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Chapter 2- The Third Roommate

Katniss POV-

I picked up my bags and hauled them inside the room to find a girl on a baby blue bed, listening to music.

I walked over to the other bed and it was forest green, my favourite colour.

"You must be my new dorm mate." The girl spoke from behind me.

I whipped my head around to see a girl with beautiful golden blond hair and sky blue eyes smiling up at me.

"Hey," I said putting my bags down on the bed.

"Hi. I'm Madge Undersee by the way." She extended her hand to me.

I shook it with a smile and replied, "Katniss Everdeen."

"Well, how about I show you around Katniss?" She asked.

"Sure. I guess I could unpack later." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Great. Meet me by the door in five minutes!" And with that she ran to the bathroom.

After I grabbed my bag, I walked to the plush chair by the door and sat down. I reached in to my bag and brought my I-Phone so I could text Gale.


My phone immediately vibrated.

What's up?

Nothing much. I'm about to head out with my dorm mate.

Do you like the school?

Yeah. It's great.

Madge walked out from the bathroom and asked, "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's go," I replied.

Gotta go. See ya.

I shoved my phone in by bag and followed Madge out the door.

"So is this your first year?" Madge asked.

"Yeah. How long have you been here?" I questioned.

"Well, my dad owns the school, but this is only my second year. So, yeah." She replied smiling. "You know anybody here?"

"Nope, just you," I said, suddenly remembering how lonely I would be in my classes.

"How about I show you to my friends here? That way you'll know more than just one person," She suggested smiling.


"Don't worry. It'll be fun! I promise," She said.

"Let's go to the cafeteria. It's lunch time." We walked through a set of wooden double doors and in to the cafeteria.

People looked at Madge and me and let us walk to the front of the food line up. Strange. Madge got a tray filled with cheese cake, a taco, orange juice and some fruit, then sat down at a table in the middle of the room.

I grabbed a tray and filled it with apple pie, a hamburger, orange juice and some watermelon, and followed Madge to the table.

Once we sat down, Madge spoke up, "I guess we're the first ones here today."

About a minute later, the whole room fell silent when a group consisting of four guys, and four girls walked in the room and headed to the line up where people let them pass in front of them.

After they got their food, Madge waved them over to our table.

There was a bronze haired guy with sea green eyes, a blond spiky haired muscular guy, a brown hair and brown eyed tall guy, a blond girl with a lot of make-up on, a red head with sea green eyes, another brunette, a girl with short hazel brown hair, and a familiar shaggy blond hair with piercing blue eyes.

Peeta locked eyes with me and flashed a brilliant white smile. Him and the rest of their group sat down, while Madge introduced them.

There was Cato, the spiky blonde; Marvel, the tall brown-haired guy; Johanna, one of the other brunettes; Clove, the girl with short hazel brown hair; Glimmer, the one with the make-up; Finnick, the guy with bronze hair and sea green eyes; His sister Annie, the red-haired girl with the same sea green eyes; And Peeta.

Peeta smiled at me again before taking a bite of his burrito.

"Nice to see you again Katniss," Peeta said through a mouthful of Burrito.

The group laughed and Annie asked, "You two know each other?"

"Yeah. Peeta helped me find my dorm earlier," I replied.

"Okay," Clove started. "Who's you guy's roommates?"

"Clove," Glimmer said immediately.

Clove just nodded and pointed towards Glimmer.

"I've got Annie," Johanna replied.

Annie nodded.

"Cato's with me," Marvel said.

"You know mine." Cato answered.

"Peeta and I are in a three person dorm with… Who was it again Peeta?" Finnick asked.

Peeta looked down at a piece of paper and said, "Some guy named Gale Hawthorne."


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