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Chapter 34- The Day Has Come

Marvel POV-

This is it.

The day has come.

It's time to graduate.

People had been rushing around all morning. Running off and on campus, setting up the nearby building where the ceremony was taking place. The graduates were heading all over the place; Gathering friends, and getting ready for the big day.

The Victors hadn't been an exception.

This morning I had woken up to a loud banging on the door. Beetee had still been asleep so I'd forced myself out of bed and over to the door to find a grinning Cato, followed by Thresh.

"What do you want?" I'd asked, leaning against the door for support.

"Dude. It's Graduation day! We're graduating. So you guys need to get out of bed. We've got stuff to do. So hurry!"

He'd then slammed my own door in my face.

Groaning, I'd woken up Beetee and together we'd gone down to the cafeteria.

It had only been the guys at the table. They said that the girls were dashing in and out of each other's rooms, preparing themselves; Helping each other with hair, makeup, outfits. All things girly.

All the Grads had to wear something formal underneath their gowns, so I had picked out a white button up shirt, black pants, and a deep, sky blue tie.

You could tell the Grads apart from the rest of the student body easily: The grads were all dressed up and formal, while the others were in regular sweat pants and shorts.

"So how's your speech, Peeta?" Finnick had asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

Peeta'd swallowed a sip of his orange juice.

"It's great; I can't wait for everyone to hear it."

"Who's the other speaker?" I'd asked.

Cato had answered for him. "It's Madge. They've been working on it all week."

Peeta had then replied, "Yeah we haven't had much free time this week because we spent every free moment we had on the speech."

"Excited to hear it man." Gale had slapped him on the back.

After breakfast we'd met up with the girls to find them still rushing about so we'd sat down in Peeta, Gale and Finnick's dorm to play some video games.

We'd been yelling so loudly while playing and cheering each other on, that one of the dorm supervisors had to come in and tell us to quiet down because the whole campus could probably hear us.

I'd looked over to the other side of the room and said that was probably true since the windows were wide open.

Around one o'clock there'd been a knock on the door and I'd gotten up to answer it. Opening it a crack, I'd peered out at Katniss and Glimmer. "How may we be of assistance?"

Glimmer had given me a look and pushed open the door, marching in with Katniss right behind.

Peeta'd moved over a little on the couch, offering Katniss a spot, and she'd taken it graciously. He'd immediately wrapped an arm around her waist and continued battling Gale to the death.

Glimmer had sat down on a pile of pillows on the ground next to the blue sofa occupied by Katniss, Peeta and Finnick. I'd made my over to her and sat down, kissing her forehead.


Glimmer had sighed. "We needed a break."

I'd furrowed my brow and pulled her closer.

The blond had lay her head on my shoulder and replied, "It's hectic."

"We've been moving about non-stop all morning," Katniss had stated. "First, Annie spilled juice on Madge's dress so we had to clean it, then Clove couldn't find her dress, but it ended up being in the back of her closet. Glimmer's curling iron wasn't working so we had to use Olivia's and Johanna took a nap in the middle of everything, none of us could wake her up-"

"And she's still asleep," Glimmer'd cut in. "Has been for nearly two hours."

"Delly and Leevy slept in so they were about an hour late, so that just made things worse because then we had to help them get ready," Katniss continued on.

"And Katiss refuses to let us put make up on her." Glimmer had given her a glare.

Katniss shrugged and I notice Peeta smirking. He whispered something in her ear and she laughed aloud.

"Glad I'm not a girl," Gale muttered as his avatar killed Peeta's.

Peeta'd dropped his controller. "Awe man."

Laughing, Maverick had high-fived Gale.

An hour or so later, Clove and Olivia had burst into the room suddenly, grabbed Glimmer and Katniss and had left without the word, leaving us all in silence and confusion before Finnick's laugh broke the silence and he mumbled, "Girls."

I'd noticed his eyes trail after Clove as she left the room. Everyone knew by now. It was no secret that Finnick and Clove were an official couple. They'd kissed in front of everyone last night to prove it.

Took them long enough.

Finally, we'd all met up around five o'clock to head to building where the graduation was taking place together.

We'd had to wait in line about a half hour before we got our cap and gowns, then had gone to put them on.

Now, two hours later, half of us are graduated while the rest are waiting our turns. I'm next.

The audience roared with applause as the girl before me walked off stage. I watched across the room as the screen changed to show my grad photo and baby photo. That photo was from when I was three; I sat in the sink with a cheeky grin plastered on my face and a bucket on my head, holding an apple.

"Marvel Stokes."

I took a deep breath.

This is it.

The day has come.

It's time to graduate.

Smiling, I marched across the stage to our Principal and shook his hand, facing the audience as pictures were taken. I could see my younger sister, Celeste, up at the front, camera in hand.

I was given my diploma and a few words were said before I yelled out, "I did it!" I pumped my fist in the air as the audience laughed and exited the stage, sitting in my chair.

More and more people received their diplomas and soon it was Madge's turn; The last graduate.

Madge was poised; Her father owns the school, so she's making sure to give people a great impression of him. A good way for her to do that is to show the people that he raised a wonderful child. And he did.

Madge makes her way over to the middle of the stage back straight, arms at her side, and beholding a radiant smile that could shine for miles. I glanced down the rows of students to see Cato beaming up at his girlfriend. He was proud of her.

Just like I'm proud of Glimmer; And Peeta is proud of Katniss; Maverick is proud of Annie; Finnick is proud of Clove; Beetee is proud of Leevy; Gale is proud of Olivia. We're all proud of each other.

Madge shakes the principal's hand politely, still smiling brightly. Her Grad photo is up on the the screen, along with a photo from her childhood. In the picture Madge is around age three and smiling, a few teeth missing, at the sky as she spins on a field, grasping a purple tulip. She wears a light blue sundress and her hair is up in a pony tail, dancing in the wind behind her.

There are words said; Words saying she is intelligent, kind, thoughtful, caring, hardworking. She smiles at the audience as she hears this and receives her diploma. Waving at the students, friends and family sitting in the room, she walks off stage to take her seat.

Almost immediately, she called back upon the stage along with Peeta; The 2014 Valedictorians.

Peeta stands on the right side of the pedestal, Madge on the left, and the begin by greeting everyone.

Their speech is beautiful. They talk about their fondest memories and funny things that had taken place throughout the graduates during the past years. They compliment the staff and students and make jokes; They say that even though we are going to separate colleges and universities, the bonds that have been made between us all are too strong to be broken by distance, no matter how far. That these friendships will last a lifetime and more.

"We graduated High School!" They both yell into the mike to conclude their speech.

There are whoops and cheers and applause as they exit the stage once again. I clap as loud as I can and holler, "Woo hoo!"

Once everyone has calmed down, our vice principal says a few words.

There is a silence as our Principal makes his final trip towards the microphone.

Here it is.

He smiles at everyone and takes a deep breath.

I grip the chair.

"Please move your tassels from the left of your hat, to the right."

We do so.

"Congratulations; Graduates of 2014."

Everyone jumps out of their seats the moment the words leave his mouth and we throw our hats in the air.

The room is full of screams of joy, laughter and yells.

There is a tug on my arm and I turn around to see Glimmer there.

Smiling, I lean down without hesitation and kiss her. Then she drags me away.

Drags me away to our friends.

Our graduate friends.

We're all officially graduated from High School.

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