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who was it?

who was responsible?

And more importantly…why?

(Why are we talking about this now? It's over isn't it?)

No. Not even close. Not with the murderer still out there. The murderer from ten years ago. That's right. This whole nightmare began ten years ago…

A brutal attack. The hope it bore.

An ignored tragedy. A miracle by the sun god's song.

And then a single flame ended it. It died. At least that was what everyone thought.

And now ten years later…

The wind that once blew through Inazuma Town, for the first time, had become cold still.



[…yesterday morning]

It had been two weeks since their win against Oumihara and Tsurugi couldn't be angrier. As a reward of some sort, Tenma's dad sent the team a free vacation trip that he had already paid for everyone save him unless he somehow gained the ability to swim 970 miles tirelessly. The man had it in for him and the feeling was mutual.

Of course, everyone couldn't just skip school so everyone decided to leave right after practice which Tsurugi hated because this meant he had to clean up again. There was also something else…

"You didn't have to stay." Tsurugi said to the smaller boy who was his teammate and the son of the man who literally told him to go and die by a letter.

"Well, I want to! Besides, I haven't thanked you properly yet for winning the match!" Tenma reasoned, making Tsurugi groan in annoyance.

"How many times to we have to go through this? I just did what I was told to do." He answered.

"And I still feel bad about your arm." Tenma said in an apologetic tone. Did he forget to mention that hurled in the dumpsters one night? Luckily, his only injury was a minor bruise but in his guilt, proclaiming that he would help him get better, Tenma began giving him…well, he said was medication but personally, he wasn't sure what it was and he wasn't so sure it was a good idea to take it but Tenma would definitely have insisted and so he took it with a nod and once he got home, he tossed it into his desk and closed it shut. It's still there, completely untouched.

It seemed good at first until Tenma began giving food with strange things in it that would 'help'. He declined with another excuse that Tenma ended up misinterpreting that he was ill somehow. Stomach-ache, headache, sniffles… it wasn't long before everyday became a fight to stay alive after he found out that Tenma was actually getting some the ingredients from behind the school which he was pretty was all weeds.

"Oh, how's your headache?" Tenma asked a little bit too perkily which made Tsurugi question Tenma's mentality, not that it wasn't the first time this has happened and certainly not going to be the last.

"Oh. I'm fine now." Tsurugi answered, quietly hoping he didn't make something again but, he did.

"Well, I made something today I thought that might help!" Tenma said. "When you have headaches, it means you're tired so I made this lunch for you with a whole lot of stuff that should help!"

Tenma was even jumping a bit as he proudly showed Tsurugi the food-filled bento but Tsurugi knew what it was filled and quickly declined however with a lie.

"Um, no. That's fine. I'm full so-"

"Oh, don't worry! I'll give it to you later as a snack!" Tenma said.

"Sorry but I don't think that will work. I'm sort of busy then." Tsurugi told back but Tenma was persistent but in his usual way. He hadn't notice that Tsurugi didn't even want to try his food.

"It's okay! I can just pass by your classroom and drop it off!" Tenma said. All right, this meant very, very bad news for Tsurugi because yesterday, while trying to avoid Tenma again from one of their usual cat-and-mouse chases, he had accidentally run into his homeroom teacher and knocked him down and he was pretty ticked because, well, Tsurugi was never really on good terms with anyone who was an enforcer of some sort. Teachers, police, even past soccer coaches.

As punishment for the little incident, he had to stay back and miss the entire recess which he thought was unfair because, hello! It was an accident! It's not like he didn't try to help him up! If Tenma came by and found out, he would think he was doing him a favour. Worse yet, what if he decided to stay and make sure he ate it?

Before he could say anything, the school bell rang.

"Oops! Class is starting!" Tenma said. "I'll see you later!"

Tsurugi shuddered.

The school bell finally rang again and everyone noticed how ill Tsurugi looked today. He was sweating and his fists were shaking. The teacher however, seemed amused by it a little to see him squirming. As soon as everyone left, Tsurugi began making equations in his head. It ratio and proportions because he wanted to know if a good conduct record was worth having eat poison and he knew he had to be quick because he could here some of his classmates greeting Tenma close-by. And when he finally came with a bright and sunny, "Hello!" with the bento on hand, he made up his mind and bolted to Tenma's surprise. He already had a bad track record. He had nothing else to lose now except his dignity, pride, and his health because Tenma had already milked out everything from his wallet.

"Tsurugi? Where are you going?" Tenma yelled in confusion and ran after him and pretty soon the chase was on again but everyone was pretty used to it now.

So up the stairs and down, across the library, through the canteen and then to the back of the school.

Finallly, in pure desperation, Tsurugi hid behind the lone tree there near the wall that was probably there for a while. Tenma saw him of course and he was a bit angry now. He worked so hard to make this. He didn't know why Tsurugi wanted to run around the school but he surely had enough time eat what he made!

Unfortunately, Tenma was so fixated with Tsurugi that he hadn't notice the outgrown roots of the tree hiding just beneath a few clumps of grass. He tripped and just narrowly missing Tsurugi, the meal he had worked so hard to make flew with the contents inside splattering all over the wall and on the grass.

And then…silence. No one made a sound which unnerved Tsurugi because this was usually the time Tenma either cried or made a scene of some sort. "…Tenma?" Tsurugi said.

After a while, he heard a sniffle and now he was panicking. If the team heard about this, they would make him clean the entire clubroom until graduation!

"Tenma! Calm down! It's just food!" Tsurugi said but Tenma began sobbing. He finally had no other choice but to use his last resort…

"Aaaahahaa~!" Yuuichi laughed as Tsurugi buried his face in his arms in shame after finishing his explanation as to why he bought Tenma two packs of highway robberies known as Chocol, chocolate buns, each costing 500 yen a pack which was only two handfuls worth! He could have bought the cheaper ones at the hospital's eatery but nooo! It had to be that one!

At least Tenma seemed happy as he munched his snack down. Hard to believe he sometimes felt bad about this since he started helping Tenma to buy these things only recently.

"So everyone's gone today, huh?" Yuuichi asked. Tsurugi and Tenma nodded.

"Yeah and left us to clean up the mess." Tsurugi muttered.

"I helped!" Tenma said with his hand raised. Yuuichi patted his head like a reward and Tsurugi frowned more. He did most of the work! The three continued chatting and pretty soon, it was starting to get dark but somehow none of them noticed until Aki called Tenma asking why he wasn't back for dinner yet. That was when one of Tsurugi worst nightmares came to be.

"I know, why don't you stay over at our house tonight, Tenma? It's closer so it'll be safer for the both of you." Yuuichi suggested. Tenma accepted happily so there was no use complaining over it now.

The three said goodbye and as the two went off to buy something to cook, they began arguing, starting with what they wanted for dinner; menchi-katsu and beef stew which was what Tsurugi wanted or Tenma's favourite, boiled turnips and his leftover-mixed rice.

I wonder who won?