Tenma sighed worriedly as Tsurugi hurled it away. "Aaargh! Stupid, cheap phone!" he yelled to Tenma's concern. "Tsurugi…"

It was only then Tsurugi realized how uncomfortable he was making Tenma and calmed his nerves down quickly. "Sorry about that. It's just-Damn! That phone is so annoying!"

Tenma picked up the old, literally slightly broken phone which, as he said, was cheap because it was one of those disposable you can buy at a store; the kind that tends to frustrate you more than it helps and by how things were going, the phone was obviously winning by a landslide.

"Well, maybe we can save to buy a new one for you. You always help me to buy Chocol so we're even." Tenma suggested, to which Tsurugi declined. "Nah. It's fine. I'll save up and buy the new brand myself."

Tenma pouted and sighed. He only wanted to help and without the rest of the team and just Tsurugi, it was so boring. Even with Hikaru behind as well, he mostly spent time with his new pet rather than them. In fact, even though they were supposed to go out today, it was only to buy a wheel for Hikari to play with. It made him almost wish his dad hadn't sent them the reward. It actually arrived about a week after Oumihara lost. Oumihara…that reminded Tenma, he had to ask them if they saw Tsurugi's phone since it was, misplaced, as Tsurugi put it, around the time of the match.

Tenma lied back on Tsurugi bed with a bored huff. That was still about an hour from now. He wanted something to do now! "Let's go-"

"If you ask to me play soccer with you again, I will kill you." Tsurugi replied and Tenma shut his mouth close with a tiny whimper. This was sooo boring! Tenma sighed and rolled on his side on his friend's bed. After helping Hikaru, he had to go back home to walk Sasuke. He was excited for that because he had bought him a new toy but he couldn't give it to him yesterday because he had to stay back at school to help Tsurugi clean…..

"AH!" Tenma yelled in realization, nearly giving Tsurugi a heart attack.

"Ugh! What is it now?" Tsurugi asked angrily.

"Sasuke's toy!" Tenma yelled. "I forgot it back at school!"

"Tough luck. Looks like you'll have to get it tomorrow." Tsurugi said with little care until Tenma grabbed his arm and started pulling him up to his annoyance. "Wha- Let go!"

"Come on! We have to go get it back!" Tenma said. Tsurugi sharply pulled his arm back however, clearly against Tenma's idea. "Are you kidding me? The school is close! What are we going do? Sneak in there, break into the clubroom and get it back?"

Tenma gave him a look and nodded. Tsurugi scratched his head angrily and flicked his head. "We are not going. That's final."

Tsurugi sat back down to play with his DS. He just opened it when he could hear Tenma sniffling from behind. "B-but….I promised Sasuke I would give to him today…"

Tsurugi sighed at Tenma's typical childishness to an annoying extent point. He continued to ignore him as he tugged his sleeve to make him go. "Please, Tsurugi…"




"Pretty please….?"


"…fine. I'll go by myself." Tenma said in a disheartened tone that Tsurugi brushed off. He couldn't actually be serious-


Tsurugi stayed quiet for a bit and looked back to see that it was closed and Tenma, gone. He couldn't believe this! Fine! He can go break into schools if he wants! He'll only have himself to blame if he gets caught and possibly gets suspended. He can cry all he likes but it's not like he didn't warn him or anything…



…..damn it.

Tsurugi got up, took his jacket and left. Tenma owed him big time for this!


Tsurugi punched the wall. After that though, Tenma never even made it to school. He would learn that while chasing Hikaru's pet after having run into him.

He was angry; angry at himself that he hadn't gone with Tenma. But there was a truth he couldn't ignore which only made him angrier and that was the knowledge that even if he had been there, most likely, there wouldn't have been any difference with the result except that he would on operating table instead of just waiting outside for him.

Hikaru had literally cried himself to sleep already and his pet was looking at him with concern.

Tsurugi walked around again as what could be his last moments with a friend began to replay itself again as the clock let out another *tick*


What should I do now?

Oh well. It doesn't matter. I'll just wait until everything plays to my advantage….