AN: Hello and welcome to my newest fanfic sorry if this chapter is boring but it's more of a filler chapter.

Chapter One

Alex Rider was not what most people would consider ordinary, nope not in the least bit and life was just about to get stranger for the once teenage spy.

Alex sat at his desk tapping his pencil anxiously looking at the clock waiting for the minute hand to reach its mark. The constant droning of his grey haired teacher Mr. Wood was getting on his nerves. To any innocent bystander the fair haired brown eye student would seem like any other just another teenager wanting out of his AP algebra 2 class. But Alex wasn't a normal kid and when the bell rang he quickly gathered his supplies and books and hurried out the door head down.

He walked briskly through the halls head bowed even a year after the incident the sixteen year old couldn't push his past out his mind and move on, some habits don't die. People knew him as the quite boy in the back of the classroom. No one really talked to him except Sabina Pleasure whom Alex lived with and he liked it that way. There once was a time when he was popular and "That" kid everyone looked up to and wanted to be but that was in another life and Alex just wanted to start over as hard as it was.

He walked out the front doors and made his way through the sea of wild teenagers eager to get home and relax and reached his bike the Pleasures have graciously given him when they took him into there San Francisco home. He looked over the heads of teenagers moving around the parking lot looking for Sabina.

Sabina was his only friend besides the one he left behind in England with his other life. She was his confident and she always makes him smile. Somehow she alone managed to be the one able to bring the old care free Alex back to them and this world and out of his thoughts and memories. When he spotted her chatting amongst her girlfriends he waved his arms to get her attention and shouted her name. She looked up at him said goodbye to her friends who were giving Alex appreciative looks and jogged up to meet him.

In companionable silence they unlocked the chains around their bikes and rode home. The ride was short but view was nice palm trees and a brief sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alex enjoyed the peace and quite. Besides him Sabina was laughing her hair blowing in the wind and Alex smiled a little.

The Pleasures house came into view and they pulled into the driveway of the quaint stucco home. They tossed their bikes one blue and one red into the garage and went to the kitchen where Mrs. Pleasure was cooking dinner. The heavenly smell wafted into his nose causing his stomach to growl. This alerted her to their presence and Alex blushed embarrassed. She put down her spatula wiped her hands and gave them each a hug only a mother could give. Alex hugged her back warmly; she reminded him so much of Jack but while Jack was more of a sister Mrs. Pleasure is probably the only mother figure Alex has ever known.

"Alex and Sabina supper will be ready soon but go start some homework." She said mock sternly picking up the spatula again and waving it at them

"Well go on, up you go. I'll call you when it's ready." And waved them upstairs. Alex and Sabina went to Alex's room where they both simultaneously dumped their bags on the floor. His room didn't have much in it just a bed with blue covers and a desk, which Alex went over where he started some math homework while Sabina laid on his bed and took out a worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird that she had to write an essay on. The math came easy to Alex and soon enough he was done and went over to help Sabina. When Mrs. Pleasure called them down they had already abandoned their homework and instead decided to rock out to some Nickleback music. He felt happy even if for a little bit.

They ran downstairs somewhat guiltily and made up for it by helping set the table. Mr. Pleasure walked through the door and put down his suitcase. Sabina then jumped into his arms and gave her father a hello and a peck on the cheek He greeted his wife with a warm hello and Alex with a nod and a handshake.

When they all calmed down they sat down to enjoy the delicious meal Mrs. Pleasure prepared Alex was bombarded with questions about his day and he chuckled a bit. It was annoying but he knew it was because they cared. When he first arrived he wasn't in the best of sorts so he could understand their concern but he was getting better.

"So Alex," Mr. Pleasure began "How was your day today?"

"It was very well," He answered politely.

"You know," Sabina, said, "I've seen Alex eyeing my friend Samantha. Does someone have a little crush?" she said teasingly.

He blushed before composing himself and said "I do not." Which came out whiner then he originally intended. They all laughed good-naturedly.

His eyes perked up outside he heard the motor of a car and the slam of doors. Soon enough there was a knock on the front door. He stood up quickly prepared for anything. "I'll go get it he said." And walked down the hall to the front door took a deep breath and swung it open. Standing before him were two men one tall fair with blonde hair grey eyes and the other was shorter had brown hair and eyes, both were holding badges. "This is the CIA" the first one said, "We need to talk to Alex Rider."