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Chapter 2

Mrs. Frederick and Artie were already waiting outside of Leena's when they arrived. Pete got out of the car first, walking around it to open the door for Emily. Myka followed her out of the car and walked directly towards Mrs. Frederick.

"So.. This is her," She said needlessly as the resemblance was quite obvious. Myka waited for a response, but they both just stared at Emily, whom was getting rather uncomfortable. After an awkward silence, Myka continued. "Is it her?" Mrs. Frederick nodded slowly. "It is quite obvious, wouldn't you say, miss Bering." It wasn't a question, more like a statement.

Myka quickly closed her mouth again. Another awkward silence found place, in which everyone was just staring at Emily, or fumbling around with their hands.

Emily felt like she was a piece of furniture that was being judged. When the level of annoyance finally reached its maximum, she broke the silence. "Excuse me, but would someone at least tell me what I'm doing here? And who is this Helena you keep talking about?"

"Let us go inside, shall we?" Mrs. Frederick finally said.

After they had gone inside, Mrs. Frederick had disappeared (How does she do that?!) once again. The others had decided to sit in the common room, while introducing themselves to Emily. Claudia had heard the news by now and had arrived at the B&B too, just as shocked as the others by seeing HG, or rather Emily.

After having poked Emily's face a few times in fascination, much to the annoyance of Emily, she had joined the others in the sofa. "Have you guys done any tests or something?" She asked in excitement.

Myka was just about to answer when Mrs. Frederick reappeared again, making her yelp at the surprise. Emily had to smile at the sound, trying desperately to straighten her face again when Myka noticed.

"Have you found anything?" Artie was the first to ask. "I have, in fact. It appears she has been imprinted with a new personality." Myka had to do her best not to roll her eyes. They had all realised pretty easily that this wasn't Helena. "By whom?" Pete asked, obviously thinking the same as Myka.

"The regents of course. To protect society from the woman that almost destroyed the world." She said in a voice as if she thought they were stupid.

Slowly losing her patience, Myka asked the question she'd been wanting to ask from as soon as she got here. "Can we undo it? Can we bring Helena back?" Her voice slowly cracked, she hoped no-one had noticed.

Emily was confused as well as hurt. Why was nobody thinking about her feelings? Why was this Helena more important than her? Undo her? What was all this even about?

She looked up slightly at the only person in the room that seemed somewhat familiar to her. Admiring the pack of brown curls and bright green eyes, her heart began to flutter. It didn't last long though, her heart broke again as soon as she heard Myka's voice crack. She quickly looked down, not wanting to show she noticed and making the taller woman uncomfortable.

Mrs. Frederick looked her in the eyes. She always scared the hell out of her when she did that, but Myka would never tell. "The question, miss Bering, is if we want that Helena back. She did after all try to destroy the earth. Not to forget, the regents would never agree to this."

Forgetting who she was talking to, Myka took a few steps towards Mrs. Frederick until she was able to grasp her shoulders. "This is not justice, removing a whole person's soul, only to be replaced by another one. This is not fair! She was a human, just like all of us. Yes, she made a mistake, but does that give us the right to just erase her?"

Everyone was staring at Myka and Mrs. Frederick now, afraid of how she would react.

After a few seconds of silence, which felt more like hours, she cleared her throat. "Okay miss Bering. I will inform the regents of your… 'plan'. You however, are responsible for all the consequences the outcome may have. Every single one."

She raised her eyebrows, clearly waiting for an answer. Myka however, was so surprised she could only manage a small nod. She turned her head, catching Emily looking right back at her. Her eyes were full of emotion, the confusion of earlier was still present, it was however surpassed by another emotion. She was afraid, her hands tightly clamping her own thighs.

When Mrs. Frederick started talking again she turned her head around again to face her. "Getting Helena back however will take quite some time, if it will ever work at all that is." She studied Myka's face intently, searching for any sign on what she was feeling. When she couldn't find anything, she continued.

"You will have to surround her with things that meant a lot to her. Things she used to be surrounded with. You'll have to give her memories back." She turned to face everyone now. "Helena is still in that body." She waved her hand in Emily's direction, who still hadn't moved nor said a word. "She's just buried underneath Emily."

Claudia frowned, this was by far the weirdest thing she had ever heard. Which said quite a lot, she worked in the warehouse for Christ's sake. "Will… will Helena remember her life as Emily Lake?"

"That, I cannot say. Never before has someone even attempted bringing someone back from this condition."

A sudden movement in the corner of her eye made Myka look away from Mrs. Frederick. Turning her head, she got a glimpse of silky raven hair leaving the room. She turned to face Mrs. Frederick again, but she had also disappeared once again.

Myka sighed. "What a mess," she mumbled while quickly following the Victorian woman out.