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Drip. Drip. Drip. Percy groaned the constant dripping was driving him insane, that or the complete darkness that surrounded him. It was so thick he could almost feel it pressed against him. The smells were probably the worst though it was disgusting a mixture of stale unwashed bodies and mold.

He had no idea where he was or why he was taken here. Yes, monsters took him here, took him from his family and right after they finished The Second Titan War. He fought of as many as he could but he was outnumbered and they had overcame him knocking him unconscious and dragging him aware to whatever hellhole this place was. He guessed that not all of Krono's lackeys were as beaten down as they thought and now they were looking for revenge. What was better than taking their hero leaving them leaderless and defenseless?

He knew he wasn't alone from the sounds of moaning and the occasional scream. The rattling of chains like the ones cutting into his wrist and ankles was also a sign. So far he has been left alone in this medieval looking cell but he knew they'd come for him soon. He wished for some company anyone to keep him from going mad.

He'd been here for days all alone and he wondered if Annabeth had noticed something was wrong when he didn't appear for their date at that art museum she so desperately wanted to visit. He hoped he could make it up to he one day. What of his mother and Paul, they must be so worried and they probably delayed the wedding too. He hoped some one was looking for him and would come for him soon. He despaired at what might happen if they came too late but he wouldn't be broken too easily. No, he was stronger than that and he would fight for the ones he loved just like he always did.

The door to his cell slowly creaked open and a faint trickle of light felon him, stinging his eyes and making him squint. When they adjusted he could make out the forms of two Empousai. He recognized one of them Kelli and she grinned like a hyena when his gaze landed on her. They drew closer to him the clang of their bronze legs sending a sharp pain through his skull. When Kelli reached him she bent down toward his neck and breathed in deeply her hair brushing his face.

"Mmm" She moaned, "You smell delicious, maybe I can take just one bite?"

He leaned away from her as the other one said "You know we aren't allowed maybe when he's done with him you can play with the little hero." The last part was said mockingly and he glared. Kelli pouted her sharp fangs poking her bottom lip and sighed. She took out a key from her pocket and began unlocking the manacles that held him to the wall. When they were free he rubbed them to get his blood flowing. Kelli pulled him up until he was standing keeping a tight grip on him leaving no room to struggle.

She led him out of the cell and the other stood behind him. They walked along many halls twisting around, confusing him. Along the way they passed more cells filled with other campers a few he recognized fighting alongside during the Battle of Manhattan. They looked blearily at him their eyes full of defeat. Kelli pushed him along and he stumbled. They came to a stop at a seemingly plain looking door and Kelli pushed him inside. He fell to his hands and knees and cracked his head against the floor. He felt something trickle down his forehead and reached up to touch it. Looking at his hand before him showed him that he was bleeding. The door behind him slammed shut. He looked around him and didn't like what he saw. Torture instruments lay on shelves along the walls and a metal table sat in the middle of the room leather straps obviously meant to keep someone (most likely him from escaping and/or struggling). He felt a wave of fear go through him but his face remained impassive. The door opened behind him and an ominous voice rang out bouncing across the room.

"We're going to have tons of fun you and I, Percy." The words sent shivers down his spine.