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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that~" – Speech.

'To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure~' – Thoughts.

"Fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself~" – Flashback.

"Indifference and neglect often do more damage than outright dislike~" – Creature/Entity Speech.

"Profusum Flamas!" – Spell/Technique.

Arch Mage Jinchuuriki

Chapter 9: Polyjuice Doppelgangers

Headmaster's Office – Early Night

Naruto fidgets nervously as he stood within the entrance of Dumbledore's office, not too long ago; the blond had left the Main Hall after a long depressing day of study and had stumbled upon the petrified bodies of Justin Finch Fletchley and Near Headless Nick, unfortunately, so had Filch and McGonagall.

"Dark magic, that's what you've got Uzumaki! Even the air you breathe comes out poison… you're evil… evil as they come…"

Naruto gave a dejected sigh at the Caretaker's harsh words, as he and his friends were starting to develop an unfortunate habit of arriving at the wrong place at the wrong time. As he waited for the Headmaster, he took the time to properly inspect the room.

Portraits of the previous Headmasters and Mistresses circled the office, as well as a number of spindly tables which hosted variety of silver instruments; many that whirred and emitted puffs of smoke. He also spotted a shallow stone basin with carved runes and strange symbols, and amongst the impressive collection of books, sat the Sorting Hat.

Taking a second glance, Naruto made his way towards the bookshelf, took the sentient hat and placed it on.

"Bee in your bonnet, Uzumaki?"

Naruto shook his head before answering, "When you sorted me into Gryffindor, you said there was something foal within me… that you could've easily placed me in Slytherin… how so?" he asked.

"Who knows? Could it have been because of the fox? Or possibly from your descending linage?" it replied, causing the blonde to tense.

"How did you-"

"-Know? I have sorted thousands of students throughout the years, their personalities, their personal experiences, traits you may or may not know about yourself… it all aids me in sorting them into their respected house".

"Then if you knew why, didn't you?"

"I stand by my decision when I sorted you into Gryffindor… you may be a Slytherin by blood, but not by heart, much like… her~"

"Her? You mean Agatha?"

"Precisely~" it responded, forcing a small smile onto the blonde wizard's face, "Thanks~" he replied before setting the hat back onto its shelf.

Light footsteps were heard and Naruto figured he might as well get the incoming punishment over with; he stood patiently for the Headmaster before his ears caught a sound of chokes and gags. The sounds drew his gaze towards a large blaze-feathered bird, currently sitting on a gold crafted perch.

"Whoa… a Phoenix" he muttered, seconds before it burst into flames, plastering a horror-stricken expression on the Second-Year Wizard as the bird was reduced to ash within seconds.

"Oh my-"Naruto turns and flinches upon seeing Dumbledore, "P-Professor, your Phoenix… I swear I didn't do anything… it-it just combusted" he frantically tried to explain.

"It's about time too-"


"He's been looking dreadful for days, pity you had to see him on his Burning Day; he's really handsome most of the time… Phoenix's aren't ordinary birds Naruto; they burst into flames when it is time for them to die and are then reborn from their ashes" he pointed out.

Not too soon did the ashes begin to swirl, pushing away the powdered flesh did a Phoenix chick poke its wrinkled head out.

"Fascinating creatures Phoenixes are, they can carry immensely heavy loads, their tears have healing properties, and furthermore make highly faithful pets-"before the Elder Wizard could continue, Hagrid bursts in through the door.

"It wasn't Naruto, Professor Dumbledore!"


"I met with 'im just before that kid was found, it couldn't've been 'im!"


"I'll swear to it in front o' the Ministry o' Magic!"

"Hagrid! I don't believe that Naruto attacked anyone"

The Groundskeeper stood quietly before sheepishly responding, "Oh… right… I'll just, wait outside then" he spoke as he trails back the way he came. Naruto on the other hand gave the Headmaster a curious and questioning look, "You don't think it was me?" he asked.

"No, I don't… but I must ask you Naruto, is there anything you'd like to tell me? Anything at all?"

The young wizard pondered, conflicted whether or not to share his dilemma with the Chief Warlock. In the end, he shook his head and answered, "No sir... nothing at all".

One Week Later

Snow fell across Scotland, painting its scenery in an angelic white layer; students drifted throughout Hogwarts carrying their luggage as they prepared to return home for the holiday season. The four Wizards trailed down towards the main hall, catching several weary glances towards their whiskered friend.

"Make way for the Heir of Slytherin! Seriously evil wizard coming through!" the Weasley twins declared causing many students to open a path for them. Ron grinned in amusement before catching sight of Naruto's overhead storm cloud.

"Oh c'mon Naruto, they're just joking around-"

"Don't see anyone else laughing"

"Okay, so half the school thinks you're nipping off to the Chamber of Secrets every night, who cares?"

"I do! Students are being petrified and I'm the one getting blamed for it"

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I just heard that Malfoy's staying over for the holiday too" replied Hermione, earning herself a deadpanned stare from her housemates.

"Hermione, how would that help anyone feel better?" Harry exclaimed.

"Because in a few days the Polyjuice potions will be ready, we'll then know who's the second heir" having broken the news to Harry and Ron, the two were just as shocked as their blonde friend when he first discovered his heritage. They stood by him knowing full well that their friend was not comparable to the others of the Slytherin house.

Momentarily the four found themselves sitting at the Gryffindor house table as dinner was promptly served, Naruto had his quill and ink out as he scribbled onto a sheet of paper in which he promptly folded into an envelope, "Mom's probably gonna send a Howler after this, hope she understands~" he spoke as he slipped the letter into his robes.

"Why?" asked Harry, not wanting to be in the same room when the ear piercing letter arrived.

"Before any of this, I was kinda planning to spend the holidays over in Wales with mom and a few friends I met last summer"

"We all had something we were looking forward to, but... plans change"

"After what happened with dad's car, I think I'm safer here than I am back home" Ron quirked.

Harry smiled at the trio, however, deep down he wished he had someone waiting back home for him, someone that actually cared for him; unlike his aunt and uncle.

"So everything's set?"

"Yes, all we need is a bit of who we'll be changing into"

"Crabbe and Goyle-"

"We also need to make sure that the real Crabbe and Goyle don't burst in on us while we're interrogating Malfoy"

"How?" asked Ron, his answer came at the sight of a dark violet Potion.

"Sleeping Draught, we mix these into a pair of cupcakes, a single bite and they'll be out in a matter of seconds, simple but powerful" the Witch explained. The boys took a glance over at the Slytherin table, staring as both targets stuffed their faces full of any food currently present; this earned a sweatdrop from the three.

"You know how greedy those two are, they won't leave until every last drop of trifle is gone"

Four Days Later

It was zero hour; the Polyjuice Potion was complete and awaited its final ingredients. The four Wizards trekked towards the Girl's Bathroom all the while discussing their plan, "Now, once they're asleep, hide them in a broom closet and pull out a few of their hairs" whispered the curly-haired brunette.

"And whose hair are you ripping out?"

"I've already got mine-" bringing out a small vial containing a tiny hair, "Millicent Bulstrode, she's in Slytherin, I got this off her robes" she said before pocketing the glass container and replacing it with a small bundle of twin chocolate cupcakes.

"I'll go check on the Potion, just make sure Crabbe and Goyle find these-" handing over the cakes, "Naruto, you work on getting us the password"

"Got it-" he replied before they took their separate ways.



"Have you ever heard of a plan where so many things could go wrong?"

Standing quietly and using the darkness of the corridors to coat his appearance, Naruto watched as a few black and green clad students entered and escaped through the dungeon entrance. Taking quick glances behind him, he rushed towards the door and trailed down the staircase, hoping that no one would take the stairs back up.

The blonde gave a sigh in relief as no students were seen upon his entry, although now he seemed to have found himself lost. With several passageways heading deeper into the dungeon, it made it difficult to navigate through the dark corridors; he would have spent hours wandering the prison had he not heard the echoing footsteps and girlish chattering.

Naruto weaved his hands in a Tiger Seal, allowing his Spiritual and Physical energy to intertwine and circulate throughout his body, giving him access to his secondary energy source. Channeling his Chakra to both arms and legs he flipped up and attached himself to the ceiling. Soon enough a pair of girls passed by and turned the corner, these girls were Tracey Davis and Pansy Parkinson, two of Slytherin's most popular students.

Naruto gave a hollow grin, knowing these girls would unknowingly lead him to the entrance but also give him the password needed to enter.

It didn't take long for the girls to come across a lonely stone wall; Tracey stepped forward and spoke, "Pure-Blood". The wall accepted her words and opened inward, the reverse blonde rolled his eyes, figuring the password had something to do with their status.

He glanced back down to see Tracey patting her waist, attempting to find something that wasn't there, "Damn it, I left my Mokeskin Pouch back at the Main Hall, I be back, don't start the game without me" she spoke before trailing back the way she came.

"We'll do the opposite if you don't hurry" Pansy said with a shrug as she entered the hidden Common Room. Naruto watched as the doors closed and returned to the appearance of a normal dungeon wall, he then gave a small grin and crawled after his target.

"Cremati cinis Cinerem in Terra, Sit venatur Saturni, deducet vos in gratia compunctionis (Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust, let the shrouds of Saturn guide you into graceful slumber)" chanted the blonde Wizard.

Connecting his thumb and index finger, Naruto blew a dark violet shroud that engulfed Tracey and half of the corridor. A groan was herd which was followed by an audible thud; Naruto dropped down and dragged the now snoozing girl into one of the many barred cells. Weaving through a total of three Hand Seals, a small cloud of smoke erupted and replaced the young Wizard's overall appearance into a carbon copy of the sleeping Witch.

Girl's Bathroom – Momentarily

Hermione hovered over a smoking cauldron, she now wore a black and green robe branding the snake house emblem; the brunette examined the potion to see it resembling a thick, dark, bubbling mud-like product.

"Hermione-" called out Harry.

"Did you get it?"

"Got it" both Ron and Harry rose their hands to show a pinch of snipped hair, "Good, I snuck these out of the laundry" she motioned to a pair of robes, the boys gave a nod in approval and proceeded to swap them with their house robes.

"I'm sure I've done everything right, it looks just like the book said it should, once we've drunk it, we'll have exactly one hour before we change back into ourselves"

"Okay... what now?"

"We separate it into three glasses and add the hairs" the boys grimaced.

"Is everyone ready?"

"Naru... to?"

"Yeah it's me and don't say nothin' about my choice in appearance"

"Whatever you say Tracey" Ron replied with a snicker, causing a twitch in Naruto's left eye.

"Alright you two, take a glass and drop the hairs-" the four gathered around the cauldron, Harry and Ron add the hairs they gathered to a separate cup, they watched as the potion's color went from muddy brown to yellow, dark tan, and khaki.

"Ugh... essence of Crabbe..." Ron groaned as he, Harry, and Hermione gulped down their respected glass, the red-head doubled over as he felt his stomach turn, "Think I'm gonna be sick-" he spoke before rushing into a stall. Harry wasn't fairing well either, with a ill look on his face he staggered over to a broken mirror.

"You guys okay?" Naruto asked, Hermione pauses with a worried look, "Something's wrong" she muttered.

Within the stall, Ron bends over the toilet bowl and watches reflection melt like wax and before it reassembled to match that of Crabbe. Harry witnessed a similar reaction as he stares into the mirror as his facial features thicken to that of Goyle. Hermione took a slow glance at her arm to see several patches of fur grow across her wrist and hand.

"Oh no-" she panics and quickly scurried into a stall.

"Hermione-chan?" Naruto asked in concern before Ron or rather Crabbe staggers through the door, the three morphed boys glanced at one another.



"Bloody hell-" he breathed out with a hand to his stomach, the potion hadn't quite agreed with him.

"You guys still sound like yourselves, you need to adjust your voice" 'Tracey' spoke. The two lowered their tone and proceeded to practice their speaking voice.

"Oi, where's Hermione?" asked Ron.

"I... I don't think I'm going, you guys go on without me"

"Hermione-chan, you alright in there?

"Just go! You're wasting time!" she shouted with a tone that said, 'I don't want to talk about it'.

Corridors – Lower Levels

"Don't swing your arms like that, Crabbe holds them sort of stiff" Harry exclaimed.

"Quite down you guys, don't want to get the attention of the Prefects now do you?"

"Sorry, not used to using hands that aren't mine"

Seconds later, a shadow began to grow past the ground and up towards the wall, with the hour past curfew the only ones up and walking would be either House Prefects or the School Faculty, which was worse if they were caught by Filch.

"Inside quick-" Harry whispers as he brings out his wand and with an Alohamora Charm, unlocked the doors to the Third-Year Arithmancy Class. The three carefully closed the door behind them, leaving a small crack open; just enough to see through. Light footsteps neared the door until one Percy Weasley passed by.

"Percy? What's he doing here?" Ron spoke in utter confusion before Naruto and Harry slapped their hands on his mouth and getting a 'shush' from the two. To their dismay, Percy's footsteps had stopped.

"What are you doing down here, Weasley?" that voice... Draco.

"Mind your attitude Malfoy, you want to show a little more respect to a School Prefect"

"Oh, you actually think you can catch Slytherin's heir single-handedly, won't be surprised they find your petrified body the following day"

Percy held back a sneer, "Head back to your dorm, you have no business wandering the corridors at night, rather you wish to be the next one in the Hospital Wing as an immobile statue" this turned the Second-Year's smug look into a frown.

"Maybe you should take your own advice seeing as how all you Prefects wonder about, I'm willing to bet that one of you will end up frozen" he retorted as he walked past him and toward the dungeon, Percy glared harshly at the slick-back blonde before continuing in the opposite direction.

"That was close" Harry muttered, getting unnerved nods from his morphed friends.

Slytherin Common Room

Stone walls shifted as the word, 'Pure-Blood' was spoken, Malfoy glanced towards the opening of the dark themed room. He rose an eyebrow as 'Tracey' trailed by and towards the staircase, soon afterwards did 'Crabbe' and 'Goyle' make an appearance, "Where have you two been? Pigging out in the Great all this time?" he exclaimed.

"Can you blame them, today's dessert included Chocolate Truffles" they heard Tracey speak.

Draco rolled his eyes at the antics of his lackeys and unfolded a copy of The Daily Prophet, he smirked, "Hey, listen to this... 'Arthur Weasley, Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, was today fined fifty Galleons for bewitching a Muggle car, "Weasley has brought the Ministry into disrepute" said Lucius Malfoy, a governor of Hogwarts, "He is clearly unfit to draw up our laws and his ridiculous Muggle Protection Act should be scrapped immediately"'".

Grinning, Malfoy took his eyes off the paper and towards his lackeys, "Arthur Weasley loves Muggle so much he should snap his wand in half and go join them, you'd never know the Weasleys were Purebloods, the way they behave... its an embarrassment to the Wizarding World, all of them" he spoke.

'Crabbe' gives an audible growl and was elbowed by 'Goyle'; 'Tracey' who was visibly leaning by the staircase opening, gave an impression that told the boy's to stop.

"What's up with you?" Malfoy asks, rather surprised at Crabbe's growl.

"Stomachache" he responded in a low tone.

"Well, go to the Hospital Wing and give all those Mudbloods a kick in the ass for me! You know, I'm surprised The Daily Prophet hasn't reported all these attacks yet, I suppose Dumbledore's trying to hush it all up, he'll be sacked if it doesn't stop soon, Father always said Dumbledore's the worst thing that's ever happened to this place"

This time it was 'Goyle' who snapped, "You're wrong!" leaving 'Crabbe' and 'Tracey' to glance at him in disbelief, 'We're gonna get caught before we can even start' she thought.

"What? Did you say I was wrong? You think there's someone here who's worse than Dumbledore?"

The boy's mind sped and quickly responded, "Harry Potter".

Draco grinned once again, "Good one Goyle, and you're absolutely right, Saint Potter, he's another one with no proper Wizard feeling, otherwise he wouldn't go around with those Mudbloods, Uzumaki and Granger... heheh, and to think people actually believe that blonde bastard's the Heir of Slytherin" he snickered.

The two morphed Gryffindor's exchanged a sheepish glance at the present 'female' as her eye twitched below a visible tick mark; obviously not pleased by both insults. 'Goyle' then decided to take advantage of Draco's response, "Then you must have some idea who's behind it all?" he asked.

Malfoy rolled his eyes with a groan, "You know I haven't the slightest idea Goyle, how many times do I have to tell you? But my Father did say this much... it's been fifty years since the Chamber was opened, he wouldn't tell me who opened it, only that they were expelled but, I do know this, the last time the Chamber was opened, a Mudblood died-".

The three could feel their eyes widen, shock visibly pasted on their face, "-It's only a matter of time before one of them's killed, as for me... I hope it's Granger" both boy's frowned, however grew a confused look when Malfoy shuddered.

"Did it colder in here or is just me?" the two Gryffindor's flinched upon witnessing their third member's glare, they too felt a chill crawl up their spine. It all changed however when 'she' jumped in surprise and pointed at 'Goyle' then at her forehead. 'Crabbe' flinched when he spotted a visibly growing lightning bolt scar surface beneath 'Goyle's skin while the boy himself spotted his friend's hair shifting into a red hue.

'Tracey' reached under her sleeve and brought out 'her' Wand, along with a three chestnut-sized Smoke Bombs. "Practe Bigi Nar, Ardescat (Ignite)" she whispered, and like a lighter a small flame flickered in existence, with it 'she' lit the smoke bombs and gave them a toss.

"What's the matter with you two? You're acting very... odd" just as he finished, the room exploded in a thick cloud-like haze. Draco coughed harshly as the sound of a slamming door was heard, the smoke soon subsided and Malfoy was finally able to clear his throat, "What... the bloody hell... was that!?" he shouted, shortly before noticing his two subordinates were missing.

"Where'd they go?"


A now reverted Naruto and a still metamorphosing Harry and Ron dashed through the near empty school.

"That was way too close!" shouted Ron.

"Shut up and keep running!" retorted the whiskered blonde.

Racing upstairs, they failed to notice an opening broom closet as well as a woozy Crabbe and Goyle, the two Slytherin's however were able to notice the incoming trio and made way for them before freezing in shock, they glanced in their general direction, having sworn to have seen themselves running with a Gryffindor.

Minutes later, the three found themselves breathing heavily just outside the girl's bathroom, during that time, Harry and Ron and managed to fully revert back to normal. Catching their breathes, the three entered the restroom eagerly wanting to discuss their discovery with the clever brunette.

"Hermione-chan, come out, we've got loads to tell you!"

"Go away!"

The three Wizards shared a puzzled glance before Moaning Myrtle spirals into view looking... disturbingly happy. "Ooh, wait till you see, it's awful!" she snickers as her hand fazes through the stall and unlocks the slide, the door slowly opens, prompting the three to lean in closely.

"Do you remember me telling you the Polyjuice Potion was only for human transformations?"

The boys visibly flinched at the brunette's change in appearance, within the shadows they could see the girl's face had sprouted fur, her eyes shined yellow, and pointed ears poke through her hair.

"It was cat hair I plucked off Millicent Bulstrode's robes! Look at my face!"

"Look at your tail- ack!" Ron's response was ended with a quick jab to his right flank, courtesy of Naruto.

Hospital Wing – Three Weeks Later

With the ending of the Holiday season, classes had resumed to their previous schedule. Naruto, Harry, and Ron currently staggered beneath the weight of Library Books they currently carried. They make their way towards Hermione's bed which was currently covered with even more books.

"Oh good, put those anywhere" the trio gazed upon her book covered bed, seeing as there wasn't anymore space, they dropped them onto the floor.

"Madam Pince asked that we relay a message, she'd appreciate it if you'd leave a few books for the rest of the school" Ron joked.

"I've got to keep up, haven't I-" she retorts as her tail twitches into view.

"Is that thing ever going away?"

"Any day now according to Madam Pomfrey, I'm just thankful I've stopped coughing up fur balls"

"We all are, believe me" he responded, as the three held back a shutter.

"Now, what about the Chamber of Secrets? Any new leads?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing" Naruto replied, Hermione gave her best friend a sad look, "And, has it gotten any better? I mean... is anyone speaking to you?" she asked.

"Well, Neville asked to borrow a tubeworm in Potions yesterday, I suppose that's something"

Harry took notice of a Get-Well card beneath the brunette's pillow, " 'To Miss Granger, wishing you a speedy recovery, from your concerned Teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart' you sleep with this under your pillow" he asked.

'Of course not, I don't know how that got there, now go, I still have six hundred pages to read in Transformation Through the Ages" she retorts.

The boy's sweatdrop and proceed to leave the infirmary, "I know Hermione's mental, but can you believe she falls for that smarmy nonsense of Lockhart's" spoke Ron.

Naruto couldn't help but agree, how could Hermione support that poor excuse of a Teacher. Several minutes of walking through the corridors, the three felt their steps trail against water, they look down to see a great flood streaming from the girl's bathroom. From within, Myrtle could be heard moaning.

"Looks like Myrtle's flooded the bathroom" Harry spoke before they sploshed towards the bathroom.


As they enter, Myrtle's huge, wracking moans began to echo off the dreary tile. All taps were running, streaming miniature waterfalls, overflowing the sinks and splashing to the grounds below. The trio step towards the last cubicle where they see Myrtle moaning in mid air, she then turns her attention towards them.

"Come to throw something else at me?" she speaks accusingly.

"Why would we want to do that?"

"Don't ask me, here I am, minding my own business and someone thinks it's funny to throw a book at me..."

"But it can't hurt if someone throws something at you, I mean, it'd just go right through you... wouldn't it?" Ron ponders, before Myrtle snaps at him.

"Oh sure! Let's all throw books at Myrtle because she can't feel it! Ten points if you can get it through her stomach, fifty points if it goes through her head!"

"Nice going, Ron" Naruto spoke sarcastically, Harry shook his head before asking, "Who threw it at you anyway?"

"I don't know, I didn't see them, I was just sitting in the U-bend, thinking about death and it fell through the top of my head"

'Through the top of her head?' thought Naruto before glancing at the ground where he spotted a small black book, picking it up he shows it to Harry who gives him a questioning look.

"Fifty points if you can get it through her nose-" Ron mutters.

"I HEARD THAT!" shouted Myrtle in a deep menacing tone, causing the three to comically flee in fright. Gaining a distance between themselves and the haunted bathroom, they were able to analyze the thrown book.

"Looks like an old diary-"

"It is... most recently in a toilet too-" added Ron before stopping Naruto from opening its contents, "-Hey! Are you mad? That could be cursed, Dad once told me about a book the Ministry confiscated that burned the eyes out of anyone who tried to read it" he cryptically states.

The blonde and dark brunette glanced towards the black book, take a deep breath, "I'll take my chances-" Naruto replied before opening the cover page.

"AHHHH!~~~ OHMYGOD! MY EYES!~~~ I"M BLIND!~~~ AHHHHHahahaha~~~" he laughed at both Harry and Ron's frightened looks, "I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself" thus earning himself a jab from the scar headed Wizard.

It wasn't until they noticed Ginny standing at the end of the corridor, her expression became horror-stricken upon spotting the black book and dashed off.

"Oh come on Ginny, I was joking, don't be like that... ugh... great, now you're sister's scared of me"

"Who isn't" Ron quirked.

Harry shakes his head and notices a name written in embossed letters, "Tom Marvolo Riddle?" he read. Ron ponders, "Tom Riddle? Wait, I know that name... … … … the night I had detention,my job was to polish the silver in the trophy room, I remember because I kept burping slugs all over his trophy, I must have wiped slime off his name for an hour" he said.

Naruto and Harry shutter at the curse Ron had bestowed upon himself, the blonde shook away his thoughts and fans through the pages, only to find it empty.

"That's odd, he never wrote in it" the three could only wonder, why?

Next Chapter – Web of Shadows

AN: Alright guys, its finally out and like I said before I was forced to rewrite this entire chapter from scratch along with the rest of my stories, which rather annoys me but you know... shit happens. Anyway a few things you guys might of noticed in this chapter, one in perticular was Naruto verbal/wandless spells. Like all great wizards, they should at least have an arsenal of support and status spells; now it is an original cast as I have yet to find a sleeper spell.

I did base it off Negima as I gave Naruto an Activation Keyword; it being 'Cremati cinis Cinerem in Terra', Latin translates to, 'Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust' I know its not really original but, its slighlty better than the canon keywords.

Second thing you'd notice, I didn't add Krishna's Howler to the chapter, instead it's in the Omake at the very end, so don't worry about that.

Now a huge thing I would like to add, for fans of my Devil Among Shinobi fic, most of you are wondering when I'm going to be updating it. Sadly, I won't, instead I will be rewriting it completely from scratch, I feel like I could've done better and I may have left several unexplained plot holes throughout the story. I'll keep the original up, just know that it'll be discontinued for an even better version.

With that said, enjoy the Omake and I'll be seeing you guys next time, Ja Ne!

Omake – The Howler of Christmas Present

Naruto entered the Gryffindor Dormitories and immediately began to dig through his belongings. With Hermione being subconscious about her current appearance, he figured she could use his Invisibility Cloak to sneak her into the Hospital Wing.

*Tap, Tap, Tap!*

Raising his head, he took notice of his pet Sora who was perched just outside the window, using his beak to get his master's attention.

"Hey Sora, let me get that for you-" he unlocked the components and opened the glass door for his feathered friend. The Silver-Winged Falcon flapped his wings and shook the powdered snow of his body, he then lifted a talon to show his delivery.

"Huh? What'cha got there?" it was small, rectangular in shape, and in a color of bright red.

Naruto stared at the crimson letter for a few seconds before his eyes snapped open in horror, "AHHHHHHHH~~~!" his voice echoed throughout the school. Many of the remaining students and faculty raised a head and took a confused glance at their surroundings up catching the audible scream.

He knew it was coming, he had seen the future when he had sent the notification, he however was nowhere near prepared for it. Grabbing the Howler, Naruto reeled his head back and cautiously opened the letter.


Naruto trembled on the ground as the letter roared at point blank with thunderous fury.


Naruto was left twitching on the floor, truly, the temper of an Uzumaki woman was legendary.