Miki and Mai: Hi guys and welcome to our first Ib fanfic. We played Ib and loved so we decided to make a fanfic based on an alternate ending that we thought up but our fanfic is after the alternate ending we thought up so without further ado disclaimer please!

Mary: The twins don't own us or the game but their Ocs


A girl with brown hair started to sweat.


The girl tossed and turned.

"Ib please...help...help me Ib..."

The girl tossed and turned while sweating even more but this time she was panting and fear was enveloping her heart. She felt scared and cold till she felt two hands shaking her.

"Ib! Ib are you okay?!" A voice called out to her. The brown haired girl, whose name is Ib, opened her eyes only to see her sister Mary with a worried look.

"M-Mary...?" Ib said, "What happened?"

Her sister's face soften and spoke in a sweet tone, "you were having a nightmare but I'm glad your okay now." Ib nodded and when she looked directly at her sister's blue eyes a memory flashed by and Mary noticed Ib was staring at her. "Ib what's wrong?" Ib was about to answer till they heard their mother call to them.

"Ib and Mary are you two finally awake? If so then quickly get ready we are going to visit the Art Gallery again!

Mary squealed and ran past Ib with her golden locks flowing behind her as she ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth,Ib, on the other hand kept pondering about the sudden flashback that she experienced after staring at her sister's odd blue eyes but come to think of it everything about Mary was odd. First of all she had blond hair and blue eyes that didn't match either Ib's or their parent's and second of all Ib's childhood memories with Mary seemed fake like as though they have been altered. Ib just stood at her spot till she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes.

"Guess who~?" A voice giggled. Ib sighed and smiled a bit, "Mary your done already?"

The blond nodded and giggled, "Yep! Come on Ib hurry I can't wait to go to the Art Gallery again!" Ib nodded and walked towards the bathroom but she kept thinking about Mary and forgot her nightmare.

*An Hour later *

Both Ib and Mary had finished their breakfast and both girls were waiting at the door for their parents. Ib,who wore her white blouse with a red ribbon,a red skirt, a pair of knee-length black socks and some red shoes. Mary on the other hand wore her dark green knee-length dress,with black tights underneath and a pair of brown shoes. Near the white collar of her dress is a blue ribbon. Mary chattered on and on about the museum while Ib stood there listening to her.

"Well shall we go now?" Ib's and Mary's father said as he looked at them with his kind dark colored eyes. Ib nodded while Mary jumped up and down. The girls mother laughed, "Alright let's go." The family got out of the house,while locking the door behind them, and settled inside the car. As the father was starting up the car, Ib felt a strange sensation but ignored it as Mary once again chattered about the Art Gallery and how they would have so much fun. Ib nodded but she also couldn't wait to visit the gallery again since it has been a year that she last went there.

Except little do the sisters know that their visit to the art gallery isn't going to be as they thought it would be.

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