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Chapter 1

Myka's breath stocked in her throat as her eyes met another all too familiar pair of dark brown eyes. "HG?" she heard the name leave her lips, but the other woman didn't seem to take any note of it.

"Myka!" She could hear her name being called, but was unable to tear her eyes away from the woman she had stared at so many times before, studying her, trying to find proof that this wasn't the woman she wanted her to be.

Pete finally caught up with her. "Myka, I asked where we could find Emily Lake, and apparently she's teaching in classroom 'C102'." He said the number in a strange voice, which would normally have made Myka laugh, or at least roll her eyes at. This time however, she didn't seem to react at all.

Pete frowned. "Myka?" He asked, his tone unsure. When she still didn't react, he decided to follow her stare. "W..Wait, what? HG? Is that you?!"

Unlike Myka, Pete didn't take any more time studying her and walked up to her. "HG!" He called out again, the woman now realising it was addressed to her, turned to face him, slightly frowning. She then turned to her students. "I'll be out for just a minute. In the meantime, I expect you all to study the example on page 214." There was some mumbling and several students reached for their books.

The woman closed the door silently behind her, before turning around to face Pete again. "Now, how can I help you?" Pete looked at Myka, but her condition didn't seem to have changed much. With a sigh he turned around to face the raven haired woman again. "Is this your idea of hiding yourself in society, HG?" Annoyment was clearly audible in his voice, but the woman just raised her eyebrows a bit and gave him a little smile.

"Forgive me, but I do not seem to know what you're talking about. Maybe you could..," but before she could finish her sentence, Pete interfered. "Stop playing games HG, I don't know what you're up to, but you're not fooling me!" His hand was now resting on his tesla.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Pete." He turned around, Myka's green eyes staring intently in his. "This isn't her." Pete just studied her for a while, not quite sure if she was trying to fool him. He looked back at HG, or Emily for that matter. Raising his eyebrows he turned back around to face Myka again. "So what, you're saying she has an identical twin walking around? You're smarter than this Myka."

Myka grabbed Pete's arm and pulled him back a little. "I'm telling you, this is not her. I need you to trust me on this." Myka could tell he was still annoyed and didn't believe any of it. "Fine, we should best bring HG to Artie then." He was about to say something else when Emily cleared her throat.

"Uhm… Yes well, I'd better get back to my class then." She had already turned half around again when she felt a strong, but gentle hand grab her upper arm. She looked up, meeting a pair of green eyes, that somehow seemed familiar to her. Like she knew them from a dream, a previous lifetime. Realising what she was thinking about, she frowned and cleared her mind again.

"I'm afraid you'll have to come with us." Myka could see the confusion in the dark brown eyes she used to know that well. This woman had no idea at all as of what was going on. "I.. Suppose I could spare a few minutes."

Pete was driving while Myka was in the backseat next to Emily. After Emily had insisted they pick up her cat, they had driven to her apartment first, picking up the cat apparently known as 'Dickens'.

They had figured it wouldn't be a good idea to bring Emily directly to the warehouse, so they decided to take her to Leena's.

The ride was quiet. After the third time Myka had spotted The smaller woman looking at her, she finally gave in. "What's wrong, Helena?" As soon as she said it, she seemed to realise her mistake and quickly added "Emily."

Emily felt a strange feeling shudder through her as she heard the way in which the woman, whom the guy had called 'Myka', had said 'Helena'. She didn't know anyone named Helena, and still she felt strangely connected to this unknown woman. For the second time that day she shrugged of any thoughts she had and concentrated on the big green orbs in front of her.

"Wrong? Should there be anything wrong?" Her voice was unsure and Myka could see she was confused about the whole situation. Not that she could blame her.

Myka had to smile at the innocence of the woman. She was quite opposite of the identical woman that she used to know.

Myka didn't know if she was horrified by the fact that there was a woman looking exactly the same as Helena, but which was apparently not her, or if she was happy to be able to see her image again. The image she had thought she'd lost, was now sitting next to her.

Without knowing Myka had furrowed her brows and Emily was studying her with a clear interest in her eyes. Not wanting to show anything more, Myka quickly straightened her face and turned her head to look out of the window.

Ms. Frederic had better shed some light on this situation.