Heeeeere's Chapter 1!

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Chapter 1

1914, West City

"Brother…Brother?...Brother!" Alphonse Elric's voice grew louder as he prodded at his older brother sprawled across the seat opposite of him, snoring obnoxiously in blissful sleep. "Brother…Edward! We're here!" He said as he finally tugged his older brother from the seat by the arm, letting him fall to the coach floor.

Edward's arms flailed wildly as the impact with the floor jolted him awake. "What the hell just happened?" He sat up between the seats, rubbing his elbow where it had collided with the bench leg.

"We're here. You wouldn't wake up, Ed."

"Well, couldn't you have found a different way to wake me up besides throwing me on the floor? Like poking me? Jeeze, Al…"

"I tried that, and you know it never works," Al replied in an admonishing tone. "Come on, we better go before the train takes off again." Rising to his feet, Alphonse offered a hand to his older brother seated on the floor, who gladly accepted it.

Reaching up, Edward pulled their worn leather suitcase from the overhead rack. Releasing a great yawn, he turned to Al. "Any idea what time it is?" he asked as they stepped onto the platform from the coach.

"Well, you're the one with the pocket watch."

"Guess you've got a point," Edward muttered as he shielded his eyes from the sun sinking low over the buildings of West City. Yanking on the silver chain dangling from his belt loop, he pulled his silver state alchemist's watch out. Flipping it open, he found the hands read 6:45. "It's a quarter 'til seven," the young alchemist stated.

"Sounds like we better go find the hotel," Al suggested. He added sarcastically, "Let me guess: the colonel wouldn't tell you where it's at."

Edward stopped walking as he threw his hands in the air. "What else would you expect? It's like that bastard thinks it's funny to know we're wandering around some unfamiliar city without a clue of where we're going! He has a pathetic sense of humor." Al emitted a small snicker, and upon hearing it, Ed whipped around and glared at him, his braid slapping his shoulder. "You think it's funny, too?" he snarled.

"Nope. Not at all," Al replied with the slightest hint of a chuckle.

As if it, too, had something to say at the moment, Edward's stomach let out a low reverberating growl. Ed's expression immediately changed to one of doleful misery. "Aaaaallllll, I'm hungry," he whined.

Al couldn't contain his laughter any longer. "Alright Brother, we'll find something."

"So supposedly there's some ancient alchemist who's been researching the philosopher's stone around here." Edward proceeded to shove another fork full of spätzle noodles into his mouth.

"Any idea as to what his motivation would be? And Brother, please don't talk with your mouth full." Al thought to himself, I swear, sometimes I feel as if I'm the older brother.

Ignoring the advice of his younger brother, Ed added more noodles to his already occupied mouth. "Nuh…" he paused to swallow. "Nothing for sure, but Mustang said there are rumors that he's attempted human transmutation, so I believe we may have something there."

Edward finished off the last of his pork sausage links in one bite, much to Al's disdain, and stood to leave. "We'd better get going. It's getting late and I don't want to be running around after dark in a strange city unless we have to be."

Their waiter approached their table, asking if Ed enjoyed his meal.

"Yes, very much. Thank you." Turning to leave, Ed thought better of it and instead turned back to the waiter. "Would you happen to know where the military hotel is at?"

The waiter tipped his head in thought. "Not exactly, but I do know it's on the east side of the city, along the river."

"Okay, thanks!" Ed spun around and took off at a run, yelling back over his shoulder, "C'mon, Al, hurry up!"

"Coming, Brother!"

As they ran off, the waiter yelled after them, "Oh! And stay away from the river after the sun goes down! It's not safe!"

Al threw a glance back over his shoulder. "Alright!"

"Here is the key to your room, sir. Room 303. You'll find it on the third floor and it'll be on your right." The man behind the front desk handed Edward a single key engraved with the numbers "303," swinging from a small metal ring.

"Thanks," Ed said as he headed for the staircase. Al picked up the suitcase left behind by his older brother and followed him up the stairs. Ed flung open the hotel room door, flipped on the light switch, and promptly flounced on the bed, tossing his red coat on the floor. "Aw, man, Al. I'm beat."

"I don't see why, brother. All you did on the train was eat and sleep." Their room wasn't anything fancy. As with most of the other military hotels they'd stayed in, the décor was rather simple. Everything was made of matching wood, and what wasn't wood was colored a pale blue or white. Two twin-sized beds were stationed along opposite walls. Beside each, there was a small bedside nightstand, and centered between them was a simple wooden desk with a couple drawers on the right-hand side, matched with an unadorned chair. At the foot of each bed stood a three-drawer dresser and it was on one of these dressers that Al set the brothers' suitcase.

By this time, the sun had already set. Above the bed that Edward was sprawled out across there was a window overlooking the stream outside. The moon shown through the leaves of the trees across the brook and reflected off the flowing water.

"So we're going to head to the library tomorrow, right?" Al asked his weary older brother.

"Ah, we'll figure out what we're doing in the morning. Right now I just want to get some sleep," Ed replied, but his brother had stopped listening. Instead, Al stood staring out the window into the night. "What are you looking at?"

Al jumped as if shaken out of a trance. "N-nothing. I just thought I saw someone out there, that's all."

"Someone out there?" Ed sat up on the bed and gazed out the window.

"They're not out there now, Brother. I think I was just seeing things. Forget about it."

"Whatever," was the reply he got as Ed flopped back on the bed. "I'm going to sleep."

"Okay." Al walked across the room to shut the lights off before he took up his regular night watch.

Outside, a young girl sat on a strange bench-shaped stone, adorned in a white flowered robe.

Without a move, she vanished.

I know it's short, but I'm a beginner! Hopefully as I continue, I'll make them longer.

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