The FMA crue live in a world where humans and hybrids live together, Roy a human with a rich and powerful family has had his sights set on little kitty hybrid Ed scence frist seening him in school and wants him for himself. When his parents ask him what he wants for his 18, or 21 ( I want Roy to be older than Ed in this and I like those numbers) birthday he tells them that what he wants he can't have but tells them anyway it's "his" little 15 year old hybrid Edward Elric, Ed & Al live with thier father who has a big money problem (make it what ever you want) so when Roy's father tells him he wants him to sell Ed (because even though Hybrids have some rights they can still be bought and sold) he does, Ed's dad knocks him out and Roy's father brings him home for his son. What will Roy do when he opens the box and finds Ed, what will Ed do when he finds out the truth, will Roy be able to make his little kitty fall for him I leave that to you in "My birthday Kitty" challenge. Rating (prefer M), oneshot or chapter, names of characters who have none yet, setting, any bashing I leave up to the challenger, as long as you stick to plot and the RoyEd pairing I don't care! Have fun and don't let me down!