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Chapter 1- A New Friend

Katniss POV-

"Katniss! Come on, you're going to be late!"

"I'm coming Mom!" I yelled down the stairs.

I quickly zipped my four bags closed, and hauled them down the stairs, where Prim was waiting. She grabbed two of them while I remained grasping the others, and we threw them into the back of the car.

I was about to attend my first year at Capitol Boarding School, California's best, as a senior. I was hoping to have lots of fun, make new friends and join some interesting classes. Most girls my age, seventeen, only think about fashion, popularity and boys. Me? All I care about is getting good grades, making a few friends and enjoying the experience of a campus and roommate.

As I was about to enter the car, I heard the steady jogging of feet from behind and swiftly spun around.

"Hey Gale!" I exclaimed, bringing him in for a hug.

Gale was my best friend, and has been for about ten years. Both our dads died in a car crash when we were eleven years old, but we never told any of our friends, because we didn't want to be pitied and it was just too much of a depressing subject to bring up. We had planned to hang out today seeing as he had something important to tell me. I had to call a rain-check on him since my mother wanted to leave earlier than expected.

"I'm not letting you go without a goodbye." Gale stated as he pulled back from me, my arms dropping to my sides.

"What about me?" Prim asked, as she appeared suddenly behind us.

Gale picked her up and twirled her around. "Well, you're just going to see her off. You'll be back soon!" He said to a giggling Prim.

Wait, giggling? Well, she has had a crush on him for a while now, even though he's like four years older than her... I thought to myself.

"Alright girls, say your goodbyes and then we have to get going," my mother said as she got into the car.

Gale set Prim down, bent to her level and pulled her in for a quick hug. After he let her go, he made his way over to me.

"I'm really going to miss you, Catnip." He said quietly enough so that only the two of us could here.

I sniffled, wiping away the tears that had leaked from my grey eyes. "Yeah, I'll miss you too Gale." I stood on my tip-toes and wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, wresting my head on his shoulder. His arms flew to my waist and he squeezed me tightly. "Can't. Breathe. Gale. Crushing. Bones." I breathed out in a hoarse voice.

"Sorry," he muttered as he looked at me. It seemed to me that he was forcing the tears out of his eyes. I decided not to press the subject. But I couldn't shake the thought that his tears for me weren't real. Shouldn't they be? Weren't we best friends? Didn't we care if the other was leaving for ten months?

"Goodbye Gale." I said, looking up at his face and smiling slightly.

"Yeah, see you Catnip. Maybe sooner than you think," he whispered the last part and I looked at him curiously.

"What?" I cocked my head to the side.

"N-nothing. I'll miss you, that's all," he smiled.

I smiled back, but somehow I knew that wasn't all.

Prim and I each gave him one more hug, and then we were off.

"So, Katniss. Is this a Co-ed dorm, or not?"

My mother was really strict about me being around any other boys besides Gale. But, she'll have to get over it seeing as it was a girls and boys school I would be attending. "Uh, no. I don't think," I replied after a moment's thought.

"Okay, good," she breathed out, clearly relieved.

"I'll be fine Mom," I reassured her, emphasizing 'fine'.

"I know, I'm just worried you'll get hurt." Tears started to form in her electric blue eyes.

"Mom, please don't cry. We'll be fine."

My mom didn't reply, but just hastily wiped away her tears and nodded.

Within an hour, we had reached the school. Let's just say, if I told it was small- I'd be lying. The two largest buildings were where I presumed the dorms would be. There was a pool off to the side next to a tennis and basketball court, in front of the main building was a large fountain surrounded by many beautiful gardens, the library seemed to have its own separate building, and the school itself was right next to a forest.

After retrieving our bags from the back, the three of us made our way up to the main building and straight to the office.

Once we entered the office, I was blinded by an outstandingly bright pink covering every square inch of the office. Also, every piece of furniture in sight was mahogany.

"Hello m'dears, I'm the secretary, Mrs. Trinket. How may I help you?"A lady asked from behind the front desk in a really squeaky and annoying voice.

"Yes, my daughter is here for her room," my mother replied, gesturing to me.

"Name?" Mrs. Trinket asked, peering at us over top of her golden metalic name plate.

"Katniss Everdeen."

Mrs. Trinket headed over to a filing cabinet and ruffled through some folders muttering, "Everdeen, Everdeen, Ever-" She stopped abruptly and pulled out a cream coloured folder, walking back over to us. "Ah, yes, here we are. 'Everdeen, Katniss'. This includes your room number, floor and building. Along with your map, key and timetable. Good day now, and I hope you enjoy your time here," she smiled sweetly as she handed me the folder.

We exited the room and my mother spoke up, "Goodbye Katniss, have a great time."

"Bye Katniss!" Prim squealed.

"Bye mom, bye Little Duck," I replied as I pulled them both into a group hug. I then grabbed my belongings and headed off in search of my dorm.

Looking at a paper I had pulled out from my folder I read, "Katniss Kate Everdeen- Building 2; Floor 12; Room 24."

I walked around Campus on a little adventure where the treasure was my dorm room. I looked down at the paper again, double checking the building number, when I bumped into someone and was sent tumbling to the ground, along with all my things.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!" I rambled, picked up my papers that had gone flying out of my folder.

"Hey, It's okay. I wasn't either," a gentle masculine voice replied and a hand was thrust into my vision. I grabbed hold of it and was hauled to my feet. I looked up at the person's face.

This guy has shaggy blonde ashen hair, tanned skin, muscular arms and a faint lingering scent of bread.

"Thanks," I muttered, looking into his piercing blue eyes. I had to admit, they were a beautiful colour that reminded me of the ocean. I caught him staring back at me but he quickly flit his eyes away once he realized I'd noticed.

"No problem," he replied. "Have trouble finding your dorm?"


"Here let me help you," he smiled and I showed him my paper. "Just your luck, building two is right around the corner."

"Thanks," I smiled back. He bent down and picked up two of my bags, while I grabbed the other two.

"Come on, my name's Peeta by the way. Peeta Mellark," he introduced as we walked.

"I'm Katniss, Katniss Everdeen," I replied.

"Well, welcome to Capitol Boarding school Katniss."

We eventually found my dorm and I placed the bags I was holding on the ground, ruffling through my folder and pulling out my dorm key. Twisting the key in the lock, I pushed open the door. "Thanks Peeta," I said as I reached back down for my bags again.

"Anytime. You need anymore help?"

"No, I'm fine. But thanks again." I took my other bags from his grasp.

"No problem. Well, see you around Katniss," Peeta stated and turn to walk back down the hall.

"Yeah, bye Peeta!" I called after him as I hauled my bags into the room.

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