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I woke uo early due to being human I needed to sleep but not as much as a normal human I only really need two hours sleep at most, I got up showered and changed, Polyvore: Diagon Alley (Asher). I headed into the main room and saw Abraham.

"Hey Wistler" I smiled at him

"Hey Asher, So ready to see if that Man really was who he said he was?" Abraham smiled

"Yeah, I don't think I believe it, but when I was little I never thought Vampires and werewolves exsited until I grew into my vampire side and met you and Blade so, I have an open mind about it" I said
"True Didn't he say you'll be staying there until the holidays?" Whistler said

"Yeah" I sighed we sat talking for hours when Eric came in the three of us sat talking for a while when a huge man with black uncontrollable beard and hair came in

"Miss Daira?" The man asked

"Who's asking" I said

"The names Hagrid Dumbledore sent me?" he smiled

"Oh right, Sorry about the unfreindly welcome, we'll be off, See you later Blade, Whistler" I smiled

"If your not back before night fall we'll come find you" Blade said seriously, I nodded and left with Hagrid.

He took me into london to an old looking pub, that I thought stood out from the neat tidy looking shops but most people seemed to walk straight past it not noticing it at all. We entered and Hagrid walked up to the bar I followed behind him, there was quite a few humans around that I was glad, I had, had the Syrum today. The Syrum was a substitute for blood Blade had found. I followed Hagrid.

"The usual Hagrid?" The barman asked

"Can't got to take miss Daira to get her school things" Hagrid told him

"Go on through" The barman smiled and I followed Hagrid to an alleyway behind the pub that seemed to lead to a dead end, that was until Hagrid tapped the bricks in the wall with a pink umberella. The wall opened up onto an amazing street full of magical stuff we went through to Diagon Aleey I found my mum had left me a vault full of wizarding money, Hagrid told me she had been a pure blood.

After getting money from Gringots, we then went to Olivanders wand shop, mine was a Nine-and-a-half-inches, phoenix feather, pine wand. We then got all my things Hagrid said he would collect me to take me to Kings Cross station to catch my train and told me what time and date he would pick me up. he took me back and headed off on his way