I woke in the dorm everyone was still asleep. It was late I got up and decided to go for a walk. I got up and changed Polyvore: Night walk (Asher)

I grabbed a few of my weapons against vampires and werewolves that I had snuck into hogwarts hiding them under my leather jacket. I headed out blending into the shadows I was out side when I saw James, Sirius and Peter run out of the forest, but Remus wasn't there. I ran over to them.

"Guys where's Remus?" I asked

"Werewolf" Sirius gasped

"A werewolf got him?" I asked pulling out one of the guns that I used incase I came across Werewolves, the boy's eyes widened "I know what I'm doing"

"NO! Remus is the wolf, you can't hurt him" James snapped, I looked at them and then I saw the wolf coming out of the forest, I emptied the amo and switched it to some that would just knock Remus unconsious he leapt at Peter I pushed him out the way and pulled the trigger, the shot hit the target just as he got close, he ended up falling on me.

"Casey?" James asked

"Casey are you ok?" Came Sirius' voice, I pushed Remus' wolf form off of me

"I'm fine and so is Remus" I said looking at him.

"How did you do that?" Sirius asked

"I know how to handle Werewolves, your just lucky I managed to sneak these in" I said showing my weapons and amo "Tell no one"

They nodded, I just looked to the castle.

"Thanks Casey" Peter squeaked

"Don't worry, about it, go back to Gryffiindor tower and bring some clothes, as the sun starts to rise" I said and they left. I dragged Remus into the woods and sat in the branches of one of the trees. Soon the sun was coming up, Remus changed back and stirred, I quickly looked away.

"Morning Remus" I said "James, Sirius and Peter should be here with some clothes soon"

"Casey? where are you?" Remus asked

"Don't worry I'm looking away" I replied. soon the others came with clothes.

"I'm dressed, now where are you?" Remus asked I turned and stood on the braches, then flipped off, out of the tree landing crouched on the ground I then stood up straight facing the boys

"How come we couldn't see you?" Sirius asked

"I have a nack for going around unseen" I smiled

"Cool" James and Sirius grinned

"Remus is lucky you three were here" I said happily

"Why I could've seriously hurt them, turned them into a wolf of even killed them" Remus snapped

"If they weren't here I woudn't of known it was you and you wouldn't be stood here now" I said seriously

"Why?" Peter asked taking in my exspression

"Because Peter, Remus wouldn't be alive" I said simply

"How could you take him down so easily" Sirius asked

"Just can" I shrugged "We should go get breakfast"

The five of us headed to the great hall, the boys headed over to Gryffindor table, while I went and sat next to Amos at the Hufflepuff table. I sat down and took a bit of food and began to eat some.

"So you dissapeared early to meat the boys" Amos asked

"I was out most of the night I only sleep for like an hour, maybe two tops" I shrugged

"How come?" Amos said eating his breakfast

"If I told you, I would have to kill you" I said seriously taking a sip of my pumpkin juice, he looked worried and I laughed "I don't really know why I just don't"

"Oh right you looked Serious then" Amos sighed

"I always look serious" I said, I looked to James, Sirius, Remus and Peter laughing at the table, I got up and left. I sat by the rocks by the lake when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I grabbed their wrist and flipped them over me so they landed flat on their back in the sand, I had my wand to their throat.
"Whoah easy there Casey" James laughed, I then took in who it was, Sirius was laid flat on his back in front of me.

"You are one tough girl" Sirius said sitting up and rubbing his back.
"Sorry Sirius" I laughed

"No worries" Sirius chuckled

"How come your not phased by me being a...well you know?" Remus asked I looked over my shoulder and sighed.

"I can trust you can't I?" I asked looking to them

"Of course" Remus, James said along with Sirius who was still laid on the sand, I looked at Peter who nodded.

"I'm a Dhampir" I sighed, Remus and James sat down beside me at this Sirius sat up

"What's one of them?" Sirius asked

"Basically when my mum was pregnant with me she was bitten by a vampire, so I was born only half human" I sighed

"So your half vampire" James said, I nodded

"How come sun doesn't affect you then? or is that just some rumour that sun effect vampires?" Sirius asked

"No it's true, but I'm what is know in the Vampire world as a daywalker, I basically have all the advantages of being a vampire and none of their weaknesses due to my human side, except the thirst, although I'm not completely immune to sunlight if I stay in the sun to long I can get really bad headaches" I said "I usually wear suunglasses during the day"

"Cool so one of our friends is a werewolf and one a vampire" James and Sirius grinned

"I prefer Dhampir of daywalker" I told them I hated being called a vampire as I wasn't fully one I didn't like being half of one except I did like the strength and reactions that came with it
"Ok then" Sirius smiled

"Don't call me either of them in public though, I can be quite nasty when crossed" I warned

"So is your dad human then?" James asked

"I believe he was" I said

"Surely you would know" Remus said

"I never really knew my dad, he died before I was born and my mum didn't survive labour" I said

"So who were those men on the platform with you? I thought one of them was your dad and the big guy a friend of the family" Sirius asked

"No that was Blade and Whistler, I live with them, the big guy as you refer to him is Blade, he's like me, he took me away from my foster family, who pretty much gave me away to him when he told them he would look after me, scince then he's been like a brother to me and Whistler is like a dad or uncle" I said "you are the only ones who know this, you tell no one"

"We won't" they all said together

"Yeah you're one of us now" Sirius smiled

"Sirius is right, you're one of us and we don't betray our own" James smiled

"Thanks guys" I smiled hugging James, Sirius and Remus, there was something about Peter I didn't trust. I was happy I took out a quill, paper and red ink.

Dear Blade and Whistler

I figure I should write and give you an update, I've made four friends already, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, I found out Remus is a werewolf but he's awesome and he normally put sprecautions in place so he can't hurt anyone. I have told them about me being a day walker. I told them they can't tell anyone and they said they wouldn't because I was one of there gang now. Everything is going, ok I've only needed to take syrum once so far, so I'm doing well. how are things with you two?



I sent off the owl and sighed I wasn't sure how they would take the information but I never lied to them, I tell everything. I spent most of my time with the boys for the rest of the year. I got along with them really well and we were great friends. I was glad to be back with Blade and whistler though and I'd get to ghost some vampires aswell.