangiku was probably the hardest person to tutor in the whole human species.

"It should look like this." Renji ordered. He tried to not spew any harsh names like he normally would when he got irritated. Only now, it was a lot more challenging because Rangiku was annoying as hell.

"Oh. Well what's wrong with mine...?" Rangiku snapped at him. They were sitting in on his dorm room floor and it was only an hour into their study session and he could already tell that this was going to take longer than he expected. She said she needed his brain cells when really she needed a whole charity donation.

"You used the wrong formulas." He replied relentlessly.

She stared at the paper, bamboozled. Now everything the red head explained went up in smoke and his writing started to look like French. "…Huh?"

Renji sighed. "You wanna take a break?" I'll shoot myself, if I don't.

"I thought you'd never ask!" the large busty woman stood up and stretched, "I'm so hungry," she nagged, "My stomach is eating itself."

"I just have leftovers, and there's enough for the two of us..."

"I suppose. It's better than nothing."

"What are you saying it like that for?" the man frowned, "I'm the best damn cook there ever was. And if you don't believe me, you can just starve."

"Alright, alright, alright…" she sighed, "I didn't mean it that way." He acts more like a woman than me… And with his masculine, haughty, uptight personality, she didn't think that was possible for Renji. "You are worse than Rukia."

"What did ya say? Huh?" That made him whip around, "Take that back…"

"I will once you man the hell up…" Rangiku chortled, "Oh! I've to tell Rukia about how sensitive you've gotten."

"How is she anyway?" Renji wondered, "Haven't heard from her since she left school in a hurry."

"She's fine I guess." She shrugged, "Busy with her new boyfriend…"

Renji paused, "Boyfriend? Not that Ichigo guy is it?"

"Hehe, yeah…" The strawberry blonde laughed, "I didn't think that it was ever going to happen."

Me either… Renji remained silent. He knew of an Ichigo— his father was a rich pimp who owned a popular club up north Tokyo. The club was shut down after ten years of running it due to birth of his first son. Anyway… either Rangiku was full of shit, or Rukia really did have a boyfriend. He'd believe it too —except, Rangiku was always full of shit.

"Do you need any help?" Rangiku questioned, watching him as he went into his tea cup kitchen, his long muscular arms reached to the highest shelf in the cabinet to grab plates and cups.

"Nah, I got it." He quickly set the reheated dinner on the table in the living room. "What do you want to drink? I have water and beer."

"No Sake today?" she smirked.

"Come on Rangiku, you know I don't drink that much anymore." He plops down beside her on the couch. "And you should probably do the same. You'll feel better knowing you've saved your liver for a few more decades."

"Renji, Renji…" She smiled, "You are so cute. So… where is the sake again? You still keep it in that guest closet of yours?

Renji sighed, rolling his eyes. "You aren't listening to me." She made that clear enough when she had already retrieved the alcohol and had acquired two glasses.

"Aww come on. Stop being a little wus." She giggled, her hair fell partially in her face from bending over the table. "You only live once." She handed him a glass and he didn't budge. "Plus… if you want this study session to go a little faster, you'll drink this."

"How so?" he raised a brow.

"It will calm your nerves. Don't worry, I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with." She explained, "Call it a helpful suggestion."

"But a drunk Matsumoto is worse than a sober one…"

"Not if you are drunk too…" She smiled again. "What do you say?"

Well, it didn't take much to get him to join in her façade. It took them less time to get drunk. The two of them devoured dinner like it was the end of the world, it was very pleasurable; even though they were leftovers. Rangiku probably wouldn't say it but Renji could tell she liked it by how much of it was left on her face. "Eat your heart out Matsumoto! This is the best Beef Lo Mein you've ever tried in your whole existence!"

"Okay you have made me eat mah words. This is pretty good for leftovers." Rangiku burped loudly, "Ooh, excuse me…" she covered her mouth before burping again. "Sorry."

"That's fucking disgusting. Have you no class?"

"No…" the woman blinked— drunk and mused, "Not tomorrow, I'm off tomorrow."

"No I meant…" Renji shook his head, "Never mind." He parted his lips and proceeded to laugh. Rangiku joined in even though she had no idea why they were laughing in the first place. "Anyway… we better get back to studying…"

"What's the rush? We have all a lot of time!" Rangiku raised her glass of sake, her cheeks were flushed with deep pink.

"Oh no you don't." Renji took the glass out her hands, "You're gonna study and you're gonna pass this class." He pulled out her books and turned to the workshop page.

"Aw you are no fun Abarai." Another long hour went by…and finally they were getting somewhere. "Oh. I get it! I FUCKING GET IT!" the young woman chanted. "Thank you so much Renji!"

"Don't mention it." Seems Rangiku was right. All their session needed was some sake. It was that or, she needed sake to get her to function right. "I'm glad to be of some help."

"You know, I feel bad not knowing how good you were in Calculous. I would have come to you sooner."

"Gee thanks. You are too kind." He rolled his eyes.

The strawberry blonde gathered her books and stuffed them in a small school bag. "Thank you, again. Well it's getting late."

"No problem." He agreed blankly. "Are you okay to walk home?" She didn't look drunk but she sure did walk like it.

She giggled. "Are ya kiddin'? I could walk home backwards and my tail between my legs."

"Your… tail…?"

Rangiku thought for a moment, "I mean if I had a tail… then I could walk backwards and…"

Renji heaved a sigh, "I'll get my jacket…"

"I'm giving you until tomorrow night to think about my request…"

As soon as Hanataro drove off, Rukia hopped in her car and headed to Kurosaki's. It was apparent. She was going to make this worth Ichigo's wild and come back tonight. He may have been expecting her. The front door was unlocked…

Rukia dropped her purse and keys onto the hall table and turned to take in the living room. Her violet irises swept over the coffee table littered with pudding cups and juice boxes, the leather couch with a pair of small girl jeans draped over the back, and the game controls were strolled out on the floor. She knew Ichigo must have been with Karin all day. With what she knew about them, which was unusually a lot, their days together habitually turned into a boisterous time.

The door clicked closed behind her. Rukia flinched at the finality of the sound. She paced the wooden floorboards and nibbled her thumbnail, then yanked her hand away when she remembered she'd given up the habit years ago.

"You made it back quicker than I expected¾ glad I left the door unlocked." Ichigo smiled, "Sorry it's a mess. Karin's last day was today and so we spent the whole day together." And when he didn't get a response, he snagged her elbow and turned her toward him. "What's the matter?"

"No. What?" Rukia blinked. "There's nothing wrong." She was so ready for all of this and then just as she entered Kurosaki's home, the whole idea crumbled beneath her.

Ichigo released his hold on her. "Then why are you acting…" he trailed off, realizing the girl was probably uneasy about their deal. "I'm not going to kill you… relax."

"I'm fine really." The midget sighed; she covered her face with her hands. She massaged her forehead and took a couple of invigorating breaths. Rukia was really going to do this. "I will comply with your deal." She forced her hands away and met his eyes.

"Good to hear." He partially smiled, then sauntered over to the couch and sat on the edge with his hands dangling between his knees. His watchful eyes followed her every movement.

Now it was out there, there were no take backs. She huffed a breath. "So eh… I'm just going to state my terms…"

"Of course." He waggled his thumb at the empty space beside him. "Do you want to take a seat? You look like you're about to pass out."

Rukia shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I need to you to hear me out…" Her heart hammered and the pressure built inside her until the idea of playing along almost became appealing. "For me to comply, we have to keep this a secret."

"I agree…"

"No…" She shook her head, "I mean no one must know that we are even talking to each other." She explained.

"What? Not even as friends?" he wondered, almost bothered from that fact alone. But it was almost expected.

"Friends don't screw each other, Ichigo." She frowned, "I refuse to be friends with benefits… So I want this whole ideal fling to be private as possible."

The doctor leaned back against the couch and clasped his hands behind his head. Amusement glimmered in his eyes and a lazy smile played about his lips. "With your uptight, highly strung personality, I'd never have guessed." He replied sarcastically.

A flush warmed her cheeks. "Yeah well, I can't risk anything with my brother. And if we are going to do this, you have to respect that." It took some effort, but Rukia managed to push her embarrassment aside and approach the coffee table.
"I understand. But¾"

"And another thing…" Rukia interrupted, "…I'm not in this for money. From the beginning, I promised to replace your wardrobe and that's what I'm going to do. I never break promises …so I don't want you rubbing it in my face. This is strictly business."

"Fine. But… if I'm giving you anything… you have to accept." He kept his eyes on her.

"Fine…" She shoved a couple juice boxes out of the away and perched on the edge facing him. Her attention flickered to the living room window. She supposed it was too late go crashing through the glass to make her escape. "Also… if I'm going to go through with this, I have to know for how long…"

"Alright." He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Let's say a month. You'll have more than enough for school and to buy me a descent enough suit. And as promised, we will never speak of this again… after this."

"…I …" Rukia paused, lashes fluttering, talking became a hassle. "…I… don't want to see you again, after this."

It still pained him to hear that. It sucked that all this had to be cut and dry. "I told you, Miss Kuchiki, you won't even know I existed."

Rukia blew the hair from her eyes and glanced down at her hands. "Okay so now what—"

"BUT…" Ichigo dragged a hand down his face. The sudden silence weighed heavily in the large living room. The midget held her breath and trained her attention on her fingernails, "I don't expect you to love being my main squeeze for the time being, still, I would want you to act like you don't hate me so much, okay?"

"Wow… that almost sounded sentimental." She waited for him to laugh, to ridicule her, but nothing happened. "You're not saying anything." She glanced up and saw his guarded expression.

"I meant that. I've been known to never crack a single joke." Ichigo confessed, "And of all things that could happen, I think I'm being extremely reasonable."

You're being extremely selfish. Then she'd be selfish back. She pressed her lips together and focused on staying calm. "I guess I'm supposed to be grateful." She slapped her palms on her knees and pushed herself up to stand, "But aren't you the one taking my virginity?"

"Your virginity… your decision." His eyes passed over her. "So, are we doing this now, or did you come here to make an appointment?"

She closed her eyes, holding her breath for a moment. When her gaze met his again, she found some of her courage had returned. "Now."

The doctor cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. "Sure… it'll be a real chore." There it was again, that sarcasm. He couldn't help it. "I'd like to say I'm the type of guy who wouldn't take advantage of a woman in your situation, but who would I be kidding?" She saw the heat flare in his eyes.

"I can't believe my life has come to this." Rukia shook her head in disbelief, and then made a point to scowl at him. "A bright side to this is how much you annoy me. Enough to not develop any feelings for you."

"Ha, you underestimate my appeal, Miss Kuchiki." He propped his hands at his waist and looked her over once more.

She stepped over his bare feet and forced her shoulders back. "Wait."

"Huh?" the man watched the young woman grab a random shot glass and pour vodka into it. She sniffed it and she was sure it killing brain cells.

"Here goes nothing…" She held her nose and she downed it all in one setting. It took a minute but got used to the taste quicker than before. "Ah… that wasn't so bad." Rukia placed the shot glass in front of him. "I'll be… waiting up stairs." She smiled but she was nervous. Ichigo could tell. Maybe it was best not reassure her. All he could do now was accept his victory. Though… it didn't feel much like one.

The doctor's bedroom was a spacious 400 square foot room with sky-high ceilings, lofty windows, and a fireplace. The walls were a neutral tan, and the furnishings were a matching tan. In one corner, he had his mini office, and in the other corner, there was seventy-two inch television mounted on his massive wall. His California king bed had a cherry wood finish, four posts, and conquered half of the room. It was elegant with wood engravings of leaf designs on the headboard. These were all things she never noticed when she left this morning…

She shuddered as she sat on the bed. His silky satin covers were so comfy and welcoming that she could just sleep on them for days without waking up.

She should have felt content being here; she was afraid he would take things too far one day if they continued. This could blow up really fast. One thing was for sure, what they were doing was business, not love. So what do you do in these types of situations? She muttered to herself. What do you do when you don't love the person but have had sex with them? Should she be causal about this and only treat her time here as a sense of duty?

But she immediately stopped what she was doing when she heard footsteps. Her heart began to beat faster, "Ichigo?" Had he heard her talking to herself? There was no response. She grimaced at the silence. Maybe she was hearing things. This house was way too big for one person; great place for hearing the paranormal.

Then the man himself emerged, standing in the middle of the hallway. She took in his appearance carefully. His loud orange hair was spiked, as always. He wore light khaki pajama pants and a matching unbuttoned shirt. He crawled on the bed and laid on his stomach, practically on top of the midget. Ichigo expected there to be some sort of disconnect from the fact that the girl sprawled out on his bed beneath him was a scared virgin, who hated him for trapping her in his fantasy. There was no such disconnect. Ichigo was vividly aware of the fact that it was Rukia who accepted and it was she who was tracing lines on back and forth down his back. If she hated him, she was doing a fucking good job of not showing it.

"You're gorgeous, Miss Kuchiki." he said, pulling her close.

Rukia pressed her lips together to stop them from quivering. …I am? She wondered. Her muscles quickly clenched up as her naughty parts tingled.

"And uh… just go with it…" Confident, passionate eyes regarded Rukia attentively. "Do whatever comes naturally to you."

Then suddenly her legs were wrapped around him pulling him toward her, wanting more contact. Happily he complied and bent over to kiss her, genuinely, sliding one hand along her cheek to cradle her head in his hand as while they explored each other's mouths. His lips were so persistent, dominate, and hungry. He pulled her head back gently and moved to the dip of her neck, nipping at the fleshed skin then slid back to her mouth. Their tongues moved together, small moans and grunts turning each other on just as much as their actions. Rukia still didn't say much. He couldn't figure out if all she wanted to do is get it over with or what?

What felt like endless hours of just kissing, getting to know one another in a very different aptitude than they had ever known each other, Ichigo slid hands under the front of her thin blouse. Just one touch from him made her curious. She wanted to know sex, the sensual feelings, orgasms, the moaning… she wanted to know everything. Rukia curiously ran her hands along the lad's abs and up over his chest, pulling back his shirt like a curtain. Both were about done with this hindering barrier, tossing meaningless clothes on the floor, craving more skin-to-skin contact.

…This man had a body built for sex.

Rukia could feel a current of energy surging through her, shuddering down her body, oddly to her fingertips and toes, and back up along her spine. She could feel felt the electricity elsewhere as well. Finally a moan escaped her and she could see some relief in the man's eyes that she had finally adjusted to the setting. And that was truly a blessing, seriously it was. It was really fucking hard to be a gentleman right now. Soon it wouldn't matter if she was ready or not because he was going to fuck her like crazy.

Rukia tried to focus through the misty lust in her mind, only to see a calm expression on Ichigo's flushed face, lengthy eyelashes fluttering in wounded concentration, and his lips parted into a crooked grin. Now relaxing against Ichigo's body, her hands rose to dwell in his orange strands. Another small whine escaped her as she simply reached forward to nibble on one of his yummy lips. She murmured through the kiss, slowly running her fingertips across the bumps of his abs before releasing his lip. Quickly, they managed to shed their pants quickly with nervous, blundering fingers tips. Occasionally, he'd look up and lock eyes with her. There laid a shy smile on her perfect pink lips, her eyes were warm and soft and very passionate.

His fancy love.

Things progressed rapidly from there. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the self-control to be any milder with her. Truth be told, he wanted to fucking bury himself inside of her. The sheets were damp with their heat and Rukia's sweet cum. She was totally ready for him again. He retrieved a condom from his nightstand drawer and put it on. "…Ready, hm?" the doctor mused lightly as Rukia whimpered a desperate yes in response. His erection remained substantial, the color, the texture, the evenness. He wanted to make sure she saw its muscularity, its veins. Even the way his testicles were attached to his tool, and indeed it was a tool¾how many women had he blissfully aroused with this?

She met his gaze. The intensity of his eyes alone almost made her lose what little control she had left.

Abruptly, he took Rukia by the shoulders and pushed her downward in the core of the bed, his lips nipped a little and tugged, revealing a fresh hickey on her neck. Rukia wrapped her legs tighter around his waist, grinding her flower against his cock. Without a doubt, he knew she could feel him getting harder by the second. Rukia whimpered and mewled, her sounds going straight to pulsation between his legs. It twitched and begged to be touched. Ichigo kind of hoped it would get what it wanted, but at the same time, it would be wise not push for anything. He grabbed her shivering hips, thrusting between her legs before he slid his hard thickness inside her. He nodded, then told her. "Soon you'll like it…" He could feel the anticipation and eventually began to see it in her eyes as he began to spread her legs wider. He hitched her leg up over his hip and ground himself and his teeming, enflamed hard-on into her even further.

"I'll… like… it…?" She was interrupted by the shock of his full force penetration. It was almost like, yeah right, like what? He was pounding into her wet flower at a savage pace. Rukia could feel it now, that physical friction within her inner walls. It was mind-boggling. She couldn't stay focused at all, but Ichigo was staring down at her small bouncing breasts, one free hand fondling a perfect nipple. With nothing but the soft satin sheets and lace between them, the trill of sensation ricocheted through both of them as their most aroused areas rubbed back and forth together, creating friction and warmth.

Rukia's head was thrown back, her fingers tangled and tugging in Ichigo's hair as he circled his tongue around the shell of her ear. His hair had a wavy curl to it¾ moist from the humidity. He dragged his hand from her shoulder, over the swell of her breasts, and down over her ribs. With attentiveness, he proceeded to work his fingertips under the band of her panties, dipping them underneath and gripping her bare hip, pulling her closer to him.

Rukia's head was swimming with the vision of him surrounded by the evening glow of the hot evening sun peeking through his massive bedroom window. His hand left her breast to meet the other one then gripped her neck softly while he fucked her swiftly. Then the raging burn came; her tiny, fragile legs convulsed, vast erotic shocks of ecstasy exploded from her lower regions, releasing violent torrents of indescribable pleasure. "Mmmmm-Mmmmm-mm… Ichi…go…" Her voice was strained, and her juices flowed freely between them. Slowing his thrusts, he brought his mouth down to hers again, dipping his tongue inside softly between her lips. Her desperate hands touched his sweaty abs, aroused at how they pulled and constricted each time the doctor thrust.

The sensation was marvelous when he paused to pull out a few inches. He raised her up to where she depended on her forearms, fucking her even faster, showing no mercy at how much pain she was in. Her moans were soft and airy then eventually stopped as she began to hold her breath. She wanted to grab him and take him deeper but a sensual shock interrupted those thoughts. "Right… there…" that particular spot deep within her. Ichigo never failed to find it.

She saw the way his eyes darkened with necessity; she perceived the line of his jaw as he held his desire under control. "Mmmmm…" his whole body tensed with quakes of electric inclination. "Come all over me," he said through gritted teeth, trying to hold back his own release. Very quickly, she exhaled with a full on cry of pleasure as the pulse of her orgasm squeezed from her onto Ichigo.

"Shit!" she could feel her orgasm from the tip of her sopping clit to the tips of her tiny curling toes. "Oh my god…"

"Not. Yet." The man's voice was filled with heavy wrath. Ichigo drove into poor Rukia with all his might. An immense, punishing strength that she was frightened of. Her lower regions never felt so awakened. This new firing rage she felt nearly tore her insides apart. She cried out multiple times. The air was literately stolen from her lungs, and it drove tears from her eyes, but she gripped tight to his ass cheeks and squeezed.

"F-fuck!" she choked.

His body tensed for one long moment, and he groaned deep in his throat, then finally he threw his head back and moaned in pleasure as he reached his steaming orgasm. She swept her bangs from her forehead and stroked his back while her pulse settled. He suddenly pulled out, and Rukia felt hot splatters of cum shooting across her chest. The orange-haired fellow was moaning loudly as more splattered everywhere. Rukia froze there, her body shivering as he squeezed the last bits of cum from his cock.

After a moment, Ichigo rolled over, heaving a sigh of satisfaction. "I don't care what you say…" Ichigo shot a confident gaze at the little woman beside him. "We both needed that." Rukia wondered what he meant.

The desire they had together was diminished quickly, leaving a loud silence ringing in their ears. "I guess we can finally move on with our lives…" she cooed sarcastically. With the hard part being over now, what were Ichigo's plans for the next few weeks? How far would he take this fantasy of his?

Her thoughts were distracted by his low, coarse laughter.

"I guess we can. Our agreement will be over before one of us can blink." Now, he was tender… as the fierce appetite he once had all dispersed. He appeared to be a new man, one that was invigorated and replenished¾ like a vampire that had just finished feasting on a damsel's rich swollen veins.

Rukia shifted uncomfortably from his response. She yawned softly, feeling those troubled eyes growing heavy with every thought. Assuming that her job was done and he'd send her on her way, she sat up thinking should save him the work and do so herself but he stopped her.

"If you could stay with me tonight, I won't ask again." He sat up on his forearms, brown eyes gawking her half-covered body, "I promise."

"If that's what you want…" Rukia turned and faced the other way… away from Ichigo, pulling more silk covers over her. "Seems you might be more rational then I was led to believe."

"Rational, eh? Believe me, its pity, and magnanimity I lack, certainly not rationality." She turned and stared at him with pure curiosity. He had his hands behind his head, earthly eyes searching for a response before she could have one. "…Plus staying is what you'd want too."

"And he thinks he's a mind reader too…" Rukia mumbled, turning around again, "I've hit the jackpot…"

He just shook his head, smiled, and kissed her on the shoulder, then rolled onto his back, staring at the white ceiling again. "You are certainly a sarcastic lady." Ichigo glanced at the unperturbed and languorous woman who probably been taken away by the sandman already. "…I like that…"

Rukia woke up the next morning alone.

The ache between her legs was the sudden reminder of what happened last night. She sat up realizing Ichigo was nowhere to be found— out of the house? She wasn't sure. She assumed he was at work.

The answers to all her questions rested at the foot of the bed. There laid a note on top of her clothes.

Miss Kuchiki,

I got called in to work early. Kind of sucks, I wanted to be there when you awaken. I fixed you eggs. They are probably cold by now; you'll have to heat them up. Hate to serve you something as trifling as that. I promise, I will make it up to you and so much more. Also, there's a little surprise on the kitchen table before you leave.

Enjoy your morning; I'll call ya later.

And in his own elegant scribble, the doctor wrote his initials I.K down at the bottom. The note smelled like him— citrus accord, vetiver; heart notes of grapefruit, dry cedar and labdanum¾ seductive, strong, and expensive. Rukia rolled her eyes. She decided to put on her clothes and head down stairs for whatever surprises he had left for her. Good thing she had awaken just in time for work. If she left now, it would take her twenty minutes. She made her way through the still home, making a mental list so she wouldn't forget anything. Not that it mattered.

Just as she expected, there was another check laying beside the plate of cold eggs¾ this one he made for 1500. There was nothing she could do. Anything he offered… she had to accept. Rukia sighed and placed the check in her pocket.

She supposed for now, she'd play nice.

Stay tuned for, Just Single, and Secretly Together. Thank you.