We made our way into a building and towards two large white doors. Two soldiers opened the doors and we walked in with Neville who held the same expressionless face. As soon as we entered I glared at the man who stood behind the desk. Sebastian Monroe. "Danny Matheson and Jessica Michelson" he said as he walked around to stand at the front of his desk. Danny kept his eyes down not wanting to look up.

Sebastian walked toward us slowly. "I knew your father" he told Danny. He then turned to me. "And I knew your parents" he said. "I'm sorry about what happened. That's not how I wanted things to work out" he said. "And believe me Captain Neville will be dealt with" he added looking over at Neville. Hearing that gave off a spark of happiness. I wished I could see what they would do to Neville. Once again neither Danny nor I said a thing. Sebastian backed away while looking at us. "I see a mix of your parents in you Jessica but mostly your father" he said. His gaze then turned to Danny. "I see your mother in you" he said. That caused Danny to look up and lock eyes with the general. "You knew my mother?" he asked. Monroe turned around so his back was facing us. "Take them back to their room please" he said. Neville and another soldier walked back over to us to lead us away. Just as we turned around Sebastian stopped us. "And Danny, Jessica?" he said. "Remember you two are my guests anything you want food, water just ask ok?" he asked.

Danny and I said nothing and continued to follow the soldier to our new room. As we entered the two double white doors I was amazed at the size of the room. It was huge with two queen sized beds each with a bedside table and lamp next to them. There were two large dressers with mirrors placed above them as well. "As much as I hate the guy I gotta say this is a nice room" I mumbled. I saw Danny give a slight nod as he walked over to his bed and laid down closing his eyes. I decided to do the same after all it was a very long day. "Jess?" I heard him say. "Yeah Danny?" I asked. "You think we'll ever get out of here and see Charlie or Aaron or anybody for that fact?" he asked. "I don't know Danny but I really do hope so I'm getting sick of being ordered around and knowing how Sebastian really is he'll make sure we don't go anywhere which means we'll probably be on surveillance or something" I said causing him to chuckled. "I don't think it will be that serious but I see your point" he replied. "I'm not kidding about Monroe Danny. The guy is just as bad as Neville and I know that may sound ridiculous right now seeing as how much of a nightmare Neville is but trust me Monroe is just as bad" I said looking over at him. "You're right about it sounding ridiculous but I'm not gonna disagree with you since you must know more about Monroe than I do" he said. "It's been a long day let's just get some sleep I'm exhausted" I said. "Same here" he replied as the two of us went to sleep.

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